How to Print a QuickBooks report that shows what payroll liabilities have been paid. Identifying  errors on payroll tax returns.
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QuickBooks Payroll Liabilities

How to troubleshoot a QuickBooks Payroll tax problem:
Common questions are:
How come I show a balance due on my 941 form?
How can I figure out why my 941 form shows I owe money?

A combination of reports will help you find the discrepancy.

First, There are two Excel reports found under the employee report menu that will find has outstanding summaries to help you identify and reconcile  QuickBooks 941 and other payroll tax forms problems

To run the report >  Go to the QuickBooks Reports Menu >
Select Employee Reports > Select  More Payroll Reports in Excel
Choose the Tax Forms Worksheet, then come back and select the payroll liability accruals and payments.

Reconciling payroll taxes in QuickBooks

The first time you export to Excel, you may need to set up your Excel to ALLOW QuickBooks Macros access to Excel
Excel will alert you by opening the following message: Follow the screen shots to allow access. THEN CLOSE EXCEL
AND RERUN THE REPORT FROM QUICKBOOKS.  This is a one time setup only.

Excel help figuring out I owe more money on my 941 form

Step 1 to allowing QuickBooks reports access to Excel
Click on the Excel menu, then click on Excel options

Payroll tax payments in QuickBooks

Step 2  Click on Trust Center, then Trust Center Settings

Whats wrong with my 941 form


Step 3
Select Macro Settings then choose any option other than the top one.

how can I tell whats been paid on the 941 in QuickBooks

After setting up the Excel permissions, return to QuickBooks and rerun the reports; The Excel macro wizard will you which tax form and which range you are interested in:

payroll taxes and QuickBooks

Here is an example of the 941 report, you can see the details of the 941 amounts that went into creating the QuickBooks 941 tax form

correcting the 941 form in QuickBooks

Now you need a report of the payroll taxes paid from QuickBooks
Edit menu > select Find > choose advanced find tab
Click on the Filter on the left for transaction type, and then choose Payroll liability checks
Click on the filter for detail level and select the radial button for Summary

finding payroll tax errors in QuickBooks

Finally, you might want to check the IRS website to see what payments they actually received
Log into the site
Then click on the payments Tab
And on the left margin click the link for the payments history.
Choose 180 days history
1. You can compare this site to the Find window to see if you entered the right payments into QuickBooks using a payroll liability check
2. You can compare the find window with the tax form worksheet in Excel to see if each payment you made agrees to the total due for the week.

Why would there be a change?
Did you edit a paycheck date or amount after you paid the 941?
Did you make a 941 payment in QuickBooks on a regular check rather than a payroll liability check?
Did  you create a new payroll check for a payroll run AFTER you already submitted the 941 payment?
These are a few reasons why the amounts may be different.

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