QuickBooks Timer - how it works  Employees  enter time data on the QuickBooks Timer on their desktop and export the file for import into QuickBooks.

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QuickBooks Timer comes with each QuickBooks Software Disk. 

This software is a time entry tool for your employees which is imported into your QuickBooks data and keeps your employees out of your QuickBooks Data file.

To install the timer, load the disk onto your CD drive, 
from the start menu select run
Type D:\ and then click on browse   (your CD drive may be assigned a different letter)
Double click on the QBTimer folder
Double click on the install.exe file


As you can see from the picture the person responsible for the books will need to
export the customer and item list file out weekly with the updates, the employee needs to import the lists, enter his/her time data to the new jobs,  export the time to a file,  email the file to the bookkeeper,  then the bookkeeper must import the time.

The few companies that we have seen go this route found it to be cumbersome and error prone (duplicate customer names, items set-up, etc). It is possible to set up guidelines for your employees to follow to avoid such problems, but using the timer is not a perfect solution.   If QuickBooks bookkeeping and reports analysis is done by a single person but you would like the employee's to be responsible for their time, you might try the single user version,  have the QuickBooks file residing on the server and have the employees log into QuickBooks, enter time, and exit immediately. There is  a 3rd party add on that will close QuickBooks automatically www.autocloseidle.com for $200 to avoid the problem of someone working in QuickBooks, getting sidetracked, which blocks the next person from using the single user version software.

Another alternative is purchasing QuickBooks Enterprise Solution is available from 5-20 simultaneous users starting at $2,550. Provides the convenience of having everyone log time into the QuickBooks timesheet without exporting and importing data. Call and speak to one of our Certified QuickBooks Advisors for more information.

You will need to check the licensing agreement to determine the legality of loading QuickBooks on more than one computer to access one QuickBooks company file,  one user at a time.  For those concerned about site licenses problems, try working with RealVNC, a freeware software that will permit remote access.  Set up one computer as the computer to install QuickBooks software.  Have the employees access that computer remotely from their desktop to enter time data.  You can limit your employees to only have access to the timesheet in QuickBooks without giving them access to the books and records from the company menu (set-up users).

If you prefer a hassle free environment, purchase the Multi User version to minimize  problems. It allows for up to 5 users on the system at any one time. Or consider QuickBooks Enterprise which allows up to 30 users in the system at one time

Alternate time entry can be achieved using third party timekeeping systems. One that is particularly inexpensive, easy to use, and the developer is very helpful is www.timersolutions.com

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