Training for QuickBooks

Training and or support for QuickBooks.

Training customized to your needs. Pick your priorities, or give us your list:

  1. Instruction on the software features optimizing company usage.
  2. Developing daily, weekly and monthly reports for tracking your business.
  3. Train the designated employee to interpret QuickBooks reports to seek out red (and green) flags.
  4. Train the designated employee on monthly procedures and the consequences of ignoring these procedures.
  5. Inform the owner of the procedures needed to safeguard company assets and train the designated employee to implement internal control procedures.
  6. Help with establishing standardized office procedures and job descriptions.
  7. Develop procedures for job costing, tracking expenses and implementing company budgets.
  8. Customizing QuickBooks to handle specialized progress billing, estimating, and labor reporting.
  9. Set-up of QuickBooks Inventory, learn the do’s and the don’ts, help to correct existing issues.
  10. Set-up online banking and train on critical procedures to safeguard company assets.
  11. Set-up for online download of credit card transactions (significantly reduces data entry).
  12. Set-up and training on QuickBooks® payroll.

No Accounting experience necessary

It’s not necessary to have bookkeeping or accounting experience if you work with one of our trainer’s.  We set up QuickBooks and provide training specifically for your business. You know your business, we just help you convert that to financial reports.  It’s our goal to make you self-sufficient in entering the data needed for tax purposes and managing your business!

Training is provided in one-hour increments, enough time get an understanding of the task at hand and actually learn it! At the end of the hour, we provide you with a list of to do’s implementing what you just learned in QuickBooks and set the next QuickBooks training date.

QuickBooks training is provided by a top QuickBooks Advisors experts in accounting, QuickBooks, and tax for your industry.

QuickBooks Desktop Training

If you are a brand new user:

On average, in 5-6 hours you will have a customized QuickBooks file and understand the basics of entering transactions, reconciling bank accounts and running basic reports.

Call 1-800-216-0763 to make your first appointment or more information.

QuickBooks Module Training

If you have been using QuickBooks for longer than six months you may need training in specific more advanced areas, such as Bank feeds, inventory tracking, monthly reporting.  Or you may have inherited a data file full of problems.  No matter what your situation is, our QuickBooks trainer’s can quickly assess the fixes needed, and provide the training needed. Training is provided in one hour sessions.

Call 1-800-216-0763 to make your first appointment or more information.

QuickBooks Online Training

Many QuickBooks online users are savvy with an iPad, cell phone, and other communication devices, and through the use of icons, they manage to connect the bank downloads and begin to accept transactions into QuickBooks.  However, after a period of time, they begin to look at reports and find that they do not make sense.  The Online bank feeds are awesome but will run “rogue” auto coding all transactions to the same account, regardless of the true purpose of the expense.

3-4 hours of training for your industry will avoid the pitfalls of automated accounting.  Learn how to correctly set up accounting rules, run reports that will confirm your data has been entered properly, and learn which QuickBooks tasks are most critical and which reports should be reviewed regularly.

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QuickBooks Enterprise Training

If you are changing to QuickBooks Enterprise from another software, you will want to learn the best practices of converting data, entering transactions, importing data, and running reports.  If you are upgrading from QuickBooks Pro or Premier, there are activities, user permissions, and inventory tricks that you should learn. Our trainers are top Enterprise experts, work with the same individual throughout your

Our trainers are top Enterprise experts.  You will work with the same individual throughout your training.  We customize training to fit your specific needs,  provided in one-hour increments, and our goal is to act as a “big sister/brother” to your staff as you learn the new features.

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