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Using QuickBooks

The journey to becoming an expert in using QuickBooks can be shortened by investing a small amount in QuickBooks training.

Learning how to use QuickBooks can be accomplished using many methods. Each takes an investment of time, some requiring less time than others.  Most methods do have a cost but will provide a relative savings in time and reduced errors. And  we all understand how errors in bookkeeping and accounting can come at a much higher cost than any training program. 

This article reviews alternative learning methods as well as providing links throughout this website for free or low cost QuickBooks help.

QuickBooks is an intuitive based bookkeeping system.  Open any form (check, invoice, bill, etc) and understand (without any training) about 70% of all the required input fields.  The problem most of us have when beginning with QuickBooks is determining which form is appropriate for a specific transaction and where does the information land once you click on the save button.  Once a transaction is saved, determining which of the many reports will provide the information you need is another challenge. After gaining an understanding of the different basic transaction types,  learning how to deal with special transactions, how to reduce your efforts in data entry, how to make your office run more efficiently, and how to gather and extract the information that will help you make better business decisions become the next hurdle.

So where to begin? Which training methods work best?

Purchase QuickBooks software:
Sifting through the eleven different variations of the software can be a confusing task.
Our QuickBooks software site will guide you through the QuickBooks selection process (in the right margin of this webpage follow the links and if you need more information, click on the links in the right margin for more detail). In a nutshell, if QuickBooks offers a version for your industry, buy it.  The incremental cost is negligible compared to the superior help menus and the added features that come with the program. If budgets are a problem, try to squeeze out enough for QuickBooks Pro,   and install,   familiarize yourself with the menu options. Don't be afraid of clicking your way through the software to see what happens.  Go ahead and enter transactions, and if they are not right, delete them and try again. QuickBooks is so flexible that any set-up errors or data entry mistakes can be readily corrected at any time in your use of the software.  Plus QuickBooks comes with sample company files complete with at least one year of transactional data that you can play around with while you learn.

QuickBooks Books
Books are a great source of information and a great place to get a beginners overview. 

QuickBooks Seminar on CD-Rom
There is nothing like having an expert demonstrate the key elements and providing you with the tips and potential downfalls. The seminar on CD-Rom is perfect for beginners. Seeing, hearing, and then practice will help you interpret and retain the knowledge you need to become an expert at QuickBooks.  This CD-Rom set offers all three, as it includes 12 hours of training and comes with a free QuickBooks Trial CD for you to practice with.  The set is well indexed for easy review of any topic and  provides the explanations you need to understand how things work.
Start the training, and stop whenever you would like to implement what you have learned on a real QuickBooks data file.  It takes only seconds to return to where you left of

QuickBooks Seminars
Seminars are best for individuals who have worked with QuickBooks for several months and are now ready to tune up and maximize how they use the software. Get all your questions answered and learn where pitfalls can happen and how to avoid them.

One on One Training
Nothing beats personalized training.  No matter how much accounting, bookkeeping or computer knowledge you have, this type of service will increase your productivity immediately. Especially setting up beginning balances, interpreting and building reports that make sense, and getting  the coaching you need to move to the next level.  All very affordable with our internet support by CPA's and Certified Quickbooks Advisors.  Get a free sample of our support by calling 800-216-0763 and evaluate the benefits yourself.

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Using QuickBooks effectively will bring financial rewards to your business. You will reduce errors and increase the amount of information needed for smart management decisions.  Invest the time to become more that an elementary QuickBooks user through one or all of the training options available here at QBalance.com


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