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Add your favorite screen to the Icon Bar: 1. Open the screen that you would like added to the Icon Bar.
2. Click on the View menu.
3. Select Add " name of screen" to Icon Bar. Choose an icon and type in a name for the icon. Top
New and trial QuickBooks software come with limited number of uses at which time you must register.  Registration for QuickBooks 2014- 2016 is automatic if you have online access.
Changing Account Colors:, If your company is using more than one checking account, change the background color for easy identification of which account you are using. Open the register for any checking account. Click on the Edit Menu and select "Change Account Color". Select one of the preset colors and click OK, or, click "Define Custom Colors" to create your own. Top
To Do Notes I've never been a fan of the reminders feature within QuickBooks except for the To Do notes. 

To have your to do notes display each morning when you open QuickBooks, From the Edit menu>preferences>

  • company preference tab>click on reminders (left bar) > click on "don't remind me" for all
    (unless you use it) except "to do notes"  (click on "show list")
  • my preference tab> click on show reminders when opening a company file

To enter a new to do:  From the company menu > To do list > Ctrl + N or  use the menu options. 

Each morning you may want to print the to do list.  From the Company menu>to do list>from the
"to do menu button" click on print report.  To print a single to do,  highlight  the to do and from the
"to do menu button", click print note.

Be sure to make inactive all completed "to dos" or your list becomes unwieldy.
From the company menu> To do list>Highlight the to do>Ctrl + E to edit. Top

User permissions and passwords We have provided a FREE QuickBooks password checklist to ensure all those with access to QuickBooks have user rights only for those tasks and reports needed to get the job done.  Excellent internal control procedure.  Be sure your employees change their password regularly to maintain the greatest security.  Change passwords every month. Its a nuisance, but convenience and security don't always go together.  Make the password harder to guess by adding punctuation or numbers as in left*foot or yo55ur5n55ame Combine the first letters of a common phrase to make your password. For example, you might take the phrase "I wish I could remember my password." and turn it into the password "iwicrmp".

It's not as convenient, but convenience and security don't always go together You need Adobe
Acrobat Reader software view and download this document.  If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed, click here to access the software from Adobe. 

To create passwords go to "Set up passwords" which can be found under the Company file menu.  
The administrator has complete access to the entire QuickBooks program and sets up the security access for the rest of the staff.  One  individual is named as administrator (business owner or
controller is an ideal choice).  Upon setting up the administrator's password be sure to provide the password to your CPA for safekeeping.  A forgotten administrator's password makes the QuickBooks
file inaccessible (very costly to have removed by Intuit).  However, it is easy to fix when an employee (not admin) has forgotten  his user password. To remedy, delete the user name and set up a new
user (Company Menu > Set up Users > Delete User). Remind staff of the importance of keeping passwords to themselves. While users (other than the administrator) may not change the security access levels, they may change their own password.

Restricting access to QuickBooks data As you will see when you complete the permissions and passwords checklist, (see above) you may
be unhappy with the access you need to give an employee to perform his/her job efficiently.    When
you permit an employee  access to a report in QuickBooks you must also permit access to other reports that you would prefer that they not see.   What are your options?  Find the link under permissions and passwords to a new Add ON software that will allow you pull selected data  into a second software  package and write just those reports you want your employee to have access to.  
First time installing QuickBooks? Free Installation Support / 888-320-7276
Free telephone support for first-time installation of QuickBooks is available weekdays from
6 A.M. to 6 P.M., Pacific    Top
Chart of accounts For a sample generic QuickBooks Chart of Accounts, click here

Starter chart of accounts for Contractors-
view this pdf file  (requires Adobe Reader Download now) Not interested in retyping all these accounts? To download the file right-click on the link and use the Save Target As... QuickBooks_Contractor_Chart_of_accounts.IIF file for import into QuickBooks (if a new browser pops up with lots of gobbledygook - it means you did not right click on the link - try again- RIGHT CLICK.  Backup your file before importing.
To import go to QuickBooks>File Menu>Utilities>Import- Choose the directory in which you've stored  the  QuickBooks_Contractor_Chart_of_accounts.IIF. file.   Importing will add to your existing chart of accounts.  It will not replace them.
Free Downloadable forms templates from QuickBooks Quickbooks.com  template gallery has over 160 forms to choose from.
The newer versions of QuickBooks permit download and import of form styles.

Click on Quickbooks.com to arrive at the forms gallery.

Find the form you prefer, click on the download button, download to a location on your computer that
is easily found.

Import into QuickBooks. From the List Menu > Templates > click on templates again (lower left of window) > Import

The window the opens after import is the "customize form" window within Quickbooks. It is here that
you can make changes to fonts, change title names, change column names, change width and length of columns, add fields, etc. Make desired changes then click OK. Return to this "customize form
" window at any time to make additional changes
from the List Menu > Templates >  Highlight the form you wish to edit  > Click on templates again
(lower left of window) > Edit.

Don't be afraid to make changes, you can always download it again and save under a new name. To delete any form you created and customized: Go to Lists > Templates > highlight a form > press
control + D to delete.

There are several 'standard' templates that comes with QuickBooks that cannot be deleted.
IIF Files You can import any transaction into QuickBooks from another software package using an .iif file.
An .iif is basically a tab-delimited txt file with an  iif file extension.  QuickBooks,com  provides
Sample iif files.
You can open the sample iif file in Excel. You need to map your exported txt data to the format in the sample file.

Importing just got simpler! QuickBooks Pro and Premier makes the job easier
by allowing an import directly from excel by assigning each excel column to a QuickBooks field such
as customer name, address, phone number, price Map the columns to the right fields and save the mapping as a template for future imports! 
Click here to upgrade for as low as $199.00.

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