QuickBooks Point of Sale and QuickBooks Premier for Retailers, details about what features are available to help you make an informed buying decision.
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QuickBooks Premier for Retailers
QuickBooks Point of Sale

Detailed explanation of the differences between QuickBooks POS and QuickBooks Premier Retail Edition
products plus buy QuickBooks Point of Sale and QuickBooks Retail edition at a discount:
Purchase QuickBooks Point of  Sale and
QuickBooks Premier Edition for Retailers.
QuickBooks financial software contains the back end accounting functions needed to complete the front end point of sale for your company. It contains all the features of premier plus customized forms and features to help retailers track and report financial information.

QuickBooks Point of Sale system includes retail management software that will track all inventory, sales and customer information for your company. 

30 Days of free support with the purchase of Point of Sale. Expires 90 days after purchase.

  Quickbooks Premier Retail Edition

  Overview Tour

Comparison Chart
QuickBooks Reports
More Info

Premier Retail Edition:

  • Add customers & vendors
     Tracks sales sold "on account"

  • Track cost of goods sold and expenses

  • Pay bills & sales taxes

  • Process payroll

  • Run financial reports


QuickBooks Point of Sale will exchange data with:
Pro 2002 -2014
Premier 2002 - 2014
Enterprise 1.0-14.0
For companies utilizing QuickBooks 2002, be sure to update the software to the latest release.

QuickBooks Point of Sale 

Overview Tour
Ring up a sale faster
Customer tracking

Inventory tracking

Comparison chart

QuickBooks Point of Sale Module

  • Add customers & vendors
    Customer based pricing & discounts automatically suggested at time of sale
    Unlimited customer records, create e-mail marketing campaigns
    Instant retrieval of customer 2 year purchase history. Cashier alerted if personal cks should be avoided

  • Add & track inventory items - reminders to reorder. Reminders to print new price tags when prices have changed (not available in Basic)
    Ability to track an item purchased from multiple vendors and serial numbers (not available in POS Basic)
    Track up to 4 prices levels per item
    Sell fractional quantities (ex: 1/2 yard of material)

  • Employee commission tracking (Not available in POS Basic)

  • Order/receive merchandise
    Order documents can be deleted or archived after items are received.
    Pro level users can set Point of sale to automatically suggest a purchase order based on reorder quantities entered into the inventory record.  (not available in Basic). PO is then automatically created with the click of a button.

  • Ring up sales & collect sales tax

  • Print price tags

  • Run sales & merchandise reports

  • Customer Orders (layaways, sales orders) (not available in QuickBooks POS Basic)

  • Pro & Multistore will track a specific style which is a group of items varying only by size, color, or some other attribute. Styles can be easily viewed and processed a s a group using a size/color grid. (Not available in POS), viewed as a grid in QuickBooks, think of the attribute as a color/size combo.  Set up to 30 different variables per attribute - 2 attributes per item.  

QuickBooks Point of Sale - Pro & Multistore
Additional features:

  • Includes a price manager which conveniently changes prices. Make immediate price changes to selected merchandise at any price level, calculating the new prices by % or amt from either cost or current selling price. Copies prices from one price level to another. Changes the prices at one price level for use for a temporary event, such as a sale. Optionally round markdown prices to end in any value you prefer such as .99 cents.

  • Discount pricing on selected merchandise (for example if customer buys x quantity from a specific item or group, then discount is applied (only 
    available in POS -pro & multistore)

  • Special order items, ability to add logo to printed documents, capture shipping info and add to documents with charges and tracking information. (these features are not available in QuickBooks POS Basic)

  • E-mail purchase orders to vendors, or copies of sales orders or layaway orders to customers.

  • The pro & multi-store editions print a barcode on the sales receipts making it easy to handle returns from customers.

  • Shipping charges and tracking information - available in Pro and Multistore.
    Multi-Store Features

    Download Quickbooks Point of Sale
    whitepaper (pdf)
    to help you determine if we
    this is the right product for you.

