QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll and the HIRE ACT-Do it yourself payroll - set up QuickBooks to reduce Social Security Taxes for the HIRE
ACT by 6.2% - How to guide - Learn more here

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QuickBooks Payroll and the HIRE Act

Do you have an employee you have hired after February 3 and before January 1, 2011? You may be eligible to save the employer share of social security taxes (6.2%) on wages paid March 19th through December 31st 2010 if the person you hire can sign an affidavit
(Form W-11) stating they have not worked more than 40 hours during the 60 days before beginning employment with that employer.

Qualified Employee: New Employee has worked less than 40 hours in the previous 60 days
Eligible Job Position- any new job position where the opening was created as a result of new position or  internal promotion.
It does not apply on employees who are hired to replace an existing worker (unless that worker voluntarily left employment or was terminated for cause).

Many small businesses are just becoming aware of the tax savings as they file the newly revised Form 941, which means you may receive a refund on your 1st or 2nd QTR 941 form. To set up your QuickBooks payroll so that you do not not remit the employer portion of Social Security taxes for the third and 4th quarters follow the instructions below from within  your QuickBooks.

Step 1     Sign into QuickBooks as Admin User and place QuickBooks in single user mode  
Step 2

    Employee menu> Select payroll

QuickBooks Payroll and the Hire Act -Learn more here

Step 3     Select Employee Setup > Employee List > highlight the name of the employee who qualifies > Click Edit
Save 6.2% on new hires (Hire Act) using QuickBooks Payroll
Step 3    Hire Act: Employee Hire Dates- Click Next to arrive at following screen > Enter a hire date between 2/4/10and 12/31/10 Set up your payroll to calculate HIRE Credit    
Step 4


Hit the Next button 6 times > at the federal tax information window in the HIRE Act exemption field
Select Qualified employee  Hire Credit and QuickBooks Payroll qualify and receive 6.2% credit
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This page is dedicated to setting up QuickBooks for the HIRE ACT- Save 6.2% on Social Security taxes