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Quickbooks Premier 2013
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QuickBooks Pro
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QuickBooks Simple Start 2017
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Simple Start


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Single User $349.95 $199.95 Monthly
Two User $549.95 $349.95 x
3 Users
(single user licenses can be added for a max. of 5 users)
$829.95 $499.95 x

QuickBooks makes learning the basics easy.  The advanced features will take more time and effort to learn but the results are time savings and better information for managing your business. The help features within QuickBooks are superb.  For customized training or support, we provide QuickBooks support packages, telephone, on-site and remote assistance to help you get up and running (or clean up problem files).

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Professional Services - QuickBooks Premier


QuickBooks Premier Professional Services Edition 2013

Professional Services
Premier Edition
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Single User $349.95
2 User $549.95
3 user
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Contractors - QuickBooks Premier


Ready to buy 2017 QuickBooks Premier Contractor Edition?
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Single User $349.95
2 User $549.95
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(single user licenses can be added for a max. of 5 users)


   Contractor edition not available in QuickBooks Pro or QuickBooks Basic versions
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Nonprofit - QuickBooks Premier


QuickBooks Non Profit Premier Edition

 QuickBooks  Nonprofit
Premier Edition
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Single User $349.95
2 User $549.95
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Manufacturing & Wholesale - QuickBooks Premier


QuickBooks Premier Wholesale & Manufacturing Edition 2013

 Manufacturing & Wholesale
Premier Edition

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QuickBooks Retail Point of Sale

QuickBooks financial software contains the back end accounting functions needed to complete the front end point of sale for your company. It contains all the features of premier plus customized forms and features to help retailers track and report financial information.
QuickBooks Point of Sale system includes retail management software that will track all inventory, sales and customer information for your company. 

Quickbooks Premier Retail Edition
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QuickBooks Point of Sale

Overview Tour

Overview of QuickBooks Point of sale features
 (pdf file)

QuickBooks Premier Retail Edition
accounting for retailers
 integrates with QuickBooks Point of Sale

  QuickBooks Point of Sale software
(QuickBooks Premier sold separately)
Overview of QuickBooks Point of sale features
(pdf file)
 Single User $349.95   Software Alone
Comparison chart
Software and

$ 1500
$ 2000

$ 2074.95
$ 2574.95
3 User
(single user licenses can be added for a max. of 5 users)


QuickBooks point of sale software packaged with Barcode Scanner
Receipt Printer, Credit Card Reader, and Locking Cash Drawer


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QuickBooks Premier
Retail Edition

Point Of Sale


Comparison Chart to
 3 Versions of QuickBooks
  • QuickBooks Simple Start-no industry specific version
  • QuickBooks Pro - no industry specific version
  • QuickBooks Premier has 6 variations- 5 industry specific and 1 standard
  • Need help selecting the right product?
    Call 800-216-0763 to speak with an expert.

Interested in QuickBooks Enterprise - click here

Advantages of
QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier

Comparison Chart

Difference between QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Pro, 
 and QuickBooks Simple Start  for the PC

Features found in QuickBooks Premier & QuickBooks Pro
not found in QuickBooks Simple Start

All QuickBooks Premier &
Enterprise  Versions
QuickBooks Pro Simple Start
Estimates, Invoicing, track receivables, write checks,  sales tax, financial reports x x x
Payroll management, accounts payable, purchase orders, inventory tracking, robust reporting, Download banking and credit card transactions,  password protect closing date, Import from Quicken, Class/Departmental tracking, customize forms, Undo reconciliations, print packing lists and labels, add users, track milage, track loans/interest,  track employee time x x  
E-mail sales orders from within QuickBooks x    
Tracks sales orders, inventory components and finished goods or "assemblies".  Create PO's from Sales orders - great for drop ship orders.
Create invoices from Sales orders- 
See differences between industry versions for unique characteristics features
Create forecasts and business plans and budgets in QuickBooks x    
Customize pricing - up to 100 different price levels (discounted or premium added  as % to  base price x x  
Customize prices - up to 100 different prices levels per item by percent. Now you can assign a custom price for each item per customer. Use for a customer name or to a customer group  x  
Or Now assign customized billing rates per service by Employee/Vendor x    
Auto reverse journal entries x
Remote access to your QuickBooks from any computer with hi-speed access. x    
Export report templates (useful when setting up sister companies or for accountants creating report templates for clients) x    
Print shipping labels from invoices, improved print for packing slips x x  
Email invoices, statements, estimates,
POs, sales receipts, credit memos, reports
x x  
Job costing, time tracking by job x x
Flexible customer statements x x  
Simultaneous multi-user QuickBooks option available at additional cost x x  
Integrates with Microsoft products including Excel and Word plus capable of integration with 3rd party add on software for greater efficiency x x  
Calculate and track loans with loan manager x x
Vehicle mileage tracker x x
Export to excel, creates letters and envelopes in word using QuickBooks data x x
Industry specific versions with special features added - see below x

QuickBooks Enterprise Editions contains all the features of
QuickBooks Premier but with a more robust data base engine,
greater security features with enhanced access restrictions,
and select between a 5 or 10  or 15  user editions. QuickBooks Enterprise is recommended for rapidly growing data files larger than 30MB, support multiple locations, have between 20-250 employees.   Click Here for more information
Buy Now:
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Buy QuickBooks Simple Start Now
The following features found in Enterprise, Premier,  Pro are excluded from the QuickBooks Simple Start
  • Memorize transactions for recurring transactions such as loan payments, rent, monthly invoices to customers
  • Robust reporting capabilities. (Simple Start includes essential reports)
  • Download banking and credit card transactions
  • Password protected closing date to prevent changes to prior periods
  • Import Quicken data
  • Class/Department tracking
  • Manage Payroll
  • Industry specific chart of accounts
  • Customizing Forms (Simple Start -can only add a logo)
  • Inventory items, service items, non-inventory items, & other items for tracking product you buy and product you sell.  (Simple-start - no inventory, limited flexibility for items)

Reminder - the above features ARE NOT included in Simple Start.
Features below are included in QuickBooks Pro and/or all flavors of QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise


Comparison of

QuickBooks Premier QuickBooks Pro
Simple Start




Why Upgrade?