QuickBooks Premier Retail Edition
accounting for retailers
 integrates with QuickBooks Point of Sale

  QuickBooks Point of Sale software
(QuickBooks Premier sold separately)
comparison chart of QuickBooks
Pro, Premier, Basic Point of Sale

Single User
Click on the links to buy QuickBooks
Premier Retail Edition

  Software Alone
Point of Sale
Point of Sale
Software and
Single user 380   Basic
New User
$ 1200
$ 1700

New User
$ 1780
$ 2280

3 User

  Multistore - call 866-379-6636

Multi-user (2-5 workstations in one store) must purchase a copy of the software for each workstation

What hardware is included in the QuickBooks Point of Sale Solution for Retailers?
It includes a receipt printer, bar code scanner, credit card reader and cash drawer, together with a copy of QuickBooks Point of Sale software. They're all guaranteed to work together.
More information

Three User

(single user licenses can be added for a max. of 5 users)




  Comparison Chart for QuickBooks Point of Sale Features:

Manage Inventory Automatically

Pro Multi-Store
Track inventory accurately and effortlessly
Manage vendors
Email purchase orders
Conduct quick physical inventories with the portable terminal1
Track item costs to three decimal places
Create special orders for items not tracked in inventory  
Generate purchase orders automatically at pre-set inventory levels  
Add non-inventory items to sales receipts  
Track multiple vendors and UPC codes per item  
Track inventory assemblies (kits) and items sold as groups  
Track serial numbers  
Track layaways  
Track sales orders  
Display styles and colors in grid format   

Ring Up Sales Quickly and Easily

Pro Multi-Store  
Ring up sales by scanning bar codes
Process credit card and debit card transactions in one step2
Choose from multiple form and receipt options
Get sales reports with one click
Track work orders  
Track employee sales commissions  
Add shipping charges to receipts  
Price items the way wanted, with more flexible pricing options  

Stay Close to Customers

Pro Multi-Store
Customer info and purchase tracking
See purchasing histories as sales are rung up
Capture mailing and email addresses
Capture "ship-to" addresses  
Create mailing lists and labels , e-mail customer orders  

Get Started Quickly

Pro Multi-Store
Answer a few simple questions to start
Import items and customers from Microsoft® Excel3
Learn by example with the Practice File
View built-in tutorials for common tasks
Install up to 5 copies in one store4  
30-days of included Support6  

Control Security

Pro Multi-Store
Track petty cash payouts
Control access to administrative features by password

Works Alone or with QuickBooks Financial Software

Pro Multi-Store  
Transfer data from Point of Sale to QuickBooks Financial Software in one step5
Enjoy a complete, end-to-end business management solution

Manage up to 10 Stores from a Single Office

Pro Multi-Store
Consolidate multi-store data into one file     
Generate performance and inventory reports for individual stores and the company    
Track inventory transfers between stores     
  1Requires optional Portable Data Terminal, sold separately and subject to availability.
2Fees apply. Application, approval and service fees apply.
3Requires Microsoft Excel 2003 or later sold separately.
4Supports Windows Server 2003 client-server networks In either a multi-user or multi-store installation, all installations must run the same version of Point of Sale  and the same level Pro), and each copy must be purchased separately.
5Works with any QuickBooks: Pro or Premier Editions (2009 and up ) or QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, sold separately.
6Thirty consecutive days of Support included upon registration. Offer valid within 90 days of purchase.


Typical Hardware configuration for QuickBooks Point of Sale:

Typical Retail POS
One workstation is designated the Server workstation and stores your data and POS software.
A dedicated network server for the company data IS NOT recommended as significant slow-downs in performance
may result when the data is not on the same workstation as the application. QuickBooks Pro or Premier
can be located on any computer in the network but requires Remote data sharing applications that come
with QuickBooks POS to be installed on the POS server workstation - a configuration which requires more technical expertise to set up and operate.

