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QuickBooks 1099 Forms. IRS Approved2017 1099 - Misc tax form                IRS APPROVED
                   1096 tax form
New Deadline: mail to IRS by 1/31/17
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2017 1099 form(s)
for QuickBooks

Preparing W2 tax formOH DEAR -  It is time to print 1099 forms. Determining who needs to get one,  obtaining the correct social security number or employer ID number, making sure you have the correct name and spelling, confirming addresses, hmmm, a truly unpleasant task. But, we have made it easier this year by providing all customers who purchase  1099 forms here with a QuickBooks guide to printing and preparing 1099 forms.

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QuickBooks 1099 form

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We have taken the confusion out of ordering the 1099 form with our easy fax order form. Select from 1099 forms and W2 forms that are compatible with QuickBooks. Just fill in the quantity desired, your company information and fax to us. Your order will be processed immediately. Plus receive complete instructions on preparing the forms within QuickBooks!

Larger image - 2017 Sample government 1099 form.
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Form sets includes 1099 forms,  envelopes and 3 1096 Forms
plus a guide to printing 1099s in QuickBooks


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3-part 1099-Misc forms  34.99 38.99 49.99 51.99 57.99 66.99 68.99 72.99 73.99 79.99 107.99 134.99 170.99 195.99 314.99 433.99
4-part 1099-Misc forms 41.99 51.99 56.99 58.99 61.99 67.99 71.99 78.99 81.99 87.99 112.99 145.99 179.99 209.99 365.99 478.99

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Guide to printing 1099 form in QuickBooks
providing the following 1099 help.

Convenient help all in one place, easy to access, easy to understand. Below is a sampling of the1099 information you will have access to, all in one convenient location. Order your 1099s today and within 24 hours receive all the information you need to get a head start on your year-end close. Save many hours of research and printing frustrations with these concise 'how to' guides.


1099 how to help when you purchase 1099 tax forms here

Prepare and print form 1099 in QuickBooks
QuickBooks will print form 1099.  Here are the steps to reduce time and increase accuracy when printing 1099 form (s).
  1. First learn about who is required to receive a 1099 tax form

  2. Read 1099-miscinstructions issued by the IRS.  Download these instructions along with printing directions from one convenient site when you  purchase your 1099s here.  Receive this information on who should receive a 1099 and how to print a 1099 at no additional charge. 

  3. Set up QuickBooks to print 1099 form (s). First determine which accounts hold 1099 payments. Set-up QuickBooks to point to these accounts for 1099 purposes.

    Our step by step 1099 guide with screen shots will walk you through the QuickBooks  1099 set-up process.  Learn how to determine who receives a 1099 from our handy guide.  Lists the steps you should take to help avoid mistakes and IRS penalties

    Get tips on collecting information for 1099 forms from your vendors and suggestions on how to avoid problems with the 1099 forms.  Learn how to check amounts that do not agree to your vendors records.  Step by step printing instructions to avoid making costly mistake with your 1099 forms. All free information when you purchase your 1099 QuickBooks forms here.

  4. At year end run the 1099 reports.  Review report for missing transactions or transactions that should not be included.  Our 1099 information that comes free with your purchase of 1099s includes instructions on reports to run that will help you identify 1099 amounts and potential mistakes.  With the purchase our 1099 forms receive free instructions on how to make corrections in QuickBooks so the 1099 amounts will print correctly.

    Learn which transactions should be included in a 1099 from our free instructions that come with every purchase of 1099s.  Also in our free guide on 1099 printing (when you purchase our tax forms) are directions on how to create a report of all payments made by vendor to use as a confirmation that your 1099's are printing with correct amounts.   Plus receive a how-to "quick fix" - on creating a 1099 in QuickBooks for a vendor with too many transactions to modify on a transaction by transaction basis.

