W2 tax form for QuickBooks. Buy W2 forms for QuickBooks here.(W-2). How to prepare W2 form in QuickBooks. QuickBooks help support and training. Order QuickBooks tax forms.

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Buy W2 & 1099

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Buy 2017 W2 tax form for QuickBooks


QuickBooks W2
form guide

1099 Tax Form

W2 Forms for QuickBooks. IRS approved2017 W2 tax form / W3 tax form   IRS APPROVED
New Deadline: mail to SSA by 1/31/18

BIG SAVINGS on QuickBooks W2 tax forms here  
Orders under 100 forms shipped priority mail (delivers to most locations within 2-3 days). Orders over 100 forms are shipped UPS. 
Need it faster? Call in and ask about  expedited services. Shipping Information. 

We ship QuickBooks W2 orders within 24 hours of receipt.

QuickBooks W2 form

Blank W2

Fax Order Form

QuickBooks W 2 for 2017 taxes
For QuickBooks Basic and Enhanced Payroll. QuickBooks will print all fonts onto our perforated paper.  3 parts per page  perforated paper plus envelope
QuickBooks edition 2013 & later

QuickBooks Upgrade



W2 Forms for QuickBooks

Order 2017
tax form sets by fax here

Set price includes envelopes & form W3


State Requirements
# of Parts Required
Form W-2 Form 1099-Misc
AL * 6 4
AK 4 3
AR 6 3 or 4
AZ 6 4
CA 6 4
CO 6 4
CT 6 3 or 4
DC 6 4
DE * 6 4
FL 4 3
GA 6 4
HI 6 3 or 4
IA 6 3 or 4
ID 6 3 or 4
IL 6 3 or 4
IN 6 3 or 4
KS 6 4
KY * 6 3 or 4
LA 6 3 or 4
MD 6 4
ME 6 3 or 4
MA 6 3 or 4
MI * 6 4
MN 6 3 or 4
MO* 6 3 or 4
MS 6 3 or 4
MT 6 4
NC 6 3 or 4
ND 6 3 or 4
NE 6 4
NH 4 3
NJ 6 3 or 4
NM 6 3 or 4
NV 4 3
NY* 6 3 or 4
NYC* 6 3 or 4
OH * 6 3 or 4
OK 6 3 or 4
OR 6 3 or 4
PA * 6 3
RI 6 4
SC 6 4
SD 4 3
TN 4 3
TX 4 3
UT 6 3 or 4
VA 6 4
VT 6 3 or 4
WA 4 3
WI 6 4
WV 6 3
WY 4 3
* Certain cities in AL, DE, KY, MI, MO, OH, NY and PA require an 8-Part All-Purpose W-2 Form. Call your state IRS office or your tax advisor for more information.

3 or 4 - If state taxes have been withheld then a 4 part 1099 form is required.


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Easy order Fax Form

We have taken the confusion out of ordering W2 fax forms.  With only QuickBooks supplies listed, ordering is easy and error free.  or with our easy fax order form. Your order will be processed immediately. Scroll down this page for great tips on preparing accurate, error free W-2's. All orders come with a complete how-to guide to printing W2s within QuickBooks.

You now have a choice -  IRS approves both forms.

Guide to W2 tax form  for QuickBooks

Free when you purchase your W2 tax forms here

All of these W2 forms are Government approved for your payroll prepared this year (2017)
and work with any laser or ink jet printer.
Select the preprinted or the blank 3 Up or 4 Up W2s  if you have any desktop edition of QuickBooks 2014-2017 and are using Enhanced or Standard QuickBooks Payroll service.
QuickBooks Assisted Payroll users please call 800-216-0763 for information on which form to select.

To see which QuickBooks version you have,  click on the help menu (top right corner) and select About QuickBooks.

