What performance measurements can you expect from QuickBooks® Enterprise Solutions?

QuickBooks Enterprise has many performance improvements over the other QuickBooks® versions.  Intuit created Enterprise knowing that the users would often have much larger accounting files from having more clients, sales, and larger organizations.

Run key reports faster than QuickBooks® Pro

(Results may vary based on configuration, size, and contents of data file, system, and network traffic)

Generate large reports or search without affecting other users

A problem that can happen using QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier with  larger multi-user company files that also are multi-user

The following reports have been tested to run 2 times faster than QuickBooks® Pro

Customer Quick Report
Vendor Quick Report
Customer Balance Detail Report
Sales By Customer Detail Report
Deposit Detail Report
Check Detail Report
Vendor Balance Detail Report

The following reports have been tested to run 1.5 times faster than QuickBooks® Pro

Job Profitability Detail Report
Profit and Loss Standard Report Balance Sheet Summary Report
View Paycheck Details

Improved audit trail performance.

The audit trail feature can be used without experiencing significant slowdowns.

Quickly search and filter customer lists.

Search and filter across a variety of fields to locate desired entries quickly.

Your accountant will need to use QuickBooks® Enterprise edition and not QuickBooks Premier edition. If you intend on upgrading, call your accountant to see if they own QuickBooks Enterprise. If not, and many CPAs do not own this edition, discuss the alternatives.

1. Use a remote access service (www.logmein.com) is free (print reports to a PDF and email final reports)
2. Have your IT person set up a user on the server using remote desktop services or terminal services
3. Send your CPA the reports he/she requests since they may be using their own write-up software.

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