Are you having trouble reading the QuickBooks Screen? Is the font size too small?
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Changing The QuickBooks Font Size

QuickBooks Tips :
Can't See?   You are not alone-  
Having trouble reading the QuickBooks screen?

Yes, you can make those itty bitty words in QuickBooks Larger!

Changing the Display properties of Windows

The Microsoft windows operating system on your computer includes a feature
in the display properties that will allow you to change the
font size, however this will not change the font size for printed forms or reports.

From the windows menu > select control panel > select Display > select the size of the text
Smaller is 100%, Medium is 125% and Larger is 150% of the original font size

How to change the font size in QuickBooks
Changing QuickBooks Font size in Registers, Forms, Lists
There is not a feature within QuickBooks to make this change, however there is file that you can manually open and edit to make this change.

With QuickBooks closed, navigate to the file named   QBW.ini by opening windows explorer 

Choose which Operating system you have (For all QuickBooks versions 2007 and later):
Windows 7  - C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks YEAR
Windows XP - C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Intuit\QuickBooks YEAR

Double click to open QBW.ini

Locate the [Fonts] section

Put your cursor at the end of the [FONTS] line and hit enter

Type the following text: FontName=Arial and hit enter.

Type the following text: FontSize=12.3

Your file should look look similar to the one  to the right



See the results for yourself!  What a difference 12.3 can make!
Changing QuickBooks Font size is not a difficult task. Follow the steps outlined above will reduce eye strain when working on your QuickBooks data file

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