Need more

Industry Specific




QuickBooks checks at 25% discount

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Premier recommended  for businesses who:

  • Need help with industry-specific reports, forms, and help menu content and/or

  • Need to use sales orders and/or

  • Need to assemble inventory and/or

  • Need advanced job costing features (accountant & contractor editions)

Industry versions have
QuickBooks Premier features Plus
QuickBooks Premier feature comparison
Benefits of industry editions of QuickBooks Premier
  Accountants Professional
Contractors Nonprofit Mfg
Customized set-up including Chart of accounts developed for your industry, forms and reports for your industry   x x x x
Specific Help topics written by an industry expert all help topics for all industries x x x x
Customized reports all industry specific reports x x x x
A sample company file with two years of data x x x x x

Professional financial statements and supporting documents using familiar spreadsheet like tools. Create title pages, compilation letters, footnotes. Start with over 20 layouts and customize each clients financial statements

Working Trial Balance with workpaper reference column x        
Prevent prior period changes X        
Track and print change orders x   x    
Integrated fixed asset manager- calculates depreciation x        
Special AJE function provides traditional Adjusted Trial balance & an AJE report. Works with add-on Financial statement reporter software x        
Special notes Remote Access gives accounting professionals the ability to access and work on their clients' QuickBooks  files from a remote computer with client permission. Track billed and unbilled time by person, project or activity.
Billed vs. proposal by project report. Expenses not assigned to projects & unbilled exp. by project reports
Great reports:
Expenses not assigned to Jobs.
Unpaid bills by job.
Unpaid job bills by vendor.
Job costs by vendor & Job.
New -Cost to complete
Job costs detail.
Job estimates vs. Actuals
Customized letters that integrate with the donor/ member list in QuickBooks to Word letter writing software Document materials that do not meet specs.
with the non-conforming materials worksheet
Capture and enter defective materials details.

Click here: Retailers Edition

Industry Specific QuickBooks Premier


Purchase Accountants edition and get the advantages of all features in all industries for no additional cost.
Downside - Too many options may cause confusion among untrained staff




What are added features of
QuickBooks Premier?




Why Upgrade?





QuickBooks checks at 25% discount

Need QuickBooks 1099 & W2s?

Books to learn

2016 Edition - Why Upgrade QuickBooks

from QuickBooks 2015 and prior editions

  • QuickBooks 1999

  • QuickBooks 2000

  • QuickBooks 2001

  • QuickBooks 2002

  • QuickBooks 2003

  • QuickBooks 2004

  • QuickBooks 2005

  • QuickBooks 2006

  • QuickBooks 2007


  • QuickBooks 2008

  • QuickBooks 2009

  • QuickBooks 2010

  • QuickBooks 2011

  • QuickBooks 2012

  • QuickBooks 2013

  • QuickBooks 2014

  • QuickBooks 2015


QuickBooks 2016 Added:

Bill Tracker:

See your money going out all on one screen. Purchase orders can be converted to bills here.  You can also, print, close, copy and email your purchase orders from this screen.  See your paid bills within the last 30 days. Can be grouped by vendor or by date. 

New Search feature:

Within your forms, now you can click on the search at top of your form and enter either the item field or description field that you are searching for within the form.  These are the only two fields that can be currently searched.

New for Item reports - custom field filtering:

Custom field filtering now works on Item reports such as: Inventory Valuation, Stock Status, Shortage, Physical Inventory Worksheet, Pending Builds.  

Filter date range on reports (all new option): 

The filter: This Fiscal Year-to-Last-Month

Send Forms now has a new Bulk Remove feature:

Clean up your Send Forms List in QuickBooks easily. In the past, you would have to remove each form - one at a time.  Now, you can put a check next to the forms you want to delete from list and remove them in one batch, quickly.

Batch Delete/Void Transactions (only available in Accountants versions):

Accountants can use this feature to quickly remove duplicate transactions or those done in error. 


Quickbooks 2013 Added:

QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier QuickBooks Enterprise Common Improvements:

1. If you have item names that do not include descriptions, then you will love this next improvement.  Under reports preferences (in the edit menu > preferences > reports) you can select to include the item name, the item description or both in reports.

2. Group items in prior editions only allowed up to 20 items, in QuickBooks 2013  you can add up to 50 items in one group item.

3. Adding a customer name to a bill, check credit card form, journal entry, or time entry had automatically selected the billable box. Now there is an option under preferences > Time > Mark expenses as billable, which when left unchecked, will leave the billable box blank.

4. New User interface (new design)  QuickBooks 2013 now has a New Design- New version of the icon bar - now on the left includes sections of "my shortcuts", "my apps", "my to dos", "view balances", "key reports".  The old icon bar and open windows list is still available for QuickBooks users who prefer the "old look"

Customer Center, Vendor Center, and Employee Center allow for unlimited note files, to dos, and
contacts. A tremendous improvement making QuickBooks an even better business management tool!

The Customer Record, Vendor Record, and Employee Record, are better organized.  This is a super improvement, especially for new QuickBooks users.  It is very easy to recognize the power of what QuickBooks can track for you with this new improvement.

Transactions now have  ribbon across the top of each for easy access to do just about anything.

QuickBooks Enterprise Improvements:

2013 Enterprise Expands the number of items allowed in Lists:
Chart of accounts, Classes, Customer types, Vendor types, Customer Messages and To Dos  from 10,000 to 100,0000
Memorized transactions from 29,000 to 50,000

Improved display when an item's cost has changed , QuickBooks Enterprise will pop open an easy to understand window asking the user if they would like to update the item cost, update the item sales price.

Advanced inventory, an add-on to QuickBooks Enterprise for $999/year had the best of the updates!

Previously Advanced inventory included:

  • Inventory tracking across multiple locations- older versions limited to 200 sites, 2013 now offers 1,000,000
  • Serial number or lot number tracking
  • First In- First Out Inventory valuation method

2013 Advanced inventory in QuickBooks Enterprise 2013 Added

  • Tracking locations within inventory sites (row, shelf, or bin)
  • Bar Code scanning -

    Need to purchase bar code scanning hardware-, QuickBooks Advanced inventory for 2013 supports most USB and blue tooth scanners. Look for the following specifications: Support for EAN-13 and Code 128 barcodes; Able to produce a single carriage return at the end of the barcode
    Barcodes can be imported using the add/edit multiple list entries

    Barcodes can be used to fill out sales or purchasing forms to speed data entry. While working in a sales or purchasing form, scan a barcode and QuickBooks automatically places the barcode in the correct field on the form.

