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Would you like someone looking over your shoulder to fine tune QuickBooks, explain what reports work best, point out where the mistakes are and how to correct them?
Call 800-216-0763 for a demonstration on how we can help!
Do-it-yourself 'ers look no further - we fill in the missing links that the books fail to mention!  Our services are more than a check-up, they are a jump-start on the climb to success.

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Intuit's Payroll Services  

For the desktop edition choose between:

  • Enhanced Payroll
    You print checks, you make tax payments, you print and remit completed tax forms
  • Assisted Payroll Service- Call 800-216-0763 for a price quote
        You handle the set-up and create new employees, print checks or select direct deposit,
         Intuit collects & remits taxes, creates and remits tax forms.
  • QBalance Payroll Service Call us 800-216-0763 for a price quote
      You create the paychecks from anywhere online, we do all the setup including new employees,
        we take care of tax payments and all forms, one click to import into QuickBooks.
    ,   We customize for your reporting needs. You get one of our  QuickBooks Payroll Dedicated payroll
        specialist for assistance.

Below is a sample price comparison for a bi-weekly payroll

Payroll Service Fees

# Of Employees

  1 3 5 10 15
Enhanced Payroll
without direct deposit
$12.65 $12.65 $16.50 $16.50 $16.50
QuickBooks Assisted PR
with direct deposit all employees
$36.30 $42.15 $47.95 $62.50 $77.00
QBalance Payroll & 1099
with direct deposit all employees
$31.25 $33.75 $36.25 $42.50 $48.75

Call 800-216-0763 for more information about any of these services and for a quote for the number of employees on your payroll.  We can help you make the most of whatever payroll service you prefer. 

Here at QBalance we provide:

Enhanced Payroll

Save $$
$343 your 1st year
Tax Tables
Federal & State Forms
$429 2nd year  
unlimited employees
$329 2nd yr up to 3 employees


Quickbooks Online Payroll Payroll for QuickBooks Users
Tax Tables & Forms
 $39/mo plus $1.50 per paycheck

Intuit's Payroll Services   for complete comparison between services
Choose between Assisted Payroll, Enhanced.

SAVE MONEY order from Intuit 1-800-216-0763

Direct Deposit payroll fees getting you down?  Why not generate your own Direct Deposit (NACHA) file and upload it to your banks website.  Generally, you should expect to save 70% in direct deposit fees.  Call your bank first to find out what they will charge, and then call us for more information 800-216-0763.

Self-prepared computerized payroll  can save between $900 and several thousand a year in  service fees.  Mistakes calculating and filing  payroll taxes can gobble up these savings and becomes considerably more costly.  Don't pay fines to the IRS. Get adequate training and a thorough understanding of how payroll works. We have the payroll tax experience needed to offer payroll set-up and training services. You will be sure to get a solid understanding of how payroll works so you can create accurate payroll checks and file the necessary forms 

QuickBooks recommends their payroll products for small businesses that have under 300 employees in a given year and up to 150 active employees at any one time.


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                                               for 2003 and later QuickBooks software
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QuickBooks Do-it-yourself payroll  now prints W2's on blank perforated paper.  Save money on forms.

  You now have a choice
QuickBooks editions
W2 preprinted
W2 Forms for QuickBooks
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