Why use QBalance for QuickBooks Payroll support and training?

Payroll deductions and the myriad of tax filings can be daunting.  Nevertheless, learning to do them correctly can save your business thousands of dollars each year, in outside service fees.  We can provide the assistance and training you are looking for to guide you through your payroll obligations and teach you how to complete the payroll tax returns with confidence.

Typical training for payroll includes:

  1. Set-up payroll to default to your most commonly used settings.
  2. Set-up 1-2 employees of each type of employee (hourly, salary, full-time or part-time) within your organization.
  3. Enter an employee’s year-to-date payroll.
  4. Walk you through your first payroll
  5. Create forms and procedures for the purpose of simplifying the process and will be your guide for each payroll.
  6. At quarter end,  walk you through the preparation of the 941 tax form, State forms and 940
  7. After completing the training, we are available to review your quarterly payroll tax returns.

After each step, we let you complete the remaining employees and then check back with you in order to review your work.

Our services are available nationwide using remote access technology.  We demonstrate what your next step will be – right on your desktop!