Quickbooks 2012 Added:

1 Calendar View of transactions entered and due, along with a much improved TO DO feature.
In QuickBooks  you now have the ability to assign a date, time, customer or vendor name to the To do.

2 New Lead Center- this is the first step towards updating QuickBooks with a CRM module.
IT is currently NOT a CRM but a great step in the right direction. Its like CRM for beginners. In QuickBooks  leads can
be converted to customers, leads can have multiple contacts.

3. Improved help menu, will make getting answers in QuickBooks even easier

4. Improved search which will search for any customer, transaction, amount, the results pop up in
a new window which includes additional filtering capabilities

5. Batch time Entry for those contractors with multiple employees working the same job (Crew time sheet entry),
Time entry just got easier!

6. Excel integration has been improved in QuickBooks permitting the user to refresh data in an excel spreadsheet, preserving certain types of manipulations in excel. Formatting and formulas. Elements in excel that can be changed without breaking the link to live date in QuickBooks: Column headers (formatting and name), Row Headers (formatting and name), inserted formulas will be preserved, addition of new columns in between exported data set or end of exported data set.

7. Create a credit memo or payment from an invoice, Create a Bill Payment right from the Bill. Now that will save time- one click from the invoice and the credit memo is 90% done! Time to update to QuickBooks  

8, Contributed Reports- Report writing can be tricky for the novice user. In QuickBooks now there are at least one hundred (and growing) of report templates ready and waiting for you to download and start using. The titles are clear along with a description. Contributed reports are found under the report menu. These reports alone could save a QuickBooks user time and money!

9. Memorized Transaction Improvements - Now you can select which memorized transactions you would like to enter in the enter now window and which you would like to enter later. Also added in QuickBooks - a frequency of every two months.

10 Attached Documents to QuickBooks lists and transactions is not new. However, it is now FREE with QuickBooks if you save your documents on your local computer/server. QuickBooks will keep the documents in a folder named ATTACH found in the same location you keep your QuickBooks Company files. There are NO user rights assigned to these documents so your staff will be able to open the saved documents without having access to QuickBooks. Plus you will need to
backup this folder yourself! It is not part of the QuickBooks Backup.

11. Improved Company file condense. - QuickBooks is better at shrinking company files. There is now an added option to remove inventory transactions. It replaces inventory transactions with a inventory adjustment. In addition, you can remove all estimates, sales orders, purchase orders and pending invoices. For very large files you may still need advanced help with this, call us 800-216-0763 we off new file start services.

12. USPS adding to shipping manager

13. New Transaction tab - QuickBooks now includes a transaction tab on transactions - view linked transactions and
summary data in the same window

14. No Company File Open - QuickBooks all versions now includes an edit list option to remove files you no longer need to access on a regular basis

QuickBooks Premier 2012 & QuickBooks Enterprise v 12 new features

1. New inventory center (With QuickBooks Enterprise v12 add an image- image feature not available in Pro or Premier). View in one window Qty on hand, qty on sales orders, Qty on purchase orders, qty reserved for assemblies, and Qty available. Easily open a PO or Sales order for the item being viewed. In QuickBooks you can filter the item list fro items that have less than zero on hand, greater than zero on hand or customize the view to your needs. For premier users, open the inventory center from the Vendor menu > Inventory Activities > Inventory Center

QuickBooks Enterprise v12 only Improvements

1. Automatic price adjustments in QuickBooks Enterprise. Set a default markup percentage for each item, when the cost price changes, you can elect to automatically update the selling price by the markup. The setting includes an option to always update the cost, but ask before updating the price. Price level list- previous versions included a maximum of 100 unique price levels, now Enterprise offers a maximum 750 price levels.

2. Advanced inventory users (extra fee of $999/year) New features starting in QuickBooks Enterprise 12
Offers a view of inventory by location in the inventory center.
First in First Out inventory valuation rather than average cost is an optional choice - and select your start date
Multi-location inventory tracking (came out last year- however worth mentioning again!)
Serial number OR Lot number tracking - select which forms you want to show the Serial numbers or lot numbers
QuickBooks can be set to warn if the serial or lot number is blank, duplicated or does not exist.

3. Enhanced Inventory receiving - The item receipt and the bill are now 2 different transactions. An item receipt will increase inventory as of the received date but not increase A/P instead it will increase a clearing account, the bill will increase A/P based on the date you enter the bill, which will NOT change your inventory values, instead it will post to the clearing account. So after posting 1 item receipt and its related bill, the clearing account will be zero. But any future changes to that item receipt or bill which is also not done to the related bill or item receipt will cause that clearing account to no longer be zero. So strict controls should be implemented to avoid this problem. This feature is optional, and will cure the problems previously incurred due to negative inventory counts or changes to when inventory quantities post. However, this change is a global change and is irreversible. You should test this change on a copy of your data file to see the impact on your financials before implementing this change. This feature may cause conflicts with third party software you are currently using. Definitely a must implement for NEW QuickBooks files, and a TO BE CAREFULLY researched with an existing QuickBooks file. Need help with this evaluation? Call us 800-216-0763 and ask about our support options.

4. Find and select added to invoice, sales orders, and sales receipt forms. Now easily find the item without endless scrolling
This feature is not available on purchase orders or bills in QuickBooks.

5. Improved Multi-user Functionality - In QuickBooks Enterprise v12
Multiple people can Make Deposits.
Resort lists while in multi-user mode
Set Closing date while in multi-user mode
Adjust inventory in multi-user mode (not a new feature but worth mentioning)

Note -
With all editions, Payroll activities can only be performed by one person at a time
and Backup with complete verification still requires single user mode.
Pro and Premier - Inventory adjustments requires single user mode

Quickbooks 2011 Added::

Customer Collections Center -The QuickBooks Collections Center helps you manage collecting payments from your customers. It lists all overdue and almost due invoices in a single place. You can send email reminders to one customer or many customers, and it tracks customer notes about your collection efforts. When you send collection emails, your customer receives each invoice as a PDF attachment along with a cover note.