QuickBooks Point of sale integrates with QuickBooks Premier
QuickBooks POS walks you through the end of the day procedures to update the accounting end in QuickBooks Premier

Data is posted from QuickBooks point of Sale into QuickBooks Premier Retailers edition on a consolidated or detailed format-you choose.

Must use Quickbooks financial software if retailer wants to offer customer charge accounts. In QuickBooks Premier retail edition, a customer account can be set with an account limit and open balance information is maintained. Account limits and balance information is communicated to Point of sale module for the use at the store location.

Quickbooks Point of Sale & QuickBooks Retailers Edition

Benefits of using QuickBooks Point of sale:

  • Merchandise is categorized by department
  • Item descriptions are recorded several ways making it easy to identify, search and list on sales documents and receiving documents.
  • Item costs, sales price, and profit margins are maintained.
  • On hand quantities are tracked
  • Reorder points are assigned to trigger timely replenishment
Inventory Management, Sales Reports, and Point of sale hardware are what makes QuickBooks point of sale a perfect add-on to your back end accounting offered in QuickBooks Premier (bill paying, payroll, financial reports  -P&L and Balance sheet)
Sales receipts subtract from inventory quantities
Return Receipts add to inventory quantities
Paid out receipts track changes to cash drawer
Receiving vouchers add to inventory and cost & average cost are updated.
Return vouchers reduce inventory
Transfers of inventory between stores is supported in Multi-store edition.
Customer payment by cash, check, credit card, gift certificate, and store credit charges are supported.

For single location retailers, on-hand inventory quantities are updated in real time as well as costs (see how multi-store edition below processes inventory) as retail activities including receiving and selling merchandise are recorded.

As Merchandise is received QuickBooks automatically updates two costs values. Order cost is the last cost you paid to your vendor, and is the suggested  price to pay on a future purchase order, and Cost is the system calculated average cost of all units currently on hand.


Only some of the useful reports in QuickBooks Point of sale are displayed here (all have been modified to show a snapshot of the information available):

Reorder Point Report: Filter the report to show only items that have an on hand Qty of 0 or 1 to find the most critical reorder items:
Item appears on the reorder report when qty on hand reaches a defined level that is established by you in the item record.

Sales reports filtered for a time frame can help you to set reorder points

Inventory reports help manage your business
QuickBooks Point of Sale inventory reports can be filtered to include certain criteria, such as specific departments or merchandise supplied from certain vendors.

Sales Associate Performance
report shows productivity by employee with commissions
Easily identify your top performers in QuickBooks POS|

Sales reports help track layaways and sales orders
Customer orders (layaways, sales orders, work orders) is a feature not
available in QuickBooks Basic POS
Sales order and layaway reports by item or by customer help determine stock levels and show value of unfulfilled sales

End of Day reports:
                        <p> </td>
                  <h2><font face=Sales
Once completed, transaction documents cannot be edited or deleted (maintains accountability). Non transaction documents can be edited which include purchase orders and sales orders.

Point of sales reports help you identify what is selling

Managing sales helps drive more business to your business, Buy QuickBooks Point of Sale

QuickBooks point of sale allows you to define your departments and vendors which will provide meaningful reports giving you the information you need. Inventory, sales and other reports can be grouped, sorted and filtered by these classifiers.

QuickBooks Point of sale is simple to use and
                  provides information you need.