Purchase QuickBooks Preprinted W2
W2 Forms are designed to print with QuickBooks 2015, QuickBooks 2016, 2017, 2018

Purchase 3 Up
Perforated Blank Forms

QuickBooks will print the fonts from your laser or inkjet printer. Works with QuickBooks editions 
2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and QuickBooks Online Payroll
(Not for QuickBooks Assisted Payroll or Basic Payroll)
Purchase 4 Up
Perforated Blank Forms
QuickBooks will print the fonts from your laser or inkjet printer. Works with QuickBooks editions
 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
Standard & Enhanced PR
(Not for QuickBooks Assisted Payroll or Basic Payroll)

2 UP Preprinted
QuickBooks Tax Forms
Buy QuickBooks Preprinted Tax Forms for all Editions of desktop Standard and Enhanced QuickBooks payroll 2015 through 2018
Online Store
4 Part W2 Buy QuickBook W2
6 Part W2 Buy QuickBook W2
8 Part W2 Buy QuickBook W2

3 UP Perforated Blank
QuickBooks Tax Forms

 W2 Tax forms for QuickBooks version 2015 through 2018 Blank 3-UP
Online Store
Buy QuickBook W2

Link to IRS publication requiring
perforated forms
for all laser or inkjet printed W2's
4 UP Perforated Blank
QuickBooks Tax Forms

QuickBooks W2 Tax Forms for QuickBooks  2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 Editions
Online Store
Buy QuickBook W2

Link to IRS publication requiring
perforated forms
for all laser or inkjet printed W2's

W2 Kit contains:

  • W2 Set (A, B, C, D)
     With 6 Part - Plus (Copy1, Copy2)
     With 8 Part - Add'l (Copy1, Copy2)
  • Envelopes
  • 3 W3 Forms

W2 Kit contains:

  • 1 perforated W2 Sheets
    per employee with preprinted
    employee instructions.

  • Envelopes

  • W3 forms and Copy 1 are printed on Blank White Paper Stock

  • This blank form is for States that have no state or local income tax withholding.

    Acct'ing & Bookkeeping firms:
    Please telephone in your
    order if you would like to receive
    forms without employee instructions on reverse side.

W2 Kit contains:
  • 1 perforated W2 Sheet per employee with preprinted employee  instructions

  • Envelopes

  • W3 forms and Copy 1 are printed on Blank White Paper Stock

  • This form is for States that have
    a State withholding. Also good if there is local withholding.

 Fax Order Form   W2 Order Form

2017 W2 Sets How many W2 parts do I need?

Includes forms, envelopes, preprinted orders also include 3 W3 Forms
and all orders include a guide to printing W2s in QuickBooks


  Qty (number of employees) / Price


Type of Form

up to
up to
up to
up to
up to
up to
up to
up to
up to
up to
up to
up to
up to
up to
up to
up to
up to

W-2 Blank Perforated

22.99 29.99 36.99 38.99 40.99 52.99 54.99 56.99 58.99 60.99 102.99 133.99 169.99 178.99 302.99 375.99 465.99

W-2 Blank Perforated

22.99 29.99 36.99 38.99 40.99 52.99 54.99 56.99 58.99 60.99 102.99 133.99 169.99 178.99 302.99 375.99 465.99

4-part Preprinted
W2 form (s)

34.99 46.99 51.99 56.99 61.99 71.99 73.99 76.99 78.99 80.99 112.99 144.99 180.99 206.99 366.99 398.99 483.99
6-Part Preprinted
W2 form (s)
41.99 51.99 57.99 60.99 66.99 76.99 80.99 82.99 85.99 87.99 122.99 157.99 195.99 224.99 396.99 467.99 568.99
Preprinted W2 form
54.99 58.99 67.99 75.99 79.99 83.99 88.99 91.99 93.99 96.99 144.99 175.99 207.99 251.99 457.99 547.99 637.99

All Forms come with envelopes.  Preprinted Forms will also include W3 Forms
Fax Order Form for: QuickBooks W2 Tax Form



From our secured online store

Call 800-216-0763 for help determining which QuickBooks W2 tax form is correct for you.

Order your 1099s and W2s here
Receive free access to the following W2 and 1099 help
Convenient help all in one place, easy to access, easy to understand.
Below is a sampling of the W2 and 1099 information you will have access to, all in one convenient location.

