Tool to make easy work of Importing transactions into QuickBooks From Excel $199.95
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Transaction Pro Importer
QuickBooks Awesome Add-on


Imports Excel or text files as transactions

  • Do you have data in another application that you are manually entering into QuickBooks?
  • Do you have repetitive entries each month that would be easier to edit in Excel then create in QuickBooks?
  • Easily import the following transaction types:
    Bills, Checks, Credit Card Charges, Credit Card Credits, Credit Memos, Deposits, Estimates (Quotes), Invoices, Journal Entries, Purchase Orders, Receive Payments, Sales Orders, Sales Receipts, Time Tracking, Vendor Credits

    The latest edition includes: 

  • Stronger validation before import:
  • Sets all import data field lengths to the maximum allowed by QuickBooks;
  • checks for fields to be in the proper format.
  • Unlimited mapping files for each transaction type.
  • Ability to skip transactions with reference numbers that already exist in QuickBooks
  • Ability to send a default value to a QuickBooks field instead of mapping to a field in import file

"As a QuickBooks Advisor, I have used this application to start new QuickBooks files, import repetitive invoicing, import standardized month end journals, import transactions from websites and more.  Easy to use, even those who consider themselves  "technology challenged"  will be comfortable using this add-on to import data."
   Linda Saltz, CPA
5 minute demonstration
of importing Invoices.
Since the process for importing other transaction types are the same, this video will help you determine if it will work for you

Transaction Pro Importer

Cost is $199.95

Choose based on the edition of QuickBooks you are using:

Buy or more info:

QuickBooks Desktop Edition

QuickBooks Online Edition
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try clicking on the HQ Red Button

Import transactions Into QuickBooks
Switching accounting software? Click here

Transaction types that can be imported: Import all transactions into QuickBooks  


Works with QuickBooks Pro, Premier, or Enterprise 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012,
2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003.

Transaction Pro Importer

Cost is $199.95
Choose based on the edition of QuickBooks you are using:

Buy or more info:

QuickBooks Desktop Edition

QuickBooks Online Edition


Switching to QuickBooks from Other Accounting software (MAS90, Great Plains, NetSuite, Other)?
Transaction Pro Importer is also a perfect tool to use when switching from another accounting software to QuickBooks Enterprise.
If you want the transaction history from your old software included in QuickBooks.  Transferring legacy data can be tricky. The tool is
easy to use, but the accounting knowledge and QuickBooks knowledge needed to be successful in this undertaking is significant.
Types of issues that arise include:
-transaction types in the legacy software that are different or do not exist in QuickBooks.
-date issues where one software has a transaction date different from the post date.
-importing transactions in a logical order,
-matching account structure
-matching vendor-customer names, jobs, inventory item names
For the newbie, this total transference can be an exhausting trial and error process for someone who is not an expert in QuickBooks or who is not Guru accountant. We can help! QBalance staff are both QuickBooks and accounting Gurus so call us for a quote to provide these services, or to provide you with coaching services to guide you through the process. 800-216-0763

We can help you transfer transactions (transfer history) from MAS90 to QuickBooks Enterprise
We can help you transfer transactions (transfer history) from  Great Plains to QuickBooks Enterprise
We can help you transfer transactions (transfer history) from most accounting software


Sample Data Import Excel file:
How your excel files should be set-up:  The Excel file is a flat file, with repeating data from common rows.

For example: You would like to import 2 invoices
Fields like the customer name and invoice number should repeat over and over again for the same transaction. See the example below.

Invoice number Customer Item Quantity Price
1000 Smith XYZ 300 4 25.00
1000 Smith ABC 346 1 50.00
1001 Jones XYZ 300 3 60.00

This file has two transactions (1000, 1001) where transaction 1000 has two line items and 1001 has one line item. Note that the customer name repeats along with the matching order number and only the item, quantity, and price changes. It doesn't matter how many fields are in the import file, or whether or not the file has column headers for each field, as this software allows you to select just the fields you want to use for mapping to QuickBooks. In this example the file has field headers (Invoice Number, Customer, etc) but if the file doesn't contain field headers, the software would display default field headers as Field1, Field2, Field3, etc.

2. The file must be an Excel or text file. If it is a text file it must be delimited with either comma, tab, or pipe. A delimiter shows when one field starts and ends. The text file should also have a carriage return line feed, or ENTER key at the end of each line. This indicates that the row (record) is ending.

3. This software determines when a transaction starts and ends by the information mapped to the QuickBooks field RefNumber on the mapping screen. For instance, in the example above you would map the QuickBooks "RefNumber" field on the mapping screen to the Invoice Number Column. This would tell the import software that the first two lines which have the same RefNumber 1000 should be imported to the same invoice.

The transaction pro importer includes a sample file for each transaction type so you can try importing each of them into QuickBooks.


Flexible, easy software to import transactions into QuickBooks></td>
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Basic Option Choices for importing transactions into QuickBooks
Offers flexibility as to what data is imported

Advanced Option Choices provides alternatives when importing transactions into QuickBooks
Import Sales into QuickBooks E-Commerce features makes it easier to format and import your data.
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