Features only found in QuickBooks® Enterprise Solutions

Up to 30 simultaneous user access with greater control over user access. Choose between 5, 10, or 30 user license. Employee Permissions (restrictions) provides for security access to employees for only those areas of QuickBooks needed to do their job.  Not available in QuickBooks Premier editions, this feature is only available in Enterprise editions makes your decision now a very easy one.

12 months of unlimited product and technical support and access to US-based product experts

A year of included product upgrades

Inventory Tracking with Multiple locations (an additional annual fee applies), Barcode scanning, track bay/bin, tracks serial numbers or lot numbers, FIFO Option.

Unlimited capacity for customer, product and vendor information (performance degradation may be experienced with over 100,000 names)

200% faster performance for multi-users with large data files 

Enhanced Access restrictions– for example, restrict individual user access to specific reports, bank accounts, lists, and activities
QuickBooks® Enterprise does a better job to help you prevent fraud from occurring in your business.  Honest employees can become dishonest when they see large bank account balances or assets that are not being guarded. If they can’t see these amounts, then your risk is greatly reduced. That is where user access permissions play a role. Segregating duties – where collusion would have to take place before fraud can occur- is also key and where QuickBooks® Enterprise can help you. For example- The employee entering bills should not be allowed to set up new vendors. This employee could create a fictitious vendor name with his/her address and enter fictitious bills for payment.  An employee applying customer payment should not also be permitted to enter credit memos, doing so could allow an employee to divert collectible funds into personal accounts.  And setting the sales preference to require QuickBooks® Enterprise to save the transaction when printing will ensure that the always-on Audit trail track changes made to that transaction which produces an Audit trail report and a Voided/Deleted transaction report. Be sure you assign a different employee to review these reports periodically for questionable transactions. In addition, to restrictions, there is a  closing date password that should be set each month after bank reconciliations are completed which prevents changes to transactions. And finally, there is the credit card protection feature – even if you do not use the Intuit merchant services account, turning on this feature requires users to have a complex password that must be changed every 90 days.

Connect multiple locations and remote workers via Remote Desktop Services (formerly Terminal Services)
  Remote Desktop Services is a Microsoft solution for companies with multiple locations who want to enable users in remote, secondary, or home offices to access software on the company server. QuickBooks Enterprise is the only QuickBooks® software designed to work on Remote Desktop Services.

Store and Use Company file on a Linux Server
Now choose Linux as your database server operating system. Store QuickBooks® data on a Linux server and access their data from QuickBooks® 

  Enterprise Solutions on their Windows desktop client. (client must be a Windows Client)

Advanced Custom Reporting Tools

  • Advanced reporting –  (New 2015 edition). This Report writer (QlikView) is embedded in your QuickBooks® data file with many enhanced reports. Build new reports from scratch or start with the reports preformatted and add your own fields.  You can add calculated columns and get variables to display what-if scenarios or commission reports. This report writer can be used to build exception reports  (helps your staff identify problems that can affect profitability, profitability reports, you have access to all the fields available in QuickBooks. When you place your order for QuickBooks Enterprise with us, we will include one free consultant’s hour which can be used to demonstrate its capabilities.  We can also create or customize the reports you are looking for using this tool. Click here for a set of notes we put together when we were first introduced to the product.  It helped us, so it could help you too! 
  • QuickBooks® Enterprise includes an ODBC driver creating the ability to create custom reports from QuickBooks® Data in Excel, Access, and Crystal Reports. Also included is the QODBC driver designed to make the process of customization easier for the non-technical person.
  • Included is Intuit Statement Writer a report writer so you can produce GAAP compliant reports, including rolling up accounts however you need to, and changing major titles and column headings, providing variances and calculated fields.
  • Consolidated reporting on multiple QuickBooks® Files (unlimited) Reports include Balance Sheet,  Profit & Loss, Statement of Cash Flows, Trial Balance, Profit and Loss by Class (NEW), and Sales by Customer Summary (NEW)
  • Download PDF Complete list of reports that can be created within QuickBooks Enterprise
  • Assign Sales reps to purchase transactions (checks, bills, credit cards).
  • Customize columns on purchase transactions  – add custom fields.
  • Both of the above will improve/enhance reporting.


Enterprise subscription-based plans (all levels) come included Advanced Reporting tool. -see advanced reporting above
Access any and all QuickBooks data without using a driver or a third party software add-on. Create the reports your business needs to make the best-informed business decisions.

Fixed asset Manager – a full-featured depreciation software integrated within QuickBooks®

Adjust inventory, delete list items and change sales tax in Multi-user mode. 

