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QuickBooks Tips and tricks
Shortcut keys for Internet Explorer
Time Saving shortcuts . Top
Shortcut tips for Word Time Saving Shortcuts  Top
Become a savvy computer user PC Support offers top tips and tricks Top
Test your DSL or Cable Speeds Nice tools to see if you internet access is a speedy as you believe it to be
Set your computer clock Tip on setting your computer clock to the date and time  Top
Get rid of temporary files To get rid of temporary unnecessary files: go to the Desktop, My Computer, right mouse click on your C: drive, Properties, Cleanup drive button. Make sure the only the boxes checked are Temporary Files and Recycle BinUNCHECK  (do not check)  Downloaded program Files.

To clean up Internet Explorer's cache, Start Menu, Settings, Control Panel, Internet Options, and Click the Delete Files button in the area titled "Temporary Internet Files."  Top
Multiple Home pages on IE 7 If on a daily basis you are visiting several websites,  you can set Explorer to open to all these sites at the same time.  The multiple Home Page option can be set up as follows:
1. Open the desired web pages on separate tabs
2. Place the web pages in order of preference (click and drag the tab of the webpage right or left)
3. Select the Home Page drop down menu >  Add this webpage to your home page tabs
.computer tips Internet explorer
This is your Desktop taskbar your computer's taskbar

The taskbar keeps track of all the open folders and currently running programs by listing their names.  The taskbar is almost always visible, no matter how cluttered your Desktop becomes.

When you want to bring a program, file, or folder to the forefront of the screen, click on its name on the taskbar. If the taskbar does manage to disappear, press Ctrl+Esc; that usually brings it to the surface.

If you can only see part of the taskbar it's may be hanging off the bottom edge of the screen,  point at the edge of your monitor, when the mouse pointer turns into a two-headed arrow, hold down your mouse button and move the mouse to drag the taskbar back into view.

If the taskbar looks wide, point at its edge until the mouse pointer turns into a two-headed arrow and then drag the taskbar's edge downward until it's the right size.

Customize your QuickLaunch what is QuickLaunch
Have the most frequently used software available for instant access by adding QuickLaunch to your task bar.
1. Right click on your task bar > Select Properties > place a box in "show quicklaunch"

how to set up QuickLaunch

2. Next remove from the Quicklaunch those icons you never use by right clicking on the icon and then selecting delete. Don't worry, you are not removing these software packages, they will still be accessible in from your start menu.

3. Next add those software packages you use frequently.

  • First place the icon on your desktop. From your start menu, select the software, right click and select
    send to ... choose desktop
  • From the desktop drag the icon to the quicklaunch pad by clicking and dragging the icon, when you see the bar, let go
    QuickLaunch for Beginners

4. Software that is handy, Microsoft Excel, Word, NotePad, Windows Explorer,

Computer Help A to Z Offers free tips, articles and resources designed to help you discover and master the power of your personal computer without all the technical jargon     Top
Got Spam? Here's How to Stop It PCWorld.com  provides tips and tools to reduce Spam   
Click on these other articles from PCWorld.com for more good reading material about E-Mail 
Tame Your In-Box      E-Mail Rules--Manage the Medium 
You've Got E-Mail       Spam Filter for Outlook Express   
All about E-mail About.com  Internet for beginners
About.com   E-mail               Top
Steps to protect your PC Avoid Internet attacks:
Windows users should stay current on security updates
Go to Microsoft Web Site- follow the link to your windows operating system and follow the instructions on downloading updates. Users with high-speed service usually can configure their computers to download updates automatically.

Always keep anti-virus software up to date. Norton Anti Virus
Protect against hackers using a fire wall   Zone Alarm

Don't open e-mail attachments from unknown senders.

If unsure about an e-mail, delete it. Important information is usually followed up on and can be resent.