Finally - QuickBooks includes quantity totals on sales detail reports ( Sales by customer detail, Sales by Item Summary

New- Sales by Ship to Address in QuickBooks editions 2011.

New - average days to pay report , providing you with information on how quickly your customers pay.

Improved QuickBooks reports - Open Sales orders and Purchase orders Reports, now with a true value of open balance (Premier and Enterprise)

Preference for bill paying, you can set QuickBooks to automatically use credits AND/OR Automatically use discounts. This used to be a combined preference which most companies did not use, but now one or the other option is available too.

Balance sheet by class now available in QuickBooks

Batch Invoicing - create one invoice and assign to a batch of customers in Quickbooks! Great for monthly services

Customer Snapshot tab in the Company snapshot center - Provides users with detailed information on an individual customer
including sales history, best selling items, recent invoices and payments

History on transactions - When you open transactions in QuickBooks such as Invoices, estimates, sales order, and bills you see recent transaction history, name information and notes -saving time spent looking up these details

Set closing date password is a terrific tool to avoid having changes made to your accounting documents. But for those companies that were still working open sales orders and estimates and purchase orders dated in a prior year, this became a nuisance and the closing date password would be provided to many individuals, rendering the protection worthless. NOW.. a preference with the set closing date allows you to exclude estimates, sales orders, and purchase orders from closing date restrictions.

Multilocation inventory - requires QuickBooks Enterprise edition v 11.0

Online backup- improved- enabling a significantly better QuickBooks user experience

QuickBooks Search- within QuickBooks - searches all fields for key word terms

Web E-mail integration with QuickBooks - easy setup to the biggest email services (GMail, Yahoo & Hotmail) and
ability to hook up to any email service with information provided to you by your email provider
Inventory Adjustments - now has an improved form - Much easier to find the inventory you want to adjust -no more scrolling,
and when you open the transaction you see only the adjusted items

Have two companies open at the same time (Enterprise Editions only)

The inventory availability window existing on the invoice and sales orders is now available in the purchase order transaction-
QuickBooks Enterprise Editions only.

Now edit your spelling dictionary- you can now delete miss-spellings.

A small but great improvement is you can now mark as billable, amounts placed on the expense tab and charged to a cost of goods
sold account

Date paid and paid stamp on invoices

Now a spot for separate Ship to addresses in the QuickBooks vendor center


Quickbooks 2010 Added:

  • Forms Customization - Easier and faster for users to make QuickBooks forms look more professional and match the branding on other customer facing printed materials.
  • Company Snapshot - Allow users to customize what widgets they want to see in the QuickBooks Company Snapshot and provide additional widgets that give them insight into tactical details of their business. Set this as your home page for a birds eye view on exactly how your business is doing.
  • Favorites Menu - A new QuickBooks top-level menu item called “Favorites” is available, and can be disabled or re-enabled by customers (from the View menu). Customers or their accountants can easily configure this menu to centralize their favorite, commonly-used, and hard-to-find menu items. These are stored on a per-user, per-company file basis.
  • ELMO Electronic Check Processing – Check scanning service offering through QuickBooks Merchant Service accounts.
  • Online Banking - Numerous usability improvements, such as switchable download reconcile matching interface, side-by-side or register-view
    (you can now revert back to the view you had in QuickBooks 2008 edition! or, enjoy the current improvements.)
  • Document Management - All Desktop editions, QuickBooks Document Management is the ability to attach files of any type to the appropriate QuickBooks records (names, items, accounts, transactions and company file as a whole). 102MBs of data storage! If you go over, there is a monthly fee $4.95 to 500MB, $14.95 for 1 GB, $29.95 for 5 GB (plus sale tax). Attach a document to Lists Names (vendor, customers, jobs,  employee, item), Attach documents to transactions. Browse from your local computer to attach or scan an attach in one step-requires a twain compliant scanner.
  • Rapid List Entry - Rapid QuickBooks List Entry is a new feature that allows user5s to enter, edit and save multiple QuickBooks list items (Customer, Vendor, Employee & Item) all in one table with active cells.
  • Credit card processing - now get pre-authorization - available in 2009, but buried! Now, managing your merchant account is even easier.
    Call us for more information 800-216-0763 (ask to speak  with our superGuru - Linda Saltz)

    QuickBook 2013- now get preauthorization on QuickBooks Credit Cards
    When you want to make sure your customer has sufficient funds available on their credit card, you can authorize the funds before you process the order. When you authorize funds for a credit card, the funds are placed on hold, and the limit of the customer's credit card is lowered by this amount. After the authorization goes through, when you make the actual sale, you can capture the authorized amount. Make sure you do this within seven days, when an authorization typically expires. If you capture an amount that is smaller or larger than the authorized amount, you may be charged a higher discount rate.
  • Install Manager - Improved QuickBooks installation wizard.
  • Backup / Restore data compression - Improved QuickBooks backup storage compression logic.
  • Condense / Archive - Improved QuickBooks logic to more reliably reduce the amount of data in the company file, and improve the day-to-day performance of QuickBooks.
  • Client Data Review - Available only in the Accountants Edition - Another great reason to select this edition over any other. A brilliant tool for finding and fixing errors. Controllers shoring up their month end numbers will find this a big time saver!  New QuickBooks Features- Troubleshoot negative inventory, apply credits tool, reclassify a group of transactions in one step, fix incorrectly recorded sales tax and payroll tax payments without messing up the bank reconciliation, batch write off of bad debts.
  • Intuit Statement Writer - $150 - additional fee Accountant Edition (additional price) feature offers accountants significant productivity benefits for preparing highly professional-looking financial statements.
    Create up to 16 statements in one workbook and batch print your statements and documents
    Set ANY date range for statements, including 4-week months or 13-week quarters
    Send consolidated reports to clients in .pdf format
    Create Microsoft Word-based letters, cover pages and documents in your report, and bring QuickBooks financial data into your documents
    Build financial statements on a per-class or per-job basis, or as a combination of classes

Enterprise Solutions - 2010 new features:

Custom Fields - Additional Custom Fields on forms and reports for Items and Names, with new data-formats (numbers, dates, phone, multi-pick) and data-format validation. Two to Three times more custom fields available

Build Assemblies - Build Assembly transaction form is now a template. Line-items of the build assembly can be modified on the fly. Custom Fields for Items can be added to template as headers and columns. Transaction form can be printed.

