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Is QuickBooks Premier the best choice for your business?

QuickBooks Premier includes the same comprehensive set of tools as QuickBooks Pro and adds

1. Exporting report templates
2. Creating & tracking sales orders,
3. Reports on backorder and unfilled orders)
4. Reversing journal entries
5. Building inventory assemblies (reduce and increase inventory for products assembled and sold.)
6. Remote access quickly and easily creates a business plan to help you obtain loans or financing.
7. Premier includes a sophisticated analysis tool that actually measures your financial performance against averages for your industry and make expert recommendations to help you improve it.

For a complete description of features included in QuickBooks Pro see a product comparison article at

Just leave the PC on in your office with a persistent Internet connection and with the  unattended remote access feature  you can gain working access to the company data file from a remote PC.  You will need  DSL, cable or other high speed connection on both the office and remote computers. This access is free for the first 12 months and for a fee thereafter. Read more about the remote access security features which keeps your company data safe at

As long as QuickBooks software is installed on the targeted office computer and you may gain access from any web browser on any computer connected to the web (no QuickBooks installation required).

Lets take an example of an office interested in remote access with 5 computers. The QuickBooks remote access FREE service allows one of the five office computers to be set with remote access. The FREE remote service allows working access to your accounting data.

How to do it: QuickBooks does not need to be open and running on the office computer. Just set a security password on the selected computer’s screensaver and no one walking by will have access to the computer. An employee, owner, CPA in a remote location will visit and first enters the password to remote access. Next he enters the password to access the office computer and finally enters the QuickBooks company data file password. Now he can begin to work and all of his transactions are saved on the data file that resides in the office (either on the designated computer or on the server depending on the hardware configuration). Both computers (office and remote) must be hooked up to high speed internet connection. The FREE service limits remote printing. All print jobs are sent to the office networked printers.

The premium service will allow you to use the office computer in its entirety, accessing any software program on the office computer (and any data file). Plus printing can now be directed to a local computer. With premium service transfers files between the remote and local computer- no more emailing i For security purposes you may pick and choose what software applications the individual may be permitted access to when using a remote computer. For example, you may provide access to QuickBooks and Outlook but prefer to leave Word inaccessible from remote locations.

Remote Access Platinum, has all the features of the premium Access but designed especially for accountants with multiple clients who need attended (client-authorized) access (unlimited quantity of clients permitted but only one at a time) or for a business owner who need full access to several computers remotely (up to five computers).

You may wonder how the Remote Access knows which computer in the office to log into . Each office computer must install a WebEx download that will give that computer a unique identifier.

To access the office computer from the web, to If QuickBooks is installed on the remote computer, you can access remote data from the company file menu.

For other remote access products that offer different features visit Access.

QuickBooks® Premier: Contractor Edition
For great tips on getting the most out of your Contractors edition visit

The contractor edition includes the same features as Premier plus it creates more accurate and complete estimates, with change orders. Instantly see where you are making money and where you are losing money. With customized set-up help, a custom contractor menu and navigator, and customizable forms templates, QuickBooks has made it easier to take charge of your contracting business. The contractors version contains five New Job Cost Reports:
Expenses Not Assigned to Jobs
Unpaid Bills by Job
Unpaid Job Bills by Vendor
Job Costs by Vendor
Job Costs Detail

QuickBooks Premier: Nonprofit Edition
Includes the same features as Premier

The nonprofit edition includes a specific Chart of Accounts, IRS 990 Report, Pledge and Donation Forms and Thank You Letters - and more. This version makes QuickBooks faster & easier for nonprofits. Nonprofit specific setup and new chart of accounts

1. Nonprofit specific reports

2. Nonprofit specific Navigator, Menu, icon bars and terminology

3. Nonprofit specific help

Learn more about the NonProfit Edition at

QuickBooks® Accountants edition
Is the same product as QuickBooks Premier except for the remote access features. Remote Access gives accounting professionals the ability to access and work on their clients' QuickBooks (2002 or greater) files from a remote computer with client permission. (for a fee after 12 months). Once the fee is paid the accountant can print locally and can access any file residing on the remote computer (similar to PC Anywhere) Remote access requires the client permission for each remote user session. Cable, DSL or any other hi-speed access is required by both parties.

QuickBooks®Enterprise Solutions
1. Capability for up to 30 users to work simultaneously
2. No waiting while others run reports or search for transactions
3. New inventory tools to help you easily track sales orders and back orders
4. Track more critical employee information
When you need more than the 14,500 combined customer, vendor, employee, other names OR 14,500 items in your items list (maximum 29,000).
5. Intuit's advertisement titled "how to become a business building superhero" identifies the benefits of upgrading from Pro or Premier. Its well done and if you would like to view it, visit The file is a PDF file so you must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. To download a free copy or updated version of Adobe reader

Linda Saltz is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor and QuickBooks Seminar Leader. For over 20 years she has been helping small businesses create greater efficiencies with computers and increase profitability through proper planning and interpreting results of operations. Visit to find answers and articles to QuickBooks and business questions.