Order your QuickBooks W2s today and within 24 hours receive all the information you need to get a head start on your year-end close.  Save many hours of research and printing frustrations with these concise 'how to' guides.

QuickBooks W2 Tax Forms
Help with QuickBooks W2 Tax Forms


QuickBooks 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018. NO PREPRINTED FORMS are necessary.
You now have a choice.
Blank Perforated forms or Preprinted forms. Users of QuickBooks  2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 who also subscribe to Do-It-Yourself Payroll may now print government-accepted black and white laser W2 tax form Copy A and W3 forms (prints on plain laser paper). Pre-printed red scan able W2 tax form Copy As and W3s are not required but may be preferable and will also work with QuickBooks versions 2015 through 2018.

Print employee copies on blank perforated plain paper 
(must have the QuickBooks 2015, 2016, 2017 or 2018 editions).

If you are using an older version. Maybe it is time to upgrade and save on expensive forms.


Guide to printing W2 form in QuickBooks Do-It-Yourself payroll.

Prepare and print the W2 form in QuickBooks
Click for larger image of the 2017 W2

  1. Before finalizing and mailing the 4th Quarter 941 form, print up the W2 forms and determine if the amounts agree to what you have been reporting quarterly.  Buy W2 form here and we will provide you with a checklists that will help you identify and uncover problems that may exist.

  2. Next make sure you review the W2 tax form for the right amounts in the right boxes with the right codes (if applicable). Be sure to read the instructions for the W2 form for 2017.  Click here for a sample 2017 W2 Form issued by the IRS. Receive a free how to W2 and 1099 guide for printing your 2017 tax forms with instructions on preparing QuickBooks W2 including where you can get your tax questions answered by the IRS with each order your place for W2 and 1099 tax forms.

    Review the W2s forms before printing final copies to make sure the alignment is accurate. Learn how to align preprinted W2 Forms in QuickBooks with our free W2 Guides when you purchase your QuickBooks W2 forms here.

    Our W2 guide provides useful links to websites that offer answers to frequently asked questions about preparing W2's. This is a worthwhile page to review for information you may not have been aware of including how to include third party sick pay and common questions about each of the boxes on the W2 (5 pages in all).
  3. Modify W2 form amounts as necessary.  QuickBooks permits modifying the amounts that default to the W2s. Learn how to make these adjustments and where to add or change state, federal and employee Identification numbers in QuickBooks from our free guide available when you purchase your W2 tax forms here.
  4. Print the W2 forms.  We make available a step by step printing W2 Guide in QuickBooks that includes screenshots when you purchase your forms here.
  5. Stuff envelopes.
  6. Visit our payroll tips page for more payroll tips and tricks plus a complete knowledgebase where you can get  answers to your payroll regulation questions.
  7. Our W2 instruction guide provides you will the information you need for printing W2s in QuickBooks version , 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018. When and where to file the W2 forms.

    If you have purchased your tax forms elsewhere, but would like convenient access to this valuable time saving W2 information (saving hours and hours of research and printing frustration). Simply click on "buy now" and make a credit card or PayPal payment of $4.95.  We will confirm your payment and send the information to your e-mail address within 24 hours. The tax filing information is conveniently organized in one location accessible through September 2018. (All information can be printed and stored by you for permanent reference). 

    Step 1: Fill in the e-mail address of where you would like your information sent:
    E-Mail Address
    Enter again
    E-Mail address
    Step 2:  Click on Buy Now      for PayPal payment instructions
                   Enter & Check your e-mail address before clicking Buy Now!    

     $4.95 (PayPal) for W2 and 1099 preparation Guide using QuickBooks

Fax your order for QuickBooks W2 Tax  Form

W2 forms

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Preparing W2 tax formOH DEAR -  It is almost time to print the W2 form and 1099 form.  If you understand payroll inside and out,  throughout the year a payroll service seems to be a frivolous expense. However, as January 1st rolls in and you check and recheck figures; print and verify documents; a payroll service begins to creep higher onto the priority list.  Before the busy season (tax time) is here, you may want to take a second look at the total cost of a payroll service.  Click here for  QuickBooks complete payroll services.  

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