Point of Sale - 2010 new features
Improve sales with point of sale  customer center
Coupons and promotions acceptance

Quickbooks 2009 Added:

All Editions:

  • Microsoft Vista Logo Certified
  • Duplicate a transaction
  • Right-click to delete list items
  • Multi-Currency. QuickBooks 2009 now supports all global currencies. - Once you turn it on, you cannot turn it off
      so be sure that you buy or sell in foreign currencies before you use this feature.
  • Conveniently process wire transfers and drafts from within QuickBooks
  • New Company Snapshot. real-time overview of your business
  • Larger numbers support - 11 figure numbers (99,999,999,999) versus 8 figures in previous releases
  • Improved Bank Reconciliation -Sort by: Check number, Date, Amount, Payee and other column headings
  • QuickBooks Live Community. - Post your question for thousands of accountants and other QuickBooks users for help
  • One user can create an invoice while another user is running a report
  • QuickBooks Messenger allows for instant communication between QuickBooks users
  • Back-up data in multi-user mode
  • Upgraded security on Master Company File Password
  • Improved Online Banking -easier to set up and less confusing to use- Automatic transaction mapping to chart of accounts


  • 30 Users
  • Sales force module (additional fees apply)
  • One login if Warehouse management, Sales management, Business management

Point of Sale:

  • Cashier Screen Easier to use and now with  Touch Screen convenience (requires a touch screen monitor)
  • Capture customer signatures on merchant's receipt -Requires purchasing pin pad with signature sold separately
  • 20 workstations in 1 location
  • Improved Sales tax reporting with payment information by each tax agency, location, code and component
  • Pro and Multistore - With webstore (additional fees apply) that will update items and pricing from POS
  • Improved reorder points - Now easier to set default
  • Plus Now you can set a reorder point with a QTY or Days of supply as a trigger - (THIS IS BIG)!
  • Report of your Turn Statistics on the items you sell (turnover is how quickly you sell your items)


QuickBooks 2008 Added - Key features:

All Editions:

  • Easily share records with your accountant with an improved Accountant's copy now it only takes a single click to encrypt your file and upload the file to a secure server for your Accountant's download and review. Eliminating emailing and multiple file issues.  Your accountant can now complete bank reconciliations and merge accounts while you continue to enter your daily transactions
  • Introducing context sensitive help, designed to provide new users with an enhanced start up experience.
  • New excel templates make it easy for you to import existing customers, vendors, or product information into QuickBooks. Users can also assign each column in your existing Excel spreadsheet to a corresponding QuickBooks column

QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier & QuickBooks Enterprise

  • Easily send invoices, sales receipts and other forms using Outlook and Outlook Express.
    Send emails directly from QuickBooks using Outlook or Outlook Express.
    Sync your contacts in Outlook with your contacts in QuickBooks.
    Customer Center- each customer now  includes Google Maps plus directions from a main location

QuickBooks Premier & QuickBooks Enterprise

  • Easily identify which clients to bill. View unbilled time & expenses for all clients on a single screen and transfer to an invoice with one click. Instead of creating one invoice at time and selecting all unbilled time and costs, you now can simply open the Invoice for Time & Expenses screen and select the client and project combination. All unbilled costs for a given date range will be transferred directly to an invoice. You can also quickly view subtotals of your unbilled time and expenses and filter the individual entries by date

Point of Sale

  • Users can now attach up to 2 digital pictures per item in your inventory list
  • Users can generate and print a shipping label for UPS right from QuickBooks Point of Sale.
  • Automatically track and reward customers that spend a certain amount at your store.


QuickBooks 2007 Added - Key features

QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier & QuickBooks Enterprise

Choose to auto fill  vendor bill/payments with just the correct chart of account  (elect not to prefill all fields
   with the last transaction data)

QuickBooks will now warn you when you are entering transactions with a future date or a date older than 90 days (the 90 day range can be modified)

QuickBooks now adds a date and time to your backup file making it easy ( for those  who consider themselves computer "challenged") to keep a daily backup - one for each day of the week , a monthly backup, and an annual backup. 

QuickBooks has made it much easier for your accountant to work on your file while you continue to make entries into your file.  
  This feature will import all changes made by your accountant and provide you with a detailed listing of those
  changes. Its easy for your accountant to make and send your an import file with changes. Now your books will match your
  tax return and your accountant will no longer spin his/her wheels determining the cause of changes to beginning balances.
  Whenever you have a problem with the file, make an accountant's copy, e-mail and send to the accountant to fix. Your accountant will
  review at the  next opportunity and make the corrections in the copy you sent. He/She will then send you the file corrections to import
  into your copy. All very easy!  This feature alone makes it worthwhile for both you and your accountant to be on version 2007 or later.
  Its good for you - you get accurate reports to make key business decisions without disruption to your daily workflow
  Its good for your accountant - spend less time reconciling and more time as a business advisor to your clients

Negative deposits can now be entered through the make deposit window. A great feature for those who accept
  sporadic credit card payments  and occasionally need to refund a customer a credit card credit.

Customization of forms has become much easier. Its time to give your company look a unique, professional look
    to your forms (invoices, purchase orders, sales order)

New edition has teamed up with Google. The Google feature works the same way as a websearch but limits the
   search to  QuickBooks.  Not to worry,  will only retrieve what your employees have permission to see. In
   addition, set up a Google AdWords account within QuickBooks and receive a $50 credit from Google to try out
   this form of advertising.  What is  AdWords? Go to www.Google.com  and do a search on QuickBooks. Those
   links in the right margin are PAID advertising through AdWords. See how your sales can increasing by buying
   key  search terms - for your community.

Are you still confused about what payroll taxes/forms are due when? This edition will remind you when to cut 
    payroll checks, when to file and pay payroll taxes and how much to pay.

For those companies who ship regularly with UPS and FEDex,  process shipments and print FedEx and UPS labels from within QuickBooks - and in QuickBooks you can use thermal label printers! You can even schedule pickups and track packages right in your QuickBooks software. Shipping Manager pre-fills the shipping labels with the customer address information from your QuickBooks Invoice or Sales Receipt forms. No more writing labels by hand. And no need to enter data twice. Shipping Manager is already built in to your QuickBooks software and it's FREE to use. You only pay FedEx or UPS charges on what you ship. And you can sign up for Shipping Manager through your QuickBooks software and start using it right away.