Very flexible reporting makes QuickBooks Point of Sale an ideal choice


Other Reports:

Many reports available to help manage your business

Manage Pricing by assigning items to a department with recommended margins & markups or enter on a per item basis. Inventory
attributes are considerable as you can see in the screenshot below. What is missing is the ability to track physical location of an inventory such as a  bin location, row number or bay number.  QuickBooks POS will track up to 4 price levels per inventory item.
Attributes of inventory in QuickBooks Point of Sale

    Quickbooks point of sale allows up to 4 price levels

QuickBooks Point of Sale permits customizing of sales receipts

QuickBooks Point of Sale Multiple Store Description:

  • All stores (up to 10 stores can be maintained) share one item list, inventory is maintained at headquarters,  stores create transactions that when sent to headquarters will update inventory quantities. Headquarters sends updated inventories back to store location with each "store exchange". Centralized purchasing,  Inter-store transfers, sharing information between stores (such as inventory corporate wide in stock). 
  • Item quantities are tracked by store location, each store can see the item quantity at their store and other storesQuickBooksPOS







  • Limits certain changes /transactions in the software to Headquarters personnel such as:
    • additions or editing of products/services (remote stores can view this information but cannot add or edit inventory but can enter special orders that can later be changed into inventory items at headquarters (if desired). When headquarters adds new items or changes item pricing, these show up on the new item and price change reminder screen at the remote stores. It alerts remote stores that new merchandise will be coming. Remote stores can adjust the quantity of inventory on hand.
    • set-up preferences
    • defining or adjusting item costs and price levels
      Remote stores can choose their default price level and give price discounts at time of sale.
    • Purchase orders can only be generated by headquarters
  • Headquarters generates PO, sends PO to stores, Stores generate received voucher which is exchanged with headquarters and headquarters updates inventory status which is sent back to the stores.
  • Each store maintains its own sales orders and layaways. These transactions are not exchanged with headquarters. Deposits on these transactions will transfer to headquarters.
    Inventory is maintained at headquarters see how and when information transfers in the
    diagram below:

    Each store runs their own end of day procedure including sending its own CC transactions.  Stores send daily records to headquarters, and headquarters is responsible for sending information to QuickBooks Financial.

    How headquarters controls the flow of information in QuickBooks Point of sale for increased security between locations

    The exchange of information is routinely done at the end of each business day.  Exchanges can be automatically set as part of the "end of day" process or can be manually initiated. The exchange process is initiated from within the Point of Sale server workstation.  The financial company file (QuickBooks Premier Retail edition) cannot be viewed or accessed by the employee during the exchange of data. Data is exchanged between stores depends upon the technology available at each location, options are: Desktop e-mail, Network file transfer, Web-based e-mail, Removable media. Only data that is new or updated since the last exchange is sent, in the event that a daily activity file is lost or damaged, QuickBooks point of sale has an automatic recovery mechanism that resends the data. QuickBooks point of sale will track missing or lost data and continues to resend until the receiving store/headquarters confirms its receipt.

 Point of sale provides reports on a per store basis and QuickBooks Premier reports on an entity wide level.

QuickBooks Point of Sale integrates with Quickbooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise editions.

QuickBooks Point of Sale - click for a few notes of key information that our certified advisor likes to keep handy and so will you.


. Hardware that comes with Point of sale:
Ring up sales accurately & easily by scanning price tag. QuickBooks Point of Sale will print scannable labels for each piece you carry in inventory.  Advantages: Accurate pricing & inventory tracking
Scanner stand included
Receipt printer: Prints a sales receipt and Prints duplicate credit card slips. Operates quickly. QuickBooks Point of Sale Credit card reader easily process credit card payments for sales transactions. Eliminates the need for a standalone terminal QuickBooks Point of Sale Cash Drawer opens when a sale is completed. Sturdy, full-size construction Lockable for extra security
Equipment Sold Separately Equipment needed for additional workstations (register)
Pole Display $229.46
Displays the price rung up to the customer
Tag printer $314.46
Not required - can use regular printer, but tag printer is 
   handier when printing less than a full page of labels at one   

Physical Inventory Scanner $611.96
  Scans inventory anywhere (wireless), Return to cradle to
  automatically update POS inventory records

PIN Pad $144.46
Enables customers to pay with debit cards
PIN Pad & Credit Card Swipe  $246.46
Receipt Printer w/ cable $297.46
Bar code scanner $254.96
Credit card swipe $76.46
Cash Drawer     $127.46
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