For the new and advanced QuickBooks user learn to master QuickBooks. We have a seminar (classes) to match your experience. Our Certified QuickBooks Advisors will teach you to recognize mistakes and learn how to fix them.


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QuickBooks® Training

 Training on CD with free support  to fit your needs and schedule
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QuickBooks  training, support, and problem solving  

For the new and advanced user learn to master QuickBooks. We have a QuickBooks seminar on CD or a live seminar to match your experience and provide the QuickBooks training you need. Our Certified QuickBooks Advisors / CPAs with over 20 years accounting and software experience will teach you to recognize mistakes and learn how to fix them. You will leave our training seminar with the ability to tap into the power QuickBooks offers.
QuickBooks Seminars

New Users
6 months


1. Instructor led QuickBooks seminar training in computer lab for new users.
Get going with QuickBooks
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2. QuickBooks Training on CD with telephone support         
      For a complete list of topics cover - click to Learn more
      Learn QuickBooks throuh this comprehesive CD QuickBooks Training
   See for yourself with this excerpt from our Seminar on CD:

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Beyond the Basics


For those who understand the basics:

. QuickBooks class training for users with some usage experience

QuickBooks Training Seminar
4. QuickBooks training seminar in advanced issues.

One on One
QuickBooks Training


5. Customized one on one QuickBooks Training

Our QuickBooks training courses will supply you with the key to understanding how the software works. Learn to recognize mistakes and learn how to fix them.  Make a commitment to becoming a skilled QuickBooks user through one of our QuickBooks training seminars. Click on any QuickBooks Training Seminar link above for details and registration information.

QuickBooks Training Customized to your needs


Do you belong to an organization or other group? Organize a seminar (with 8 attendees) and receive a complimentary attendance pass.

QBalance, LLC works with local CPA firms, financial institutions, trade and business organizations to bring you training and seminars throughout the Tri State Area. NJ CPE sponsor number 1865. Call 908-638-5500 to find out how these seminars will benefit your organization
Gain the knowledge you need to manage your business, achieve better control over finances, and increase profitability. Our QuickBook training seminars are limited to no more than 15 attendees so our experts can focus on the training to match your business needs. Discover how QuickBooks will work for you.           

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