Price levels now show up on estimates.

Contractors edition will now keep track of when Vendors (subcontractors) workers comp certificate of insurance expires. QuickBooks and will let you know when entering a transaction to that vendor if there is an expired workers comp certificate on file.

Purchase and sell the same item in different units of measure. Only available in Premier Contractors & Mfg/Wholesale Edition
   Unit of measure conversion prevents costly errors.  Enter your item into inventory in smallest unit of measure for
   that product, sell on an invoice in a larger unit of measure. QuickBooks will reduce your inventory based on a
   conversion to the smallest unit of measure. For example sell 1 can of soda or one six-pack. QuickBooks will  
   reduce the soda inventory by 6.  Caution: Pricing for the six is based on the single can of soda pricing.

Enterprise now can add up to 100,000 list items (names, items, classes)

The easy step start up wizard (to set up new QuickBooks company files) is improved with the ability to select which accounts on a recommended chart of accounts that you prefer to use.

QuickBooks 2006 Added - key features

QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier & QuickBooks Enterprise

  • Whole new design for easier navigation. See more
  • Tour discussing the new customer, vendor and employee centers
  • Customer Center interactive demo in QuickBooks
  • Filter customer and vendor lists for specific criteria
  • New Vendor Center shows all your vendors and what you owe them in one simple screen
  • New Employee Center shows all your employees and what you're paying them in one simple screen
  • New Payroll Center for Do-it-yourself payroll will help improve the accuracy and timeliness of PR related functions by providing information about when payroll, and PR Liabilities are due, who to pay and how much is owed. This center automatically reminds you if important dates. Plus the process of setting up QuickBooks Payroll has been greatly simplified.
  • Always on audit trail that does not slow down performance!
    All versions have switched to using the sequel database platform.
  • Add multiple e-mail and shipping addresses for your customers.  Now you can set Cc e-mail addresses in the customer record which will pre-populate all e-mails created in QuickBooks for that customer.
  • Processing credit card refunds- now there is a convenient way to show that a refund was provided on the credit memo.  Also a Bcc field has been added and users can set company wide default e-mail addresses to pre-populate the Bcc field (another improvement to your internal controls!)
  • Voided checks are correctly accounted for by creating offsetting journal entries in the affected accounting period.
  • Improved window for "enter bills".  See the vendors address that will print on the bill payment checks.
  • Improved communication between the item record cost field and the replacement cost purchased on checks, credit card charges, bills and POs.  Now you have the option to update the cost in the inventory or service item when creating a new purchase transaction. Now you can base change item prices on unit cost.  This is a choice to change cost of an item in the item record (via a pop-up window) at the time the purchase transaction is entered. You can elect NOT to display the pop-up message via a checkbox, but whatever choice you make on that transaction (to update the item record with the new cost or NOT) QuickBooks will use that as the default behavior.  Its a good idea to discuss this new feature with all data entry personnel. You can reverse this decision by selecting "bring back all one time messages" option under preferences (general).   If the item is a component in an assembly, the bill of materials average cost will change when the assembly item is built
  • Customized pricing and rounding options make it easier to keep your pricing competitive
  • Inventory - Includes a new field for manufacturers part number. Search and sort by your part number or the vendors.
  • Finally - QuickBooks now posts reconciliation differences to a new account called reconciliation differences- a P&L account (sure sounds immaterial but a true time saver for your accountant!)
  • Utility that creates a more compact company file for easier portability such as e-mailing the file to your accountants.

    QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise
  • An improved bill of materials that includes (total cost to produce) with the ability to factor in overhead costs such as labor, supplies and depreciation
  • Manufacturer/Wholesale, Retail, and Accountant's editions: (All QuickBooks Enterprise editions include these features but the following premier editions DO NOT: Contractor's, Professional, or Nonprofits.  If premier is the right product for you, AND, you want all the features of all the editions, purchase the Accountant's QuickBooks Premier edition as it contains every feature of every QuickBooks  premier edition.)
    • Backordered column has been added to the sales order to indicate fulfilled and still open quantities. Invoice has a new backordered column and picking lists can now be printed. Packing lists now show backordered items.  If you are a nonprofit and need to track backorders, consider purchasing the accountant's edition.
    • Backorder functionality on purchase orders as well. POs will display a column for previously received and a separate backorder column
    • Sales order fulfillment worksheet (window) shows all open orders  based on criteria important to you such as oldest orders,  shippable dollar amount, or by customer.  Customize whether you want to allow partial shipments or only complete orders. Select the orders you want to ship, then batch-print pick lists, packing slips or invoices.
    • Available-to-promise window where you can review how much of an inventory item  is on hand, how much has been committed to customers, expected on new POs and how much is pending for builds.
  • Accountant edition - toggle between QuickBooks Simple Start, QuickBooks Pro and all industry specific versions of QuickBooks Premier
  • Select multiple sales orders to consolidate into a single invoice


QuickBooks 2005 Added - key features

  • Improved management of customer payments.   See Tour
    Automatically handle overpayments or underpayments from customers on the receive payment window.
    When creating an invoice you can now immediately apply a customer deposit or other outstanding credit on the invoice form (no longer must you go to the receive payment window)
  • Improved downloading bank and credit card transactions.  Match multiple transactions at a time. Associate similar vendors to one existing vendor name (for example multiple outlets for the same store)  See Tour
  • Print envelopes from within QuickBooks. Improved letter wizard for  integration with Word. Plus convert an invoice into a word document for a more personal touch.  See Tour
  • Reports navigator making it easy to select the right report to find the information you need   See Tour
  • Retained earnings Quick Zoom (a feature handy for bean counters aka accountants)
  • Shipping manager (not available in Basic) is now UPS Ready,  using customer address information on sales receipts or invoices to pre-fill UPS shipping labels (Fed-Ex labels can be printed too), complete with tracking numbers and bar codes. Schedule pickups and track shipments-directly from QuickBooks.
  • Void/Deleted Transactions report - always on, improving security of your data
  • For Do-it-yourself payroll subscribers there is now an enhanced service  which offers you the option of direct depositing the paychecks into employee's bank accounts plus prepares state tax forms. (there is an added cost to this feature).  New workers comp feature helps contractors track gross wages by classification code and calculate  worker's comp premiums (additional fees apply).
  • All Premier editions includes an improved Business Plan Tool   See Tour and Expert Analysis Tool See Tour
  • All Premier editions - Set billing rates by individual, position or skill level.  Use billing rate levels for all items or just for specific items. Send timesheet hours to invoices and QuickBooks will apply the right rate.
  • Edit assembly items when components change
  • Premier Contractors edition- New Job Cost by Vendor & Job Report, New Cost to complete report - a great tool for determining if the job is running over budget.

