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Imagine, all your sales activities, leads and to dos stored in one place!  No longer go on "hunting expeditions" for customer information. Imagine all that should Integrate with QuickBooks, such as client Word, Excel, Pdfs, e-mail documents all stored in a directory where each client has a separate folder.  Includes a calendar for appointments and reminders. Customizable fields to store the information that you need to track.

Unfortunately, QuickBooks still is in the infancy stages of CRM! However, QuickBooks now integrates with the CRM that fortune 100 companies use! 

First, a few comments about CRM and what QuickBooks now offers: With the release of the 2012 QuickBooks edition, we begin to see the a step in the right direction, with the introduction of a new NAME list labeled LEADS. And the To Do feature has been improved, but still, the lead center and To Do's  is shared among all QuickBooks users, therefore rendering the feature useless for effective ease of use and providing the right level of reminders.

  • Pros:

    • There is now a place to enter a lead in QuickBooks

    • To Dos can be set up by type (Call, Fax, E-Mail, Meeting, Appointment) with the status of
      Active, Done or Inactive

    • You can add multiple contacts for one lead (however, this will not convert to the customer center when the lead finally makes a purchase)

    • Sort or Filter leads by Hot, Warm, Cold

  • Cons:

    • Does not have the ability to sort leads by follow up date

    • Does not have the ability to sort leads by product or service

    • Cannot see a list of to do's in the lead center window

Another improvement that may help manage leads is the fact that you can attach documents to your lists/transactions for free in version 2012 (if you store the documents on your server) At the writing of this article 2012 has not yet been released, so we are unsure if attaching documents will be available for the lead center.

However, these improvements will still not permit us to manage our sales all in one place,

Now for the really good news! Beginning with the release of 2012 Sales Force - the leading CRM in America, now integrates with QuickBooks for a reasonable fee!

Offered are 2 editions Group $28/user/month and Professional $70/per user /month

Features Group Professional
Number of users UP to 5 Unlimited
Manage accounts & contacts
Lead scoring, routing & assignment
Opportunity, task & activity tracking
Email integration (Outlook, Gmail, Lotus Notes)
Email templates & tracking
Mobile access
Product tracking  
Marketing campaigns  
Contract management  
Customizable dashboards  
Role permissions  
QuickBooks customers sync to Salesforce accounts
Configurable sync options
View QuickBooks customer details in Salesforce
open balance, sales history, credit limit2, estimates, sales orders, invoices
Create transactions in QuickBooks from Salesforce
estimates, sales orders, invoices, sales receipts
QuickBooks items sync to Salesforce Products  

To learn more: Click here for more information about  Sales Force and the integration with QuickBooks
To sign up - open QuickBooks and click on the APP button on your icon Bar

What does CRM do for you?

  • Be more organized
    View contact information, customer history, recent QuickBooks transactions, linked documents, projects, appointments and to-dos all on a single screen so its in one place and easy to find.
  • View of ALL your customer information
    Gain one-click access to both non-financial and financial data for any customer.
  • Automatically transfers changes to contact information among your most utilized applications
  • Attach files to your customer records (Attach relevant document files such as letters, faxes, e-mails, and spreadsheets to your customer records so everything you need is in one place.
  • View and track recent communications history
    Save and review all of your customer interactions from the single screen including notes, e-mails, letters, appointments, and more.
  • Customize data fields
    Create custom fields to record and track information just the way you want it.
  • Organize and sort your customer data to suit your needs
  • Organize your contacts by groups and categories, and filter and sort your contact list, to-do list, project list, or communications history.
  • Communicate with customers with one click
    Launch an Outlook e-mail or letter to a customer. The name and e-mail address are pre-filled so you dont have to enter data twice. Or set-up automated e-mail communications for thank-you notes, "keep-in-touch" messages, electronic birthday cards, and more. You specify the type and the schedule and the appropriate e-mail message will be on your screen the appropriate day. Send with just one click. The launch e-mail feature requires a MAPI compliant e-mail client.
  • Schedule appointments and link them to customers
  • Store multiple forms of contact information
    Store different addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses per contact

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