Modifying Purchase Orders in QuickBooks to display telephone number and contact information
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Adding the vendor information to the QuickBooks purchase order

Within the vendor file, the phone number and contact information can not be pointed to a purchase order for printing.  To work around this shortcoming  use 2 of the 7 available custom fields for vendors.  Custom fields may be included on your purchase order.

Several steps will be needed (Must be in single user mode)

  1. To define two fields as a telephone and contact field to the vendors names
    1. Lists
    2. Vendor List
    3. Edit any vendor (control + E)
    4. Select the additional information tab
    5. Click on define fields
    6. Type in one label field 'vendor telephone' and another 'vendor contact'
    7. Place a checkmark under the vendor column for each label and place a check for each label  under the vendor column
    8. Click OK to close the window
    9. For this vendor enter the contact information in the two new fields you created
    10. Click  OK to return to the vendor list.
    11. Continue editing each vendor file, or choose to update the vendor file (on the fly)  the next time you create a purchase order
  2. Modify the purchase order form to include these additional fields
    1. Lists
    2. Templates
    3. Highlight the template you currently use for POs
    4. You may edit your existing purchase order but we recommend duplicating your template in case a mistake is made and you need to begin again. To duplicate a  form  this template use template menu at the bottom of the window
    5. Highlight and edit the duplicated template (control + E) 
    6. Change the template name
    7. Click on the fields tab
    8. Place a check mark in the screen and print columns next to the two new fields
    9. If necessary click on layout designer to move the fields to a more desirable location on the form.
  3. The phone and contact information that exist in the newly created fields in the vendor file will automatically show up on the purchase order.  You may update the vendor file with this information by completing and saving the purchase order. You may also opt to change the contact name and phone number on each Purchase Order and not update the permanent vendor file.

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