QuickBooks features added to QuickBooks Enterprise $2,550  not included as part of QuickBooks Basic, Pro or Premier Editions

  • Much awaited improvement- providing security access to employees for only those areas of QuickBooks needed to do their job.  Not available in QuickBooks Premier editions, this feature is only available in Enterprise editions makes your decision now a very easy one.  View Enterprise QuickBooks Tour
  • Multiple Field Search in List items-  Enter search criteria into all relevant fields to quickly produce the specific records you are looking for. You can even search on custom fields and notes fields  View QuickBooks Enterprise Tour

QuickBooks 2004 Added - key features

  • Vehicle mileage tracker.   See Tour
  • Loan manager to track loan payments and record interest expense.
  • Undo premature bank reconciliation - an improved reconcile discrepancy report shows you changes and deletions made to previously reconciled transactions.    See Tour
  • Email POs, sales receipts, credit memos, reports, sales orders (sales orders in Premier & Enterprise editions only).
  • Create POs from sales orders (Premier & Enterprise only)
  • Print packing slips and general purpose shipping labels from invoices.
  • Save forms and reports in pdf format.
  • Time and material invoices- now import both the item descriptions and the notes.
  • Cash flow projector.
  • QuickBooks Premier Customize prices -
    • Set up to 100 price levels per specific item. Customize price levels per item, by dollar amount, for your customers. Set custom prices for items that are associated with different customers or jobs.  Or set up to 100 fixed percentage price levels.  Increase or decrease prices of all items for a particular customer or job by a fixed percentage  See Tour
  • QuickBooks Premier & Pro includes
    • Bring both item and notes into Invoice
    • Update data in existing excel spreadsheets - replaces report data, but existing cell references and formulas from other worksheets are maintained.
    • Option to add customer's total balance to printed invoice through the customize form window.
  • Fixed asset tracker- asset name, serial number, date purchased and disposal date.
    Accountant- premier addition also adds a fixed asset manager that will calculate and track depreciation. 


QuickBooks 2003 Added- key features

  • Premier only
    • Sales orders
    • Inventory Assemblies
  • All versions
    • Automatically create a budget
    • 100 professional looking form templates to choose from
    • Add text fields to forms  See Tour
QuickBooks 2002 Added - Key Features

  • Premier only
    • Remote Access
  • All Versions
    • Email invoices, statements, and estimates
    • Create multiple estimates per job
    • Password protected close date

Intuit has stopped supporting older versions of QuickBooks -read more



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Detailed QuickBooks product descriptions

Main QuickBooks Advantages:

QuickBooks Pro or QuickBooks Simple Start
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QuickBooks Enterprise - Advanced security for your

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. QuickBooks Customer Manager Only $63.95 to create order from chaos!
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Now everything is stored in one place!  Save time, no longer go on "hunting expeditions" for customer information. Integrated with QuickBooks, client Word, Excel, Pdfs, e-mail, all stored in a directory where each client has a separate folder.  Includes a calendar for appointments and reminders.  Store up to 10 different contact  numbers per customer. Includes customizable fields.
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QuickBooks On-Line Edition simple to use, low cost, no maintenance, always up to date method of handling your accounting from any computer- anywhere.  Up to 20 simultaneous users. 

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Affordable, but lacks the advanced features of QuickBooks Pro. Must have high-speed internet connection.  No estimating (coming soon), no inventory, no sales orders, no purchase orders, no online banking, no online bill payment, no integration with Microsoft Word. No TurboTax, Lacerte or ProSeries Integration. Customer expense tracking, Class tracking, time tracking offered at an additional cost.   Payroll integration available with Complete Payroll- (full service payroll) only. If your business does not require these features, QuickBooks On-Line is the ideal accounting software solution.  Works well when your office is completely virtual with no staff to handle the daily recordkeeping.  QuickBooks on-line's is always updated, no need to call in your computer expert guy  or take time from your busy day to update each of your workstations. Plus, the audit trail is more sophisticated than any other QuickBooks product: Each transaction or change to a transaction is tagged with the user ID and reports by transaction with transaction history are easily retrieved,   Click on this link to QuickBooks Online and receive an additional  20% off Intuits prices. 

What QuickBooks Online Edition can do for you:
For the company with relatively simple reporting needs

Time entry from the field is a very convenient feature!
Track time for employees and subcontractors, print 1099s

Billing customers (invoicing) - print or email

  • Customize the style of your invoices
  • Create charges, billable expenses, and time activities that flow on to invoices
  • Accept Credit Cards from within QuickBooks: Online Edition (Additional fee required)
  • Track expenses by customer (Additional fee required)
  • Schedule recurring charges and automate billing
  • Track sales tax

Pay bills

  • Write and print checks
  • Enter and pay bills
  • Recurring bills template
  • Track credit card use

Reports -65 customizable reports plus -export to excel

Payroll imported from Intuit Complete Payroll or PayCycle

Key Benefits of Online Edition

  • Automatic updates
  • Backus up data automatically
  • Includes free accountant user with each client subscription
  • Maintains a perpetual audit trail and activity log
  • Allows restricted access to product areas

Remote access is also available in QuickBooks Premier. Premier offers remote access for up to 5 users with all the sophisticated accounting and tracking features that help you manage your business. If you need assistance determining which product to purchase, give us a call, our CPA's and certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors will be pleased to offer assistance. 



