QuickBooks Point of Sale Tips
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QuickBooks Point of Sale Tips

1.  Set  up the server first, the server is also the 1st workstation-  when installing the first station be sure to select "server" in the install process.
2.  In QuickBooks Financial is installed on the server workstation.  Make sure that in preferences - integrated applications is set to allow other applications access.
3.  Set up at least one sales tax in QuickBooks Financial. The POS cannot share data with QuickBooks  financial with a sales tax code to map to.
4.  If you have been using QuickBooks financial for some time before buying POS and want to take advantage of the single time import into QuickBooks Point of Sale POS, you should make sure you clean up your items and make inactive all items you do not want to import.

Steps to install
a. Connect all QuickBooks Point of Sale POS Hardware
b. Install & prepare QuickBooks financial Software for Data exchange
c. Install QuickBooks POS on the server Workstation
d. Create the company data file for POS
e. Complete the setup interview on the server workstation
f. Install QuickBooks Point of  Sale on any additional client workstations
g. Connect client to server workstation
h. Use the setup interview

1. Map chart of accounts.  From POS Edit menu > Company > Select Accounts- click on the Basic and Advance tabs 

If a firewall is enabled on the server computer (as in windows xp) the QuickBooks Point of Sale client may not automatically detect the company data file over the network.  XP will prompt you to allow automatic configuration of that firewall to communicate to the necessary port. If there is a firewall installed other than XP POS will not automatically detect this firewall and reconfigure, you will need to in program file help files and search on the keyword "firewall" for more information.

You can import the item list (inventory) only once, there is an import tool designed for this which is very handy to get your original list set up in point of sale but can be used only once..

Set up your company as you would like it to appear on sales receipts & documents, take advantage of the additional fields

QuickBooks Point of sale set-up tips

QuickBooks defaults to sending a summarized format into the financial software however you may want to see detailed information in the QB Financial software if you need the ability to print detailed customer reports or print detail customer statements for on account customers. Or if you want the ability to see individual sales documents in the QB financial software rather than daily totals.  Or if you want to do customer mailings.  When the detail is sent, a dummy item is set-up for each item sold in the POS. These items are automatically inactivated.

QuickBooks Point Of sale sends detailed or summary information to QuickBooks Financial

The exchange of data between QuickBooks Point of sale & QuickBooks Financial (Pro/Premier/or Enterprise) should occur at least once a day and is performed from the Point of Sale server station. 
New and edited customers & vendors added to either package will sync and update the other database.
Exception: Vendors flagged as inactive in both programs are not exchanged. If you list inactive vendor on a voucher that vendor will be created in QuickBooks financial.
Employee names are imported into QuickBooks Point of Sale from Financial if the company decides to set up security limits by employee in Point of Sale.
The following information will flow from POS to Financial
Vendor payment terms
Receiving information
Sales information
Inventory activities
The following information flows from Financial to POS
Updated customer account balances & credit limits
Manual edits of Customer account limits


Purchase orders are not shared with QuickBooks financial, but the receiving voucher is sent to QuickBooks financial which will be converted into a bill for payment in QuickBooks financial. Pro level users of PO have the option of allowing the POS to automatically generate Purchase orders on reorder points that have been entered in the inventory record. Automatically generated POs will have a status of "suggested".   Changing the cost field (automatically populated from the inventory record) on the PO will not update the inventory record cost until the item has been received.

Selling tips:
When a customer pays by check, enter both the check number and last name of customer in the check number field. Should a customer check bounce it becomes much easier to locate in QuickBooks POS
Placing a customer name on a sales receipt is optional, but necessary if you want to use customer based discounts or tax categories, or if you want to offer charge accounts or if you want to track customer purchase history.

Tips when upgrading from a previous version of Point of Sale

Before installation
1. Settle all credit card transactions
2. Data/Store Exchange with QuickBooks Financial
3. Make a back-up of POS company file

Install POS After installation
Review settings some values will revert to default

List column order lists will need to be reset
Report layouts & Filter criteria may need to be reset so rerun  and rememorize reports
Security Groups in security area
In a multi-store configuration the multi-store settings will need to be reset

By default QuickBooks Point of Sale will send data to QuickBooks financial software in summary format, you can change this to detailed transactions from the company preferences found under the Edit menu.  If you choose detailed, you may run the risk of reaching list limitations in QuickBooks financial (Customers 14,000 & Inventory 14,500)

Multi-store - a transfer between stores of inventory is completed using a "transfer slip".  This should only be completed by the store transferring the goods. The transfer slip updates the sending and receiving stores quantity. This means that the receiving store should not complete a receiving slip on these goods as doing so would duplicate the transaction.

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