Run a personal firewall to monitor outbound Internet traffic, which often catches an attack.  Some firewall products, such as ZoneAlarm, can be downloaded for free.
Virus checkup Do a quick, free Internet scan with trendmicro's housecalls. It's a great online virus checker that's always current
You have been hacked Download a collection of articles that will tell you what needs to be done in the first 10 minutes
Keep Web Snoops at Bay What to do when spies drop by.
Richard Smith's privacy Foundation
Stave off pop up ads, cookies, and other web junk, get a copy of Webwasher.
Badtrans Worm The worm arrives as an email with an unknown subject name, but with one of several known attachment names (HUMOR, S3MSONG, ME NUDE, CARD, SEARCH URL, YOU ARE FAT!,  NEWS DOCS, IMAGES, PICS) and a combination of two known appended extensions (The first extension would be either be .DOC, .MP3, .ZIP: the second would be .pif, .scr.)

When executed, the worm creates a directory that logs and gives access to keystrokes. It will cruise through your address list and mailbox and echo existing subject lines, only modified with "RE:" in front of it to make the recipient think it's a valid reply. And yes... it does keystroke logging and other nasty things, all the while advertising it's existence to the worm's creator on a free e-mail server...

Read about it here:
Antivirus Vendors Warn of Badtrans Worm
Sasser Virus These worms will crash vulnerable Windows 2000 and Windows XP machines.
Click on this link to read about how Sasser can infect a computer without attaching to an e-mail.
Great Computer Tips in small doses! Are you familiar with the " dummies" books? They send weekly  a terrific email containing tips on word, excel, explorer that takes less than a minute to read.
Print documents as a PDF file and save paper! Get a taste of what it is like to go paperless.
Visit www.cutepdf.com and download their free PDF driver
Next index your paperless files for quick retrieval using www.copernic.com

Both are FREE
Unlock a PDF Some PDF documents prevent the user from copying and pasting or printing it's contents. This sometimes presents a problem since the author of the PDF might have used a font that is not available in the system trying to read it. This page contains a free online utility that allows you to upload a PDF, once uploaded, a version of the PDF without printing or copying/pasting restrictions is displayed in a new browser window.
After clicking on the link, scroll down beyond the google Ads and you'll find a entry box into which you enter the URL or location of the document (you can use the "Choose file" feature), check the "accept terms and conditions" box, and then submit the document. An unlocked version of the document will appear in a new browser window from which you can save it, copy sections, or edit it before saving.
Convert a MS Word or Excel 2008 to 2003 edition If someone has sent you a file and forgot to ask which version of Microsoft Office you are using, here is a convenient link to converting that file.  Converts Picture files too (from gif to bmp or visa versa and more)
Call us and purchase a
high speed Kodak scanner. We use it and found it so useful, we now sell it.
And we also sell a robust paperless file managing system. Call for a free demonstration. Save money and more important SAVE TIME!  Your staff will be more efficient. No more spinning of your wheels looking for paperwork. Not only can we set you up with  a paperless office system, we can recommend other low cost products that will improve customer service while reducing time spent on daily tasks. This is one call you will be thankful you found time to make. 800-216-0763. Ask for Gene Saltz he is our IT Guru and can move you leapbound you ahead in your quest for automation.
Shortcut keys Shortcut Keys that you should commit to memory!

F11 switches Explorer to Full Screen Mode and F11 switches back to original size window

Explorer 7.0
Win + Home: Minimize all windows except the one that's currently active.
                    Hit it again to restore the windows.
Win + Up Arrow: Maximizes the active window.
Win + (+/-): Enables the magnifier and zooms in/out.
Win + Left/Right Arrow: Moves the window that is active the left or ride side of the monitor
Win + Space: See through Open Explorer windows to the desktop.
Win + P: Opens Windows' settings so you can adjust display settings for another monitor or a projector

Win + D: Minimizes all open windows

Windows Explorer
 Windows + E - Opens Windows Explorer . This is much quicker than right-clicking the Start button, then selecting Explore.

Most Software includes these shortcuts

Ctrl-Right/Left Arrow: Places the cursor immediately to the left/right of the next word
Ctrl-Shift-Right/Left Arrow: Selects the word immediately to the right or left of the cursor.
Shift-Home: Selects all text from the cursor's current position to the beginning of the line.
Shift-End: Selects all text from the cursor's current position to the end of the line.
Ctrl-C: Copies selected text to the clipboard.
Ctrl-X: Cuts (deletes) selected text and copies it to the clipboard where you can Ctrl-V.
Ctrl-V: Pastes whatever text has been copied to the clipboard.

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