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How does the remote access work in QuickBooks Premier?


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Not looking for webex help?  You may have arrived here inadvertently.  Maybe you typed qb.webex.com in the SEARCH  box instead of the ADDRESS box.  Another common mistake is to begin the URL with WWW.  The website address begins with qb.  So, try again, but while you are here, browse, see all the QuickBooks help we have to offer. 
Permission Based Remote Access- available with Premier Basic
Unattended Remote Access - available with accountant basic (1 Computer)  & Platinum service (up to 5 )
How to set-up
When both CPA and Business use Webex Remote access service
Technical Support
Other remote access products:

Working With Remote Access in QuickBooks Premier:

Leave the PC on in your office with a persistent hi speed Internet connection.   QuickBooks Premier versions have an unattended remote access feature that allows you working access to the company data file from a remote PC with DSL, cable or other high speed connection. This remote access is free for the first 12 months and for a monthly fee thereafter.  For information about the security of your data, see Remote access security features. 

Once QuickBooks Premier software is installed on the computer you will be accessing,  and, you have signed up for the service, you will have the ability to remotely access from any web browser on any computer in the world (which has high speed internet connection). QuickBooks software is only necessary on the computer that you wish to access. So, while at your home, your friends home, on vacation, at the library or anywhere, you can get access to the computer with QuickBooks

Lets take an example of a 5 computer office interested in remote access. The QuickBooks remote access FREE service allows ONE of the five office computers to be accessed using the remote access service. The FREE remote service allows anyone with the passwords (there are 3) to gain a working access to your QuickBooks accounting data. 

How to do it: The computer that has QuickBooks installed must be on. But the QuickBooks software does not need to be opened (running) on the office computer. Just set a security password on the selected computer’s screensaver and no one walking by can gain access to or see sensitive company data. 

An employee, owner, or accountant in a remote location will visit  http://qb.webex.com  and enters the password to his remote access account. Next he enters the password to access the office computer and finally enters the  QuickBook company data file password.  Now he can begin to work remotely. The screen on the monitor at the office will become blank so no one can see the activity.  All of his transactions are saved on the data file that resides in the office (either on the designated computer or on the server depending on the hardware and software configuration).  Both computers (office and remote) must be  hooked up to high speed internet connection.  The FREE service limits remote printing. All print jobs are sent to the office networked printers.


You may wonder how the Remote Access knows which computer in the office to log into. Each office computer must install a WebEx download that will give that computer a unique identifier. 

Remote access - Permission based access (available with  platinum service)

An example may make it easier for you to visualize how remote access works: 

The players and their computers:
  • Linda- the CPA
  • Gene - the business owner
  • Nicole -  Gene's bookkeeper

Linda has purchased the platinum remote access service plan. She has two choices to access her client's computer. The platinum remote access service permits  both "permission based" access or "unattended remote access":

The permission based access works as follows: 

  • Linda can access Nicole's computer and work on  QuickBooks when Nicole is there to give her permission.  Linda sends Nicole an e-mail invitation to "join a remote session" from the the website, http://qb.webex.com  (this same site is accessible through the menus in QuickBooks).  Nicole must respond with her permission (webex will download a temporary access agent into Nicole's computer) then Linda will be granted remote access to QuickBooks. 

    or instead of hooking up with an e-mail,
  • Linda can click on "start a session" in the left navigation bar (after log in) which generates a session number.   She can Instruct Nicole to go to  URL: https://qb.webex.com/  click on join a session in the upper right corner and  enter the session number .  It will then take from 60 seconds to 3 minutes (webex agent is installed on Nicoles computer)  for Linda's computer to receive notification of a live  connection.  Once the connection is validated, the navigation on Linda's computer in the left margin (previously greyed out) becomes available and Linda will make a selection to request access to the Nicole's entire computer or remote access for just QuickBooks on Nicole's computer. Once Linda makes a choice, Nicole has one more step,  which is to approve the connection by clicking OK in the dialog box that will pop up.
  • Now that Linda has access to Nicole's computer, Nicole will need to find something else to do during this period Linda has access , or, she can watch what Linda is doing.  Both Linda and Nicole cannot have simultaneous control over the same computer.  Linda and Nicole can pass control of the mouse between each other and Nicole has the capability to end the remote access session at anytime.

