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Error Messages and Problems

Have a corrupt QuickBooks Data file? In most cases it can be fixed, about your problem and we will recommend how and where you can go to get your QuickBooks data repaired at a reasonable price. 

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My QuickBooks file has generated an error message, what does it mean? Intuit provides a "knowledgebase" as your first free attempt at solving a technical issue. Click here for a  site that lists many error codes that occur  within QuickBooks and describes what needs to be done to correct the problem.  Be sure to return to us, we not only share with you QuickBooks solutions, we offer links to third party software that work seamlessly with QuickBooks and save you effort. Also, browse our " smart stops on the web page "for information that should be at every small business owners fingertips. Top
The Admin password has been forgotten Intuit will remove the password for about $65 and 1 week turn around time or $150 for 24 hour turnaround.  Or you can purchase a third party software package to remove the current password. See our third party software page for more information  For the greatest security,  remember to have your employees change passwords regularly.  See more about password set-up and deleting users . Top
C=342 One possible cause is if the user's computer operating system is Microsoft® Windows XP, and the QuickBooks shortcut or executable file (the file that is used to start an application) is set to Windows compatibility mode for Microsoft Windows® 95, Windows® 98, or Windows® Millennium Edition (ME).

To fix this problem:
>Right-click the QuickBooks program icon on your Microsoft Windows Desktop, and then choose Properties. (Or, click the Microsoft Windows Start button, choose Programs, then right-click the QuickBooks shortcut, and then choose Properties.)
>Click the Compatibility tab.
>Clear the checkmark from the Run in compatibility mode option.
>Click OK.
You should now be able to run QuickBooks without receiving the error message.

If you are able to start QuickBooks and the C=342 error occurs only in one company data file (test by attempting to open the sample company that comes with QuickBooks), you may have data damage in that file. If you do not have a working backup file to restore, do not exasperate the problem further by clicking on the file repeatedly, damaged files can be repaired in most cases!   about QuickBooks Data File Recovery Repair  or call 800-216-0763 and we will have experts in QuickBooks file recovery contact you.  

 Remote access
Technical support for remote access ( WebEx 1-866-229-3239) is very good.
  • We have found that removing the computer and re-setting up the computer solves a litany of problems. 
  • Also, uninstalling the webex access anywhere agent and visiting the website  (or for Premier accountants editions) and downloading the agent again  takes a few minutes longer (have the passwords available to the account and to the computer). This will require you to add the remote computers to your list again.

Click here for more information on how remote access works

8 reasons to use our QuickBooks Help
Remote access Having difficulties with a webex remote access session?  Here is the technical support phone number 866-299-3239.  Interested in more information about how Webex remote access works with QuickBooks- Click here
Resort Lists Customers/Vendors seem out of order or missing from the list? First go to the customer, vendor, item, other name, chart of accounts resort each list independently (be sure to click "show all names" before resorting. (Resort can be found under the edit menu in versions 05 and under the View menu in versions 2006 and later). Next Open a check, click in pay to the order of field, Control + L
and from the account menu, select resort list.  Next to a verify and rebuild from the file menu > utilities.  
RTP Patch Error RTPatch Error. Old file not found. However, a file of the same name was found. No update done since file contents do not match.

To Investigate::

Which file caused this error  leave the error on the screen and  look behind it to the update module to see the file listed. Find out what the size, created date, modified date and location of this file. (Write it down)

 If the filename where the error occurs is either QBInstanceFinder.dll or Addinmgr.dll, located in the c:\program files\common files\intuit\quickbooks directory, please use refer to Knowledge Base article 315678 instead of the response below.

If the filename where the error occurs ends in an OCX or EXE extension check your computer for viruses. If a virus is detected, you may need to reinstall QuickBooks again after the virus is removed. If you do not have a virus and the error message persists, please contact QuickBooks Technical Support and reference Knowledge Base article 128944.

For other files: resolve the problem as follows

Search your hard disk for the  file for the file that caused the error and rename it. (For example, rename file.dll to file.old.)  Reinstall QuickBooks over your current installation (this will not affect your company data file): (Choose Reinstall QuickBooks). When prompted, enter your original Installation Key Code. Start QuickBooks. Now update Quickbooks again. When the update has been installed, exit QuickBooks, restart your computer, and then restart QuickBooks to verify that the program is functioning normally.

QuickBooks Freezes Test another data file to see if the same problem occurs (use a sample company data),  if not there is probably some corruption in that file. Sometimes the rebuild doesn't fix the file. While in the problem company file, open  the QBWin.log to see  what is going on in that file.  To access that file press
Ctrl + 1 key for the product information screen. From within this window  press Ctrl + 2 for the tech help window. Click on the open file tab, highlight the QBWin.log and click on open. Scroll to the bottom of the file for information about the problem that is occurring.

 Restoring a recent backup is the easiest way to solve the problem. Before you do so, move the current working copy to a different folder.  Then you can access both the damaged file and the restored file to determine what transactions may need to be reentered.

If the restored file lacks a significant number of transactions, consider purchasing a 3rd party utility that will make it possible to download the missing activity from the damaged file and import into the restored file.


We have heard that the following might be a possible solution.  If it is successful, please .  
Even after rebooting the dreaded hour glass pops up when you try to access an activity; first try resorting all the choices under the list menu. Next create an .iif file selecting all choices for export. Export then reimport the *.iif file.  Then verify and rebuild.


Try disabling your antivirus software       Top

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