Marketing tips for the small businesses and QuickBooks Users.
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Key words or phrases prospects
use to find produce/service
on the net
What words should be incorporated into your site so that people and business can find your goods and services.  Overture has a term suggestion tool which tells you the number of times people used that keyword or phrase last month Looking for more information about competitors? Start by typing in the domain name and see when the website started. Individuals responsible for the site (upon startup) and date started.
Slogan Generator Lots of fun, neat ideas to market your product
All about
Listing on search engines

All about
Search engines
A 1 minute exercise in getting listed with prominent search engines  Brief articles on search engine placement  Top
Mike's Marketing Tools - The leading review site for the very best internet marketing tools. Unless your website comes up in the top 30,  your rate of return is miniscule.  Search engines use key words and number of links to your site as part of the means to determine if your site is relevant and should be placed on top. See what tools will help you climb to the top there are free tools for your use as a sample of what can be done.   Top
DrNunley Marketing Articles 1000's of smart strategies you can use to build your business. Clear, easy-to-understand, and for FREE!
Advertising/Marketing Checklist
  • Use your advertisement to identify a typical problem your customer base faces and then discuss how you can help solve it
  • Your advertisement should include a hook to motivate an individual to buy or contact you now.
  • Use words that are client and problem centered.  Change your ad until you find the words that will prompt an individual to action.
  • Potential customers need to become familiar with your product or service before buying, so advertise frequently and regularly.
  • Include a strong marketing message.  Include up to 10 words that describe what problems you solve and for whom.
  • Follow-up on all leads via telephone or e-mail offering more information on how you can help.
  • Track and interpret the results of each marketing campaign. Tag each sale with a source code that identifies the medium that prompted the sale.
    (QuickBooks provides many options for this type of tracking- call us 800-216-0763 for help to set up your books to collect this data)
Do it yourself public relations Nice checklist of what you can do to market your business on a budget:
E-mail Newsletters A website full of articles and hints about how to attract and keep customers, plus how to use the web to market your company.  List your E-newsletter plus find other newsletters who have agreed to an advertising exchange.  Also visit for federal and state antispam laws and how they apply to you.
Customer service and
business start ups
One terrific newsletter we received is the The Small Business Advisor by  While they have discontinued the newsletter service, their archives are available and will  remind you on how to keep your business in top form.   For example, one newletter included over 25 tips on customer service which we printed and posted to help remind us how to do it right.  The firm lectures  on running a successful business plus offer consulting services to  individuals who are considering starting a small business Knowledge source for market research, marketing plans, internet marketing, marketing careers & much more  Top
Web Marketing Finding websites that will link to yours is one way to improve your rankings with the search engines and provide more exposure for your business. is a perfect example of such opportunities  Top
Find a trade show Great for networking and advertising
Writing tips for e-mail marketing Good advice articles on marketing using email.

E-Commerce is a one-stop resource for small businesses that want to grow and prosper using the Internet. Provides objective articles and checklists with step-by-step instructions on how a small business can grow and prosper on the Web.
E-Commerce A site offering links to anything you may want to know about selling on the web Top
Banner advertising This is advice, from an internet newsgroup user about banner advertising. Be sure to do your own research before spending hard earned advertising dollars:

"Make sure the web site you're advertising on is very targeted. Run a test campaign first (about 100k impressions or less). Also make sure they have enough traffic to their site. I like to gauge how much traffic a web site gets by doing a "link:" on google. You can see how many sites link to it. I don't advertise on sites with fewer than 1,000 outside links. If this is unavailable and I've never advertised with the site, I make them do an agreement stating that they're capable of delivering x amount of unique impressions per month. Some search engines like Google AdWords  allow you to pay per click through (cost per click / CPC). These are usually expensive (a nickel up to 2 bucks per click for a targeted audience). For instance, if you have an average sales-to-hit rate (total sales / number of web hits) that is about $0.75, you're making about $0.25 per hit on average. This is a good measurement of advertising efficiency with each site. Anyway, I like to find targeted web sites and just pay by CPM (cost per thousand banner impressions, not click throughs) because I get a better deal. For instance, there's one web site that can display 800,000 banners each month. He charges me $2 CPM ($2000 for 800k impressions). I get about a 1.5% click-through rate on those 800k impressions (12,000 hits) that gets me a 0.75% sales rate (just under 100 sales each month) which is ok because my average sales per customer is $264.Then figure in that you have just acquired a new customer to market new products to - priceless. It might take awhile to get it right. Record information in your web logs.. its important to analyze where your sales are coming from." Top

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