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Even I, who figured out the theory of relativity…

Albert Einstein

…can use help with QuickBooks and accounting.

Help & Support

Better than on-site!


We enlighten and provide solutions

QuickBooks Support
that fills the gaps!

Would you like someone looking over your shoulder to fine-tune QuickBooks, explain what reports work best, point out where the mistakes are and how to correct them? What if this person understands taxes, payroll, and business management & can provide training, get you better organized, and offer solutions for a low price? 

Call 800-216-0763 for a demonstration on how we can help!

NUEVO – Servicio y entrenamientos en Español.  Si necesita asistencia de QuickBooks en Español llamenos al 1-800-216-0673 o a nuestro Email

QuickBooks Support By Topic

QuickBooks Tune-Up

How to maximize your chart of accounts?
Synced QuickBooks to your bank account?
Where to customize your reports?
Let us help you improve the management of information for use in making better business decisions.

QuickBooks Payroll
Installation and Training

Which payroll service is best for my needs?
How much of payroll do I want to handle?
Do I need job costing and class tracking?
We can help with decision process to see which payroll service is best and support in the installation and training of payroll in QuickBooks.

Large File Conversion

Is QuickBooks running slow?
Hogging resources?
Slowing you down?
We can help reduce your file to 20% of its original size.

QuickBooks Support Contract Options

Telephone support –  for quick how-to questions.
Annual support – 4-hour support plan up to one year

QuickBooks Training

Struggling with how to questions in QuickBooks?
Are you writing checks instead of paying bills to pay a vendor?
Are Bank reconciliations distressing you?
We train users of QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online to educate and make more efficient users time in QuickBooks.

Desktop to Online Transfer

Want to move to QuickBooks Online?
Transfer your desktop data?
Get expert advice, if QuickBooks Online is best for you and trust in us to walk you through the Online process.

Every question is a good one! 

Transactions- which type is best? Why?
I don’t know the procedure to make an adjustment?
How can I get good balances?
Where should I look to find and fix a mistake?
Set-up was not done correctly, how can I get back on track?
Is there a better way to handle……?

Our guarantee

100% money back guarantee. If we cannot solve your QuickBooks problem, we will not charge. We stand by our superior knowledge of the product and we value our reputation as an expert in the industry. After you are satisfied, help us to expand by telling a colleague. So without risk, try out our services, let your business benefit from our years of experience.

Our support is better than QuickBooks! Why? 

QuickBooks gives you basic software support. Intuit’s QuickBooks employees are trained in the software and do a good job answering stock questions.  The support is limited to the software and your specific question.  But what happens when you do not phrase your question correctly? What if the problem is both software and procedural? What if the question is an accounting or bookkeeping or tax nature rather than a software usage problem? Can a software technician understand your need for information, internal controls, beginning balance discrepancies, streamlined office systems, tax compliance, and management issues?

We respond to these primary business needs in every QuickBooks solution we provide.  And best of all, you get to speak to the same support person each time you call.  You can make appointments to solve QuickBooks problems when it is convenient to your schedule,  receive personal service – “a bit of hand-holding” until you are comfortable with your new knowledge.  We make sure your reports make sense! When they don’t, we explain why and show you how to make corrections. Intuit requires us to re-certify with each new version of QuickBooks, they release.  As CPA’s and Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors, we specialize in optimizing your set-up for easy use.  Our support helps you customize QuickBooks to collect critical production, marketing and management data you need and teach you how to interpret this information.

Learn more about how we work with you and QuickBooks

Using the internet as a tool we are able to….

    • Let you watch as we demonstrate the answer to your QuickBooks question

    • Make adjustments needed in your QuickBooks to solve problems and correct set-up flaws
    • Provide you with one on one QuickBooks training

Per usage Telephone Support Package

$35.00 covers 10 minutes expert support

Certified QuickBooks Consultants/Certified Public Accountants will provide the answers you need when you need them.

This is where to ask “how do I?” about accounting, QuickBooks or tax-related questions and we will respond with the best solution. Our fee is $35 per question. Please call 800-216-0763 and your questions are answered by Certified Public Accountants who are also Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors.

Take advantage of our “no charge policy if we cannot answer your question”. See for yourself how much you can learn in just a short a period of time from a true expert in QuickBooks and Small Business solutions.

Call 800-216-0763 to get solutions.

E-Mail us your Question
Email Us your how to question and get a speedy response within 24 hours.  Please call 800-216-0763, mention you would like to email us a question and are calling to provide credit card payment.  Please include your name, company name, address, telephone number, in the e-mail.

