QuickBooks new file start services.  We create a new smaller QuickBooks file with accurate balances and YTD transactions.  Carve out specific data to new QuickBooks file or combine files into one database.  Shrinking QuickBooks files is our specialty!

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QuickBooks New File Start Services

When do you know you need to start a new QuickBooks file?:
  1. There comes the day when you have pushed your QuickBooks file too far:
  • QuickBooks file is moving at a snail's pace just as you are coming up to or in the midst of your busy season; or
  • QuickBooks is experiencing corrupt transactions on a regular basis and rebuilding data files is becoming disruptive to your business; or
  • QuickBooks file is getting bigger everyday and you have heard from Intuit that to stave off problems you should start a new data file (similar to the reason why most of us go out and buy a new car after several episodes with the repair shop).
  There comes the day when you
                      cannot use the old QuickBooks file anylonger and a new file is necessary  

   2. Business is doing well and you want to break off a division and make it a separate business entity with it is own tax ID

   3. You have investors or government agencies looking for a specific year(s) of data and you prefer not to give them more than
       they ask for.
Starting a new QuickBooks file yourself could take months or more of your time. Remember, you need beginning balances to checking, accounts receivable and accounts payable, templates for invoices, estimates, purchase orders and sales orders,  your customer vendor and item lists, plus you want all your transactions and your want the invoices and bills linked to any payments made or received. Sure, you can do it, over month(s) of time, but most likely you will end up asking for help from a trusted advisor to help you overcome accounting and technology obstacles, making this task about as appealing as doing a consolidated corporate tax return with 5 entities and 10 states.  It simply is not a good idea to go it alone.  You would be surprised at how QuickBooks users have found creative accounting ways to PLUG UP problems, making new file starts a skill that requires excellent accounting and software knowledge along with lots of experience starting new data files. We have Advanced QuickBooks Advisors certified in all versions of QuickBooks, willing to work on weekends to make this as painless a process as possible for you.  Who in addition to the fact they are technology wizards, there are CPAs overseeing the entire process, making sure that when you get the file back, it will be ready for everyone to login and get started with their day. Call us at 800-216-0763 to speak candidly with our experts about what is involved and what you can expect so you can make the right decision for you.
When is the best time to start a new QuickBooks file?
At the start of your tax year makes the most sense, as there are fewer transactions to transfer, taking less time and therefore, the services become more affordable.   Generally, anytime in the first month of your tax year would be a good time to consider taking the plunge.  However, it is a good idea to make a new file start reservation now, if your tax year starts in January.   QuickBooks is a mature software with over twenty million users. Each year, more become concerned about the size and speed of their data file and it becomes a very popular service at this time of year.   Not every business has the luxury of waiting until their new year to start a new QuickBooks file, so call us to find out more about how we can help. 800-216-0763
What can you expect from your new QuickBooks file?
If you plan on upgrading to QuickBooks 2016, then you have lots of options at a lower cost.  That edition includes a utility that will assist us in condensing your file, while leaving detailed transactions in place for comparative reporting.  With all editions your new file will include your customers, vendors, items, classes, accounts, templates. A general ledger that matches your old QuickBooks files, all transactions from the point in time you specify along with beginning balances as per that point. As soon as you open your QuickBooks file, you should be able to start entering new transactions and will be able to access old transactions. The file will have a slightly different name so you can refer to the old QuickBooks data file for transactions that you do not want transferred to the new file. Our QuickBooks transfer specialists will review with you before we begin, based on your industry and how you use QuickBooks, the details of our QuickBooks new file start services. Call 800-216-0763
What is the next step?
We are happy to speak to you about the entire process of starting a new QuickBooks file.  Whether you are the controller, owner, IT Guy, or bookkeeper, you will want to learn more about us and our QuickBooks data transfer process and what steps we take to ensure that your information is securely and accurately transferred into your new QuickBooks file.
Call 800-216-0763 to learn more about starting a new QuickBooks file.