Edit Bill of Materials (Inventory Assemblies) – to swap out components for each build; Where used feature will identify where component parts are used and includes
a feature to replace a part with a new part where ever the old part was included.   Auto creates sub-assembly builds when needed for a parent assembly item. 

Free interactive training tools and more

Multi-Instance – With QuickBooks® Enterprise you can have open two company files at the same time.  While most activities can be worked on in both companies open at the same time, there are a few QuickBooks activities that require you to only have one company file open including Planning and budget tools, prepare letters with envelopes, using the collections center, customize templates, send forms, shipping manager, and payroll activities

EDI Transactions
For companies that do business with the big box stores,  True Commerce EDI Transaction Manager software is now included with Enterprise Solutions.  With this software, you can easily setup and process EDI transactions such as purchase orders and sales orders from within Enterprise Solutions.  (additional fees apply) 

More reasons how Enterprise can perform for you! 

  • NEW –  industry-standard SQL database is now the engine behind QuickBooks. Handles a much large data file size.
  • Improved Reporting Performance.
  • Data recovery for damaged files and password removal service (one that will never be needed if you maintain regular backup procedures), a $300++ value

Customizable Fields – include up to 15 custom fields with QuickBooks® Enterprise on Items (Pro/Premier limited to 5)  Plus in QuickBooks® Enterprise you can assign what type of information  can be entered into these fields (date, alpha, numeric, # decimals – etc) or provide a drop-down menu for the employee to select from.  Now when you run reports filtered on these fields you can get consistent results since employees cannot find creative ways of individualizing how they complete these fields.  For example, on items you may want to track Bin number, the serial number sold, color/size, date ordered, required date, picked by, completed by, inspected by and so on.  In addition, you can make these fields a “required field” on lists or transactions. Customization of fields is possible for customers, vendors, and employees as well. The same customization options apply but in QuickBooks® Enterprise you can have a total of 30 name custom fields with a maximum of 12 for any name list (customer, vendor, employee).  In Pro/Premier, the maximum is 7 custom fields per names list.

Full-Service Plan – Is included with all Subscription levels
Includes US-based customer support, US-based technical support, QuickBooks® Enterprise upgrades, Online Backup Service, Data Recovery Service, In-depth Online Video Training, QuickBooks Merchant Account with discounted rates.

Auto Sales Price Markup – Set a default markup percentage for each item, when the cost price changes, you can elect to automatically update the selling price by the markup. The settings include an option to always update the cost, but ask before updating the price.

Find And Select Items – added to the invoice, sales orders, and sales receipt forms. Now easily find the item without endless scrolling. This feature is not available on purchase orders or bills.

Price levels – QuickBooks® Enterprise is the only version of QuickBooks that offers the ability to create up to 750 unique price levels. 

Enhanced Inventory receiving – The item receipt and the bill are now 2 different transactions. An itemized receipt will increase inventory as of the received date but not increase A/P instead it will increase a clearing account, the bill will increase A/P based on the date you enter the bill, which will NOT  change your inventory values, instead it will post to the clearing account.  So after posting 1 item receipt and its related bill, the clearing account will be zero.  But any future changes to that item receipt or bill which is also not done to the related bill or item receipt will cause that clearing account to no longer be zero. So strict controls should be implemented to avoid this problem.  This feature is optional and will cure the problems previously incurred due to negative inventory counts or changes to when inventory quantities post.  However, this change is a global change and is irreversible.  You should test this change on a copy of your data file to see the impact on your financials before implementing this change.  This feature may cause conflicts with third-party software you are currently using. Definitely a must-have for NEW QuickBooks files and a TO BE CAREFULLY RESEARCHED with an existing QuickBooks® file.   Need help with this evaluation?  Call us 800-216-0763

Improved Multi-user Functionality – In QuickBooks® Enterprise    Multiple people can Make Deposits.  Set Closing Date and resorting lists now can be executed without being in single-user mode which is what is required in Pro or Premier editions.

Job cost reporting – ideal for contractors with large contract jobs, reports now include committed costs report and Work in Process report.


  • Included with the Platinum subscription.
  • FIFO inventory costing option
  • Multi-location inventory tracking
  • Lot number OR Serial number tracking 
  • Bay/Bin location tracking
  • Bar Code Scanning


  • Included with the Platinum subscription.
  • Set pricing your way: Customize and automate as needed.
  • Quantity Discounts
  • Manufacturer Markdowns
  • Scheduled Promotions with future start dates
  • Price changes by class