Annual Support Contract

4 Hours Support $520 

Get advanced level QuickBooks / Accounting / Tax support.

Good for up to one year date of purchase.

No question is too small when it is slowing down your productivity. The sooner you understand the basics, the sooner you will master the total power of QuickBooks.

 You will receive a total of 4 hours of support (each call chargeable in 5-minute increments) during a 12 month period. Work with the same Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor each call.  Most calls are answered on the spot. However, we are happy to make an appointment to meet your schedule. Evening and weekend support is available.  Try us out!  Call 800-216-0763 and speak with Linda Saltz, CPA about your current QuickBooks usage. Ask her how we can help you.  No charge for the call, you may be surprised at the level of support we provide.

Your support time could include:

  • Fix problems
  • Learn about more advanced features in QuickBooks
  • Review and correct your existing QuickBooks reports
  • Discover new ways to organize your office
  • Install better internal controls
  • Get correct opening balances into your QuickBooks

Other questions we answer cover office procedures, internal controls, tax compliance and payroll regulations.  For these type of questions, we will provide you with the answer or guide you to the best source for answers.

Our mission is to provide you with the best QuickBooks training available.  Plus, we help you find solutions to your financial reporting and office procedure needs.  With over 20 years public and private experience (CPA/Controller) and 18 years accounting software experience get the equivalent of an off-site controller at your fingertips for the price of a support plan!

Call or send us an Email. We will return your call to introduce ourselves.

An example of a support per call session:

Support questionHow do I record a prepaid deposit on a customer order? 
Our response begins withLet’s talk about your company needs:

  • How long before the order is completed and shipped?

  • What is the level of accounting knowledge of the person entering data and reviewing reports in QuickBooks?

  • Are you on the accrual or cash method of accounting for your taxes?

In our solution, we provide you with a recommendation and your options.
Once a solution is selected, we talk you through the set-up or if you have a high-speed internet connection we demonstrate on your desktop computer how to make the changes.

We don’t stop there – leaving the support session, we may suggest a follow-up meeting to review your work and make sure you understand how things work. 

An example of one way to use our annual support :

1. Remote access to the QuickBooks File with client on the phone;  Review Balance Sheet and Income Statement; make note of recommended account changes;  review the detail behind these reports searching for errors
2. Discuss solutions and demonstrate or make adjustments; make necessary journal entries to correct opening balances; remove problem entries from the A/R, A/P and P/R summary reports; clean up bank reconciliations and old amounts in the deposit window; point accounts to the correct financial reports for best management review. 
3. Provide a list of ‘clean up’ to do’s for next appointment.
4. Stop current session set-up next appointment. (We try to limit each support session to 1/2 hour to 1 hour to avoid information overload syndrome!) 
5. Once procedures and QuickBooks file are running smoothly, we recommend another quick session in 30 days to review the file.  
6. Client contacts us as needed throughout the year with “how to questions” for unusual transactions dealing with QuickBooks usage, tax or accounting questions.

So, do-it-yourself ‘ers, look no further! We will fill in that missing link!  Our services are more than a check-up, they are a jump-start on the climb to success.

Call to schedule a Free assessment on your use of QuickBooks

Do you have an ideal set-up in QuickBooks?

How do you determine if you are entering transactions most efficiently?

Is there a quicker way to obtain information?

Are your reports accurate? Do you trust them to make business decisions?

Which reports do I need to make good decisions?

Set up your professional online meeting today, with Linda Saltz, a Quickbooks Pro Advisor/CPA (with over 20 years experience).   She will connect to your QuickBooks with permission-based online technology and call you by phone.  Together, you will spend 15 to 20 minutes reviewing your company file providing you with a list of changes, when implemented, will maximize efficiency and produce better reports with QuickBooks. Valuable business advice at no cost.  To schedule call 800-216-0763 and state you want to schedule a free assessment appointment.  For your convenience, we offer several evening and Saturday appointments.

Español para QuickBooks

Si usted necesita ayuda en español para QuickBooks llame al
1-800-216-0763, nuestro representante le tomara su nombre y telefono para referirlo a nuestro representante bilingüe el cual se comunicara con usted.
 O envienos un Email con una descripcion de la ayuda para QuickBooks que necesita, su nombre y telefono.

Seremos felices de discutir su apoyo de QuickBooks y opciones de instrucción de QuickBooks

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