Software Limitations QuickBooks Technical Specifications and QuickBooks Software Limitations
Installing on more than one computer You can install QuickBooks or QuickBooks Pro (single user) on more than one computer when the purchaser continues to be the only person using and starting the program on any of the computers. This may be useful, for example, when you want to use QuickBooks on your office, home, and portable computers. Because the only person starting and using the program is the software owner, this complies with the QuickBooks license agreement. For more information on the license agreement: From the QuickBooks Help menu, choose Help Index. Type 'license agreement' in the search field, and then click Display. Top


QuickBooks for Mac

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to buy QuickBooks Mac at QuickBooks secured store

Overview Tour
Features of QuickBooks Pro for Mac

Compare Quicken and QuickBooks Pro for Mac

buy QuickBooks for the Mac
QuickBooks For Mac
Available in Single User 199.95
Available in Two User 399.95
Available in Three User 599.95

QuickBooks Mac 2016
Now print customer or Vendor names and addresses on envelopes directly from QuickBooks
Resize columns on Forms: Sales Receipts, Invoices, Bills and others
Timesheets are now easier to fill out

QuickBooks Mac 2013
Batch Invoicing
Attach Documents
Improved help with videos
Get paid faster from customers - payment network allows customers to pay by ACH
Improved reconciliation window

QuickBooks Mac 2012

Redesigned forms - New customer history panel displays customer info for easy review including open invoices,
open balances, notes, plus see a list of transactions

Progress invoicing allows you to invoice projects in phases. Invoice by line item or percentage of the estimate. Track how much has been invoiced and what is left with the Job Progress invoices vs Estimate Reports

Process online banking transactions in batches-QuickBook automatically creates rules to rename payees downloaded from
your bank, you can then batch enter transactions easily

Set default bank accounts for banking tasks (make deposits, write checks)

Right click of the mouse displays options saving time

Improved Forms Additional company fields ( email address, website, phone & fax) available in the layout designer

Clear splits in write checks and bills

Increased PO number field limit on invoices

Integrated help

Improved search

Journal entries now have a next/previous button, auto numbering, and auto-fill of the memo field

Duplicated the last time sheet for an employee plus increased character limit in notes section


QuickBooks Mac 2008

  • Mac Users - Requires Mac OS X v10.5.4
  • Now more of the best features of QuickBooks Pro for the PC
    Home page navigator with one click access to commonly used task
    Customer, Vendor Centers
    Send out Batch Emails for invoices and flag invoices and other forms to be emailed later
    Prepare and print 1099 & 1096 forms
    Access to google maps from the customer or vendor centers
  • Built for the Leopard Operating System which makes full use of the new Mac Features like spotlight and cover flow


QuickBooks Mac 2007 New Features:

  • Whats new 2007 see tour
  • Print itemized deposit slips from QuickBooks
  • Apply a single customer payment across multiple jobs
  • Design and print customized forms: estimates, statements, invoices, sales receipts, purchase orders
    Now comparable to QuickBooks Pro for the PC See tour
  • New interactive tutorial center
  • Add icons to your toolbar for quick access to tasks
  • Add reminders to iCal
  • Sync QuickBooks with  address book- See Tour
  • Share QuickBooks data file with Accountant  (see tour) who can open edit and save changes for you


QuickBooks Mac 2006 New Features:

  • Download and import bank/credit card transactions
  • Synchronize contacts with address book
  • Customize toolbar
  • Easier to share data with PC users including export reports to excel 

New QuickBooks 2005 Features:

  • Enhanced customization for forms. Add a PDF file as the background for invoices estimates, statements & purchase orders. Plus change fonts, select printed files and status stamps
  • Unused customers, vendors, items can be made inactive, removing from your lists. (They can be made active again at any time)
  • Sort lists by columns for finding information easily.
  • QuickBooks Pro for the Mac now matches Quickbooks Pro for windows making it easier to find training, get accounting support, and ask other Quickbooks users questions.
  • More reports, New statement of cash flows and unbilled costs by job.
  • QuickZoom on Pay Bills and Receive Payments
  • New sample service-based companies to help provide examples of how to better use QuickBooks.

New QuickBooks 2004 Features:

  • Mac and PC users (such as your accountant) can now read each others data
  • Export to Microsoft Excel or X for Mac
  • E-mail invoices, statements, estimates, and reports (Improved) in PDF format
  • Backup Automatically




QuickBooks Pro

Benefits of using the QuickBooks program:

Increase Efficiency:

QuickBooks helps you save time and be more efficient, with easy-to-use tools to help you more quickly manage your business finances.

Improve Accuracy:
QuickBooks has tools designed to help you accurately enter and keep track of the information you need for taxes or other purposes. QuickBooks helps you organize your information, backup data and control access to critical information, so you have accurate data at your fingertips whenever you need it.

Customization Options to Meet Your Needs:
Since each business is different, QuickBooks allows you to customize it to fit your particular needs.

Manage Money More Effectively:
QuickBooks realizes that every dollar counts, so it helps you find ways to save money today and manage money effectively for longer-term savings. 

The features and functionality you pay extra for in QuickBooks Premier software will pay for itself in the reduced set-up time plus and a customized set-up that reduces mistakes. The added QuickBooks Premier software functionality will help you manage your business and understand your finances like no other accounting package.  So if you are a retailer, professional services firm, accountant, manufacturer or wholesaler, contractor or nonprofit, select QuickBooks premier. QuickBooks Premier will reduce stress and aggravation that generally accompanies the process of change and learning something new, plus shorten your learning curve saving valuable employee time.    If there is no industry specific QuickBooks Premier software for you, consider purchasing the QuickBooks Accountant Premier Version - it comes with all of the help menus, sample company files of all the other Premier software products. This is a great opportunity to see how other companies handle transactions that you may also encounter. We here at QBalance.Com use the Premier Accountant Edition to provide QuickBooks support to all our customers.   When remote access, sales orders, emailing forms, pdf reports, forecasts, advanced help features, or the other functions that differentiate QuickBooks Premier from QuickBooks Basic and QuickBooks Pro are not needed to run your business, QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Basic are still the number one selling small business software because of their sophisticated accounting features. No other software is as flexible and forgiving to those who are not accountants or bookkeepers. Mistakes are easily rectified and reports are easy to create and interpret.

We would be happy to offer assistance to selecting the QuickBooks software product that is right for your company when you make a purchase through this site.   

Intuit is the software developer of QuickBooks Basic, QuickBooks Pro, and QuickBooks Premier.  

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