  5. Review the printed 1099 form (s) . From the Vendor menu select print 1099 forms and choose the right year. Select those vendors who will receive a form 1099 by placing a checkmark next to the name. Preview before printing. You cannot change amounts in this window (see step 4) 

  6. Test printing on blank white paper. Hold the paper up against the forms to determine if the printing needs adjustment.  Learn how to adjust the printing of the 1099 forms in our free 1099-Misc guide available with the purchase of any tax forms purchase.
  7. Print the forms.
    •   If you are sending more than 250 1099's you are required to file by magnetic media the governments copy to the IRS.  For a magnetic media software that interfaces with QuickBooks, click here
  8. Stuff envelopes and send with a cover letter to recipients to review by January 31
    If you cannot meet the Jan 31 deadline for mailing to the recipients, you can apply for a 30 day extension by sending a letter to IRS.  Information on where to file and how to file for an extension is available free when you purchase our 1099 tax forms.
  9. The due date for mailing into the IRS is January 31. Complete form 1096 - transmittal form to be sent with the 1099 form into the IRS and be sure to have postmarked before this date.   

    Sending  corrected 1099's into the IRS is a pain in the neck.  If any information on the form is not correct - from the spelling of the recipient's name, the SS number, the amount- the IRS requires that you void the first 1099 with a form, and then issue a new 1099 form. That would total 3 1099's to this one recipient! Do your best to confirm information before printing. For your convenience, we provide "how to correct a 1099" free with the purchase of our 1099 forms for QuickBooks.

  10. Our 1099 instruction guide provides you will all the information you need to determine who should receive a 1099, how to print, when to file a 1099 and where to file a QuickBooks 1099 with the IRS Service Center, how to apply for an extension, and how to make corrections.  
If you have purchased your tax forms elsewhere, but would like convenient access to this information (saving hours and hours of research and printing frustration). Simply click on "Buy Now" and make a PayPal payment (credit card or PayPal) of $4.95.  We will confirm your payment and send the information to your e-mail address within 24 hours. The tax filing information is conveniently organized in one location accessible through September 2017. (All information can be printed and stored by you for permanent reference). 

Step 1: Fill in the e-mail address of where you would like your information sent:

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Step 2:  Click on Buy Now      for PayPal payment instructions
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 $4.95 (PayPal) for W2 and 1099 preparation Guide using QuickBooks

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Guide to 1099 tax form  for QuickBooks

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State Requirements
# of Parts Required
Form W-2 Form 1099-Misc

Click to see if your state requires filing a 1099

AL * 6 4
AK 4 3
AR 6 3 or 4
AZ 6 4..
CA 6 4
CO 6 4
CT 6 3 or 4
DC 6 4
DE * 6 4
FL 4 3
GA 6 4..
HI 6 3 or 4
IA 6 3
ID 6 3 or 4
IL 6 3 or 4
IN 6 3 or 4
KS 6 4
KY * 6 3 or 4
LA 6 3 or 4
MD 6 4
ME 6 3 or 4
MA 6 3 or 4
MI * 6 4
MN 6 3 or 4
MO* 6 3 or 4
MS 6 3 or 4
MT 6 4
NC 6 3 or 4
ND 6 3 or 4
NE 6 4
NH 4 3
NJ 6 3 or 4
NM 6 3 or 4
NV 4 3
NY* 6 3 or 4
NYC* 6 3 or 4
OH * 6 3 or 4
OK 6 3 or 4
OR 6 3 or 4
PA * 6 3
RI 6 4
SC 6 4
SD 4 3
TN 4 3
TX 4 3
UT 6 3 or 4
VA 6 4
VT 6 3 or 4
WA 4 3
WI 6 4
WV 6 3
WY 4 3

* Certain cities in AL, DE, KY, MI, MO, OH, NY and PA require an 8-Part All-Purpose W-2 Form. Call your state IRS office or your tax advisor for more information.

3 or 4 - If state taxes have been withheld then a 4 part 1099 form is required.


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