Unattended Remote Access

The players and their computers:
  • Linda- the CPA
  • Gene - the business owner
  • Nicole -  Gene's bookkeeper

If Linda would like to have remote access to Nicole's computer during the evening or whenever Nicole is not in the office (or Nicole may want to access her computer when she wants to work from home),  Nicole can get authorization from Gene to install software "access anywhere agent" that will allow Linda access to Nicole's computer without Nicole's permission.    Nicole, can still retain control over the timing of remote access by turning on and turning off the access anywhere agent from her computer in the office. Nicole can also change the access passwords if a change in staff or consultants occurs.   Linda will telephone Nicole to make sure that Nicole's computer is left on and logged into the access agent.  

  • To set-up Nicole's computer with "unattended access anywhere agent",  Linda will install this agent the next time she is in Nicole's office.  If it is not possible for Linda to go onsite to Nicole's office, Nicole can install the "access anywhere agent" herself if given Linda's e-mail and password information.  Nicole, from her computer, will go to the website  qb.webex.com. enter Linda's email address and password. If Linda would like to keep her password confidential, Linda can change the password during Nicole's access, and then change the password back after the install is complete. From qb.webex.com Nicole will download the manual installer (access agent).  Next Nicole will be asked to click on set up computer.  The wizard (see pics below ) will take her through the rest. And Linda can now get access to Nicole's computer when Nicole is not using it.  If Linda prefers, next time she is in Nicole's office, she can perform the setup herself. 

Webex set-up
Options above are very helpful. Check "disable this computers keyboard & mouse and make this computer screen blank if you do not want anyone viewing sensitive financial data in the office when working away from the office.

Options below make increase security by limiting the remote access to only one or a few software applications.

  • Webex set-up
  • Webex set-up
  • Other alternatives for installing the "unattended access anywhere agent"
    • Download Linda's "access anywhere agent" file onto a CD, mail the CD to Nicole for installation.  OR
    • Linda can access Nicole's entire computer through 'join a session' under the permission  based access.  Once in, Linda can go onto a web browser to URL qb.webex.com and sign in, (the password will be not be visible to Nicole) and download the access anywhere agent software and complete the installation herself.

    Link to step by step Remote Access instructions

Remote access for QuickBooks Pro

QuickBooks Pro Users

Get the benefit of remote access without upgrading to QuickBooks Premier!

When both you and your accountant have a remote access account

Gene, the owner, sees the terrific benefits of Linda gets from using remote access and makes the decision to purchase the Gold Plan so that Nicole or Gene may access  Nicole's computer in the evening to review daily accounting and productivity reports within QuickBooks. 

Note:  One computer may only be installed on one webex access anywhere account. Therefore:

  • Linda must first remove Nicole's computer from Linda's account (combination of email and password) before Gene can setup Nicole's computer on the company account.  One computer cannot be registered under more than one account.
  • Linda will now need to use Gene's e-mail and password to access Nicole's computer.  Linda will also need to use https:// qb.webex.com  to start a  remote access session. Linda does not need  to download the manual installer (access anywhere agent). This agent software is the same software that is downloaded from the https//:qb.webex.com server
  • If Gene also wants his computer set up for remote access as well, he must purchase the platinum plan and follow the same setup steps.  Linda, of course will still access to Nicole's computer using Gene's webex account, but Linda only has the password to Nicole's computer, not to Gene's leaving security intact.
  • Seem a bit complicated?  Its not, it gets tricky when both the accountant and client have a webex account but technical support for remote access ( WebEx- 916-463-8207) is very good and can help you with all your questions. 

How to set-up your computer with QuickBooks remote access


Click here for: Step by step guide on set-up of QuickBooks remote access


Trouble using QuickBooks remote access?

Read more: Remote access tips

Remote access support:
By Web: https://qb.webex.com/qb/support/index.php
By Telephone :   916-463-8207

Webex remote access support  916-463-8207


QuickBooks Remote Access - Anywhere, anytime access

To getting started with remote access:  http://quickbooks.intuit.com/product/add_ons/remote_access.jsp

Remote access from any computer :
https://qb.webex.com. (Accountants edition access)  From $29.95/month
https://qb.webex.com.  (all other QuickBook Premier Editions ) 3.95/month (QB only access)

Other remote access products including how to achieve remote access with QuickBooks Pro:
       Other remote access products:

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