Is QuickBooks​® Enterprise Solutions the right choice for your business?

For current users, here are some indications that you are ready for the enterprise edition:

• Are you experiencing inconvenience with your current version of QuickBooks®?
• Do you have to start a new data file every year?
• Do you want to limit user’s QuickBooks access to only those features necessary to perform the job?
• Do you have to delete old items to add new ones?
• In multi-user mode, does one user have to wait for another to complete their task before starting their own?
• Do certain reports take a long time to generate?
• Do you have a need for more than 5 simultaneous users?
• Do you need better simultaneous user performance?
• Is your data file growing and exceeding 100 MB?
• Do you have long customer, vendor, or item lists (more than 10,000)?
• Do you have multiple locations?
• Are you a growing business?
• Do you want your employees to do more but want to limit the amount of access?
• How many transactions are you going to have in a given year?  For file sizes over 300MB, we suggest running QuickBooks® Enterprise on a dedicated high-end server with Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (formerly Terminal Services). If your file size will exceed 1 Gig in a given year, QuickBooks® Enterprise may not be the right choice for you. 

Should you use QuickBooks® Premier or QuickBooks® Enterprise?

Possible Services/add-ons that come FREE and only available depending on the QuickBooks® Enterprise Silver, Gold or Platinum level subscription should excite you.  Effective with the 2015 version, with Full-Service Plan, Advanced Reporting, Enhanced Payroll, Advanced Inventory and Advanced Pricing included no extra charge. QuickBooks® Premier can have Enhanced payroll but is priced separately.

1. QuickBooks Enterprise is tested to be 25-50% better performing than QuickBooks Premier

2. Enterprise can restrict user access permissions (improved internal controls) and not available in Premier or Pro.  This feature alone makes Enterprise a superior product  QuickBooks® Premier and if even if your company has less than 5 users, this edition protects your companies assets, and deters fraud and promotes safeguarding of company assets.

Advanced Permissions offer a huge improvement to internal controls. 115 access rights versus 8 in QuickBooks® Premier.  Giving staff permission to access all features of QuickBooks is risky business.   Too much information provided to employees who do not need the information to do their jobs could provide fraud motivation to a disgruntled or financially distressed employee.  If a fraud can be rationalized by an employee who also has an opportunity to commit the fraud; and the employee has additional outside pressure or incentive to respond to that opportunity; and if conditions in your business are such that “getting caught” seems to be an unlikely scenario, your business is vulnerable.  

Enterprise Editions allow you to give access to just the financial information needed to do the job.  Robust permissions and access features have been added to the Enterprise suite of software. Users can now assign distinct access levels, including view-only, create, modify, delete, and print, to over 155 separate entitlements. Plus print a report of each user’s permissions for periodic review. Plus selectively assign certain rights only previously available to the admin user. And finally an “always on” delete report means that a fraudster cannot erase an audit trail.

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