Accept Credit cards using a QuickBooks Merchant Account. No machines needed. Secure Credit Card processing with QuickBooks
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Accept Credit Cards with  QuickBooks

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Merchant Account with QuickBooks

Accuracy, ease of use and complete integration!  It doesnt get better than this.
Call 800-216-0763
to sign up

Accept credit cards with QuickBooks Software


Currently with another merchant service?

Let us see if we can match or provide you with better rates, we welcome all inquiries.  800-216-0763


QuickBooks does a terrific job processing your customer credit card sales receipts and customer payments
no new software to learn
Call us to get started or for more info.
  800-216-0763. Sign with us and try it free for 2 months.
(monthly fees  and minimum fee waived for first two months)

Merchant account with QuickBooks credit card processing
We can even provide training to help you get started using the software
at no additional cost- Call for more information.


Choose the best Merchant service to meet your needs

View videos of how this works

1. In the field making sales? Selling at trade shows? Providing homeowner services and would like to get paid on the spot?  Your mobile phone can be your credit card machine 
View Demo of Go Payments

2.  Sitting at your desk with your PC processing sales receipt payments and invoice payments?
View Demo of QuickBooks Credit Card Merchant account

3. Have access to a PC and the internet? find out how easy it is to take credit card payments on any PC web browser.  View Demo of Online Terminal Credit Card Merchant Account.

4. Have a webstore?  View demo of the Intuit Merchant Credit Card service for Web Stores works

5. Have a Mac?  You can take credits with a Mac too  View demo of the Intuit Merchant Service for QuickBooks for the Mac

6. Have a real brick and mortar store front? View demo to see the merchant credit card services with QuickBooks Point of Sale software

Credit Card Processing
  1. No set up fees
  2. $20 monthly minimum
  3. Only $17.95 per month (1st 2 months free)
  4. No terminals to lease/purchase
  5. No long-term contracts or commitments
Accept Credit Card
payments anytime
Process transactions from your PC internet connection or call for a voice authorization.
Accept all major credit cards Including Visa, MasterCard, American Express Discover, Diners Club/Carte Blanche and JCB
Technical Support LIVE support, available 24/7/365!
Money back guarantee Money-back Satisfaction Guarantee: If you're not satisfied, return it within 60 days of purchase with your dated receipt for a full refund of the purchase price.
No more reconciliation nightmares when you use QuickBooks Merchant Account Services.  Your accounting is simplified which translates into fewer mistakes and less time spent on bookkeeping!



For those of you who have worked with merchant credit card accounts previously, you remember looking at your monthly bank statement, scratching your head, and saying to yourself   " @#%(!!!!!    #%^&!!!!!:"
And without further ado you would simply adjust the books to match the bank deposits hoping that you have been paid.
With QuickBooks credit card services, matching deposits against specific credit card sales is quick and painless and easy.  The process provides you with a record that you were paid 100% of everything due.  

Accepting credit cards with QuickBooks is simple! Just one click and your transaction is processed. No set-up required. With an internet connection, just click on the credit card checkbox on your invoice or sales receipt click on Save and QuickBooks merchant services processes the charge and returns an approval receipt for your records.

Easily accept credit cards
Amounts are grouped by credit card company for each day for easy matching to your bank deposit statements:

The fees charged per transaction are competitive and there is a huge time-saving advantage to using QuickBooks Merchant credit card processing services. Talk to your bookkeeper and ask how much time is spent on reconciling daily credit card sales to bank deposits; how much time is spent reconciling the end of month bank account; and how much time is spent finding transactions that are in dispute from the customer.  Bottom line, labor is expensive and time is scarce, so begin to save time today by purchasing this easy credit card processing kit.  You will soon see the improved control over your collections and your deposits. 

For a competitive quote with what you are paying to your current merchant account, call 800-216-0763 and speak with
Linda Saltz, Advanced Certified QuickBooks Advisor. We would like to try to beat or meet your current rates and fees. We know you will appreciate the added ease of use and the no hassle tracking the QuickBooks merchant account offers over your current merchant provider.

Offering customers the opportunity to pay by credit card will increase your cash flow, reduce time spent on collection procedures,
and ultimately reduce bad debts.