QuickBooks Invoicing tip: Yes you can import customized descriptions from bills, checks, and credit cards to your customer invoice!
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QuickBooks Invoice Tips
for Contractors, IT Firms, and Consulting firms

QuickBooks Invoice Tip: Customized item descriptions from bills DO import into a customer invoice!
This is a wonderful tip for companies that want to use generic items like Materials, Hardware, Travel in their item list to keep the list short and manageable, and still get the detail description of what was purchased from a bill/check or credit card to flow through to the customer invoice.


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1 When a contractor purchases lumber from a supplier, they might complete a purchase order using an item named “lumber”.
On the purchaser order they will type under the description column the details of the item to be purchased including the exact size / length. The item along with the custom description will flow through to the bill, check or credit card charge without any tricks!  But, this tip will now permit that custom description to flow through to a customer invoice!
2 When an IT company buys a Hard Drive for a customer, they enter the cost on a Bill or Credit Card Charge using a generic item named “Hard Drive” and in the description field they will enter the model, size and warranty information.
This customized description will also flow through to a customer invoice if you follow these simple steps!
3 When a consulting company enters the cost for airfare, using a generic item named “Airfare” they include the travel dates and airline in the description field. If this item is billable to a customer, this customized description will, also, flow through to a customer invoice-read on and find out how!

The challenge has been how to get that level of detail from these purchase transactions to an invoice. YOU CAN import your item detailed descriptions from vendor bills, credit card charges and checks into your customer invoices by following these few simple steps:

A.   Set the options under the “Time and Costs Window” of the invoice  to “transfer item descriptions”. (This is not the only step to having the customized detailed descriptions of the purchase transaction appear on the invoice so be sure to follow all steps)

QuickBooks Help for Contractors, Consultants and IT Firms


B. Here is the Trick to making QuickBooks transfer the descriptions from bills, checks & credit card charges to invoices!!!

In addition to selecting the “transfer item descriptions”, edit your item in your item list to leave the Sales Information description on the ITEM blank. Doing so, will permit QuickBooks to populate that description field with the customized description on the bill, check or credit card item tab.

Your details will now flow through to an invoice when you select a customer and check the billable box.

C. Complete the purchase transaction (bill, check or credit card charge) using your custom description, add a customer name and mark the item billable.
QuickBooks Invoice tips for 
                  companies who charge expenses to customers

D. When invoicing, select the outstanding billable costs from the Time and Cost window (click on the item tab)
    for those items you would like to appear on your invoice, then click OK
QuickBooks Help for Contractors
The sales value will import your COST.  It is important to
change the sales price to include your overhead & profit !!!

It is that easy!  Who would have figured that the trick would be so simple as to leaving the item sales description empty on the item list???  Spend 4 hours with me, customized training for how you conduct business, and be amazed at the time you save, get reports you need, and how the stress dissolves away. Call 800-216-0763 and ask to speak to Linda Saltz.

by Linda Saltz, CPA, QuickBooks Guru
Advanced Certified QuickBooks Advisor
Certified QuickBooks Enterprise Solution Specialist
Intuit Solution Provider

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