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What is the difference between an update and upgrade?

An update does not provide any new features to your software.  The purpose of an update is to fix minor glitches to the program.  Updates are free.

An upgrade (version) is when significant changes are made to the program which usually include adding features or improving features. Intuit has been rolling out a new upgrades with great new features every Fall   Read about the current QuickBooks upgrades.

Each year Intuit comes out with an upgraded product, offering new and improved features. 

Throughout each year, Intuit repairs glitches by providing free of charge release updates. The following is a list of updates for each upgrade/version.

Latest Release By Version *as of 6/02/16
QuickBooks 2016 Release 5
QuickBooks 2015 Release 9
QuickBooks 2014 Release 11
QuickBooks 2013 Release 18
QuickBooks 2012 Release 16
QuickBooks 2011 Release 14
QuickBooks 2010 Release 17
QuickBooks 2009 Release 15
QuickBooks 2008 Release 11
QuickBooks 2007 Release 13
QuickBooks 2006 Release 12
QuickBooks 2005 Release 8
QuickBooks 2004 Release 10
QuickBooks 2003 Release 8
QuickBooks 2002 Release 6
QuickBooks 2001 Release 6
QuickBooks 99 Release 4

To determine if you have installed the latest release for your version. Open QuickBooks and press Control key + 1.
The pop up window on the product line will tell you the release number.

If you are hooked up to the internet at the same time QuickBooks is open on your desktop, QuickBooks will automatically update without any action on your part.  If you have turned off this feature, you may manually update using the following procedure. 


How do I update my QuickBooks software to the latest release?

How to initiate an update to the latest release:
Whenever you install a new version or reinstall your current version of QuickBooks  its a good idea to immediately update to the latest release.  To update one computer automatically

  1. Make sure you are online with the internet

  2. From within QuickBooks> Help menu> Update QuickBooks
    From within QuickBooks> File menu> Update QuickBooks (QB 2005 and earlier)

  3. Allow enough time for the update file to download  (length of time needed to download will vary based on your internet connection speed and the size of the update file. Leaving the internet connected for an hour should be plenty of time to let QuickBooks download the complete file. QuickBooks works in the background to get the update file from the  Therefore, you may continue to work within QuickBooks or on other software within your computer.

  4. Once the download is complete, the update file must be installed. 

  5. Close QuickBooks, a popup window will ask if you would like to update upon closing or re-opening the QuickBooks File.  Click yes/okay.

  6. Keep in mind all computers on a network must download the update and complete step 5 for the continued access to the Company file.

QuickBooks includes an automatic update feature. When an update is available, QuickBooks will download and install the update.  You must be connected to the internet for this automatic update to take place but QuickBooks does not have to be running.  If you disconnect from the internet and Quickbooks has started a download, the next time you connect, QuickBooks will resume the download of the update at the point where it was previously halted.

If a problem occurs or the Quickbooks update does not work

Don't fret, use the procedure below. We have never had a problem with this.  In fact, this is our preferred method of updating QuickBooks.

To download the latest QuickBooks update manually - perfect for those companies on a network!

The following manual procedure is more efficient method and you can check to verify results.  It works very well with networks. All the computers with Quickbooks installed may update using the same downloaded update file. Saves time.

  1. Check QuickBooks software to find out  what release you currently are running.
           Within QuickBooks press Control key + 1
            The pop up window on the product line will tell you the release number   (write it down)

  2. Set up the computer with designated folder for downloading current and future QuickBooks update files.
    Open windows explorer software

  3. From the  C drive of your network (or your individual PC if not networked)
    Set up a  new folder named "QuickBooks Updates"

    • Highlight the C drive  (or if networked, highlight the root drive of the server)
    • From the file menu
    • Select New
    • Select Folder.
    • Type the name of the folder "QuickBooks Updates"

    You will easily find this folder when it is time to download the update

  1. Click on the link  and follow the manual download links for your edition of QuickBooks.
    Unsure of the edition you own? 
    Open QuickBooks, from the help menu, select About QuickBooks

  3. Click on manual download

    1. The file is named qbwebpatch.exe  (earlier versions may have different file names)

    2. Write down the file name you are downloading, you will need it in step 6

    When the file download box opens, click on save. 
    Change the save location to save in: "QuickBooks Updates" on the C drive.  

  4. When the download is complete, you will need to double click on this file (also known as running the file or executing the file) which will install the update

    1. Go to the computer that has QuickBooks installed

    2. Make sure QuickBooks Software is NOT open on the computer

    3. Open Windows Explorer software

    4. Click on the  "QuickBooks Updates" folder

    5. Double click on the file within the folder.  (see step 5 for the name of the file to click on)

    The update will know where to go and what to do, you are done!

    If you would like to confirm that the update did install,  redo step one to find the current release.

By turning on the Share download option, when QuickBooks updates automatically (not the manual method) QuickBooks downloads updates to the location where the shared company data file resides.  Otherwise, QuickBooks downloads updates to a location relative to the directory or folder where QuickBooks is installed.

To set up for shared downloads:

1. Share the folder containing the QuickBooks company file with all QuickBooks users on the network
2. Map a network drive on each system using QuickBooks, to ensure that users access the company file properly.
3  Open the company data file.
4  From the File Menu, Choose Update QuickBooks
5. Click on the Options tab
6. On the options tab, select yes for the shared download option.
7. Click Save.

When one user on the network downloads and installs a maintenance release, QuickBooks detects the latest release and prompts each user as they exit the program to install the update.

We are always improving our website. If you find these procedures vague or unclear at any step, send us an email, we will review and update our webpage for the next individual who comes to our site.

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