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QuickBooks has been designed for users with no accounting background, who want an easy to use, double-entry automated accounting system. QuickBooks Premier, the  automated accounting product, with the most functionality,  will track transactions throughout the entire accounting cycle:

  • the sales order from the customer

  • the vendor order to purchase the goods to be sold

  • the item received by the vendor

  • the item assembled into a finished good

  • payroll for the employees

  • payment sent to a vendor

  • inventory of stock, assembled and special ordered items

  • shipments to the customer (packing slip)

  • invoicing the customer

  • tracking the amounts due from the customer

  • the invoice payment

QuickBooks accounting software is so smart it can be adapted to run any kind of business. Along with the automated accounting activities QuickBooks has the automated reports needed to manage the business cycle. QuickBooks automated accounting software will provide the following reports.

  • Balance sheets and income statements (profit and loss)

  • Accounts receivable reports

  • Sales reports

  • Purchasing reports

  • Accounts Payable reports

  • Account registers (Checking, Assets, Liabilities)

  • Customer and vendor reports

  • Inventory reports

  • Payroll reports (if automated payroll is processed within QuickBooks)

QuickBooks provides all the tools for automated accounting. QuickBooks will handle the accounting transactions needed by most small businesses. QuickBooks functionality and the increasing availability of add-on software will help you adjust your systems to result in streamlined and automated operations. Order a copy for your company,  while we doubt you will have need for it, there is a 60 day return policy. For detailed descriptions of the different QuickBooks automated accounting software click here.

QuickBooks is an automated computer accounting system that can be customized to meet your individual company needs:

  • QuickBooks keeps important accounting documents within the computer file for easy access

  • Reports are flexible and customized to your industry

  • QuickBooks help menu available in all QuickBooks products will make your set-up, training and customization process of go smoother

  • Customize all forms - Invoices, sales orders, purchase orders, etc to give forms a professional style is unique to your company.

  • Part of the learning curve of any automated accounting system is determining what options will work best for your company.  QuickBooks offers many choices,  each requiring set-up and training.  Our QuickBooks consulting services will help you make the best choices for your company, from selection of the best product to training for your employees. Plus help accessing the critical data you need to make important business decisions. If available, novice users should consider purchasing the QuickBooks Premier product already customized to your industry.  QuickBooks Premier comes with a sample file of a  company in your industry that will help you learn by example.  The help menu in these software packages will explain how to use an automated accounting system to optimize your reporting with the minimum amount of effort.

  • QuickBooks will keeps important company information, accounting information and tax tables

  • QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier will produce reports that compare your actual results to budgeted 

  • Quickbooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier will track plant assets

  • QuickBooks Payroll is easy to use. The payroll set-up wizard is a series of automated help windows that will guide you through the set-up process. QuickBooks payroll will print the 941, 940, W2, and 1099 tax forms. The tax tables must be purchased each year as an additional cost.

  • QuickBooks has automated accounting for inventory for up to 14,500 items, (a supercharged QuickBooks called QuickBooks enterprise solutions will automate the accounting for up to 100,000 items).  Inventory items are accounted for  at average cost (not first in, first out or last in first out). Advanced inventory module is available for QuickBooks Enterprise users that will track FIFO values for inventory.

  • QuickBooks has automated the bank reconciliation.  A process that will uncover mistakes and makes easy work of correcting problems.

  • A good automated system will permit changes to the set-up as your company grows and changes. Quickbooks can change as you become more proficient with accounting. 

  • QuickBooks gives you a choice of making inactive those items and names that are no longer needed, merging duplications, and editing for new or modified information.

  • QuickBooks automated accounting system does not require a year end close procedure so prior years detailed accounting transactions are available for analysis at any time.

  • QuickBooks automated accounting system handles special accounting needs including, discounts, credit memos, returns, loan amortizations, cash receipts, credit card receipts, paying vendor bills with credit cards and more.

  • In the Pro and Premier and Enterprise versions, QuickBooks automated accounting system, will integrate with Microsoft word for marketing campaigns or customer correspondence and with Microsoft excel for special reporting needs.

These automated accounting functions are fundamental to QuickBooks software. The accounting tasks can be accomplished by non accountants because of the intuitive interface. This is one automated accounting system that is flexible and forgiving.  You do not have to be afraid of typing the wrong key.  Corrections are fairly easy and annual support plans are inexpensive. See our support plan.   We highly recommend QuickBooks automated accounting software, and suggest you take advantage of our set-up and training services to make the transition an easy one. We help you identify the Quickbooks features to use

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