TurboTax Business. Use QuickBooks accounting software and TurboTax to prepare your 2009 tax returns. We show you how!
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TurboTax Business will prepare 1120, 1120S, or 1065 plus schedules and attachments. Will import balances from QuickBooks.

Need help setting-up your business  tax returns to work with QuickBooks?

Before purchasing TurboTax for your business tax return make sure your state and form is listed in the drop list below.
State software must be purchased from within TurboTax Business software:   

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TurboTax Business

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Who should consider preparing their own tax returns?

A business with organized accounting records or a business owner who is detailed oriented that seeks assistance in becoming more organized.  A business owner who is a smart independent self-starter that understands that the unknown needs research.  A business owner who is willing to put the time and effort into training, software and guidance.

Operating on your own without the skills of a financial expert, is like building a house without the help of an architect or a building inspector to see if the structure is sound. Not recognizing or understanding the meaning of your numbers (balance sheet and income statement) will ultimately result in mistakes and possibly audit.

While computerized business accounting systems make it easy for data entry, most small business owners do not have the experience to make the correct decisions when preparing taxes. Mistakes or poor choices impact directly the amount of taxes that you pay or the red flags you raise with the IRS.  While most are able to justify every business dollar deducted, no one has time to sit with the IRS producing receipts and fending off interrogations!

If your eyes have not glazed over yet, we can help!  With the proper training, income taxes become as routine as payroll taxes or filling out a building permit!

Want the best of both worlds?
Do the accounting yourself and have our Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors who are also  CPA's and tax experts:

  • review your work
  • help you tune-up the loose ends
  • remove red flags from your return
  • work with you to point the accounts correctly into TurboTax
  • offer assistance and solutions to business finances that are noticeable during the accounting review. 

With seasoned CPAs helping you, you can be assured of reducing your professional fees and learning what your financial reports say about your business.  Our clients look to us as a second set of expert eyes  that will provide training, understanding, and point out those issues you should consider when managing  your own financial affairs.

What is needed to get started:

QuickBooks Accounting Software - you can purchase or upgrade through our site at a discount  ( if you have QuickBooks 2006 or higher, your version is satisfactory, but you may find the more advanced features reason to upgrade
TurboTax for 1120S and TurboTax for 1065 TurboTax Business - For 1120, 1120S or 1065 filers
TurboTax for the self employed               OR

TurboTax Premier provides the features that will complete your Sole Proprietorship on Schedule C of your 1040


High Speed Internet Access (DSL, Cable or T-1) - We set up an appointment that is convenient for you (we have evening and weekend appointments available). Our QuickBooks and TurboTax 1120, 1065 or Schedule C services are provided by hooking up our computers via remote access technology over a secured server at the same time we discuss the issues with you over the telephone. We point out problems, help make corrections, give you the training you need to do it right. Its better than sitting in the chair next to you, no need to gather your information and visit with an accountant, you can see the work done in the comfort of your own home. Training sessions can be shorter to fit into your busy schedule and to avoid the "information overload" syndrome.

Call us for a demonstration or an appointment to begin work at
800-216-0763. Evening and weekend appointments available.

What do we do?
We provide an accounting review of your QuickBooks records. We help identify problems and provide solutions and adjustments as needed.

We prepare QuickBooks to export amounts into TurboTax. We will work with you to point your accounting to the correct forms and schedules on the tax return.

We explain the tax issues that are relevant to your business. We may recommend you do things differently for 2010 to maximize your deductions and stay out of trouble.

We help you import the data into TurboTax and then request that you finish the questionnaire. We then review the final return to determine that all relevant data has been correctly picked up on the return.

We explain how the business results impact your personal return (what schedule to report) make a recommendation of preparing your own 1040 or hiring a tax preparer

What we charge
$500 for 4 hours of support.  This support is used for all of the above services and is good through 12/31/2010.  Use any left over time to call us during the year with your tax, accounting, and software questions.

How does this save you money?
With the understanding you gain from the review and tax preparation process you will be able to identify issues before they become problems.  Financial and tax problems cost you money in penalties and professional fees.

The set-up of the interface between QuickBooks and TurboTax is permanent.  Therefore, the hours you pay for this year will not be required in the future, saving you significant dollars in accounting fees.

As CPAs we know what the tax deductions are, what's legal and illegal and as we review your books, we offer our knowledge and inform you of risks and let you know if you are  approaching grey areas of the law. We do not make deduction decisions on your behalf, we simply pass along the information that will help you.  

CPAs usually charge a lot of money to record your business transactions. We will not be recording your transactions, you have done the work, we simply guide you along the way and therefore you are only paying for expert advise rather than paying a CPA for bookkeeping services.

We point you to the resources you will need in the future to answer questions that pop up which will save you money.  With QuickBooks and TurboTax you have a wealth of resources at your fingertips, we point you in the right direction and rather than paying us to read it to you, you can read it and ask us questions about the areas that are unclear.

Who are our happy customers?  Engineers, doctors, and computer guys/gals are the kings and queens of do-it-yourself and have found huge savings not to mention the increased comfort in their knowledge  using our services.  Also new business owners who have to struggle with cash flow as their business grows have been great clients. They ask the how to questions, get the information they need, and then use the remainder of the time for unusual or complex issues that crop up along the year.  Also part of our growing list of satisfied customers are accountants / controllers with a strong finance background but a weaker tax background by filling in the gaps.  But if you are not one of these groups and have a strong desire to learn to do it the right way! Please, jump on the do-it-yourself- wagon and give us a call!  

Call now for your appointment to begin work on the 2010 tax return:
Weekends and evening appointments available.

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