What’s New in QuickBooks Enterprise?

QuickBooks Accounting Software 2018 includes all the great features of the prior editions PLUS Added – the following key features:Notable improvements found in All Editions

  • Multi-Monitor Support – Now QuickBooks have multiple windows for one QuickBooks file open in up to 3 monitors
  • Paste Due Stamp – Users have the choice to display a past due stamp on invoices
  • Search feature now found in the chart of accounts
    QuickBooks 2018 New Feature - Search Chart of accounts

  •    Easier access to selecting the report basis (cash or accrual)QuickBooks 2018 New Feature - Cash or Accrual

Notable improvements found in Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise

    • Improved Inventory reporting – now you can select which columns to display on the inventory valuation or Stock Status reports
      a. Inventory valuation
      QuickBooks 2018 New Feature - Inventory valuation report
      b. Stock status


QuickBooks 2018 New Feature - Inventory stock status report

Notable improvements found in QuickBooks Enterprise

  • Merge multiple vendors (also found in Premier accountant edition)QuickBooks 2018 New Feature - Merge multiple vendors

  • Awesome improvement in Order management – now send pick tickets to employees via ANDROID mobile device
    with KitKat 4.4.2 or greater (works with downloaded app called warehouse manager). Supercharge this process by adding wireless mobile scanning using a Motorola/Zebra MC40
    First assign the warehouse and if applicable Bin
    Next send the picklist to your employee’s android
    The employee completes the order and the PICKLIST screen now will be updated with the order status

    QuickBooks 2018 New Feature - Advanced order fulfillment

 QuickBooks Accounting Software 2017 Includes all the great features of the prior editions PLUS Added – the following key features:Time Sheets – copy and paste time sheet lines  (from Edit menu)

Improved Insights page on the Home ScreenQuickBooks 2017 new featurs

Under gear icon at top right
corner of page you can choose

what is important for you to see

New Bill Tracker – 
Makes easy work of finding and converting a purchase order to a bill and then paying that bill
4 TABS  -Purchase Order,  Unpaid Bills , Overdue Bills ,  Paid bills

QuickBooks 2016 New Feature - Billtracker

Search Purchase orders, sales order, Invoices and sales receipts for the item or description fields

This feature will be super helpful if you regularly send out invoices or enter bills with more than 5 lines of product.
How many times does a customer call and wait while you are looking for the line item in question. Or, you search through a
bill to see what the price you paid the last time you ordered it ?  (of course there always is a quick report on the item, but
many of us still use the vendor center )   This Search feature found at the top of the transaction type in a separate tab is a true
crowd pleaser. 

Finally –  the ability to filter a report on Custom Fields in item based reports – included with all versions of desktop 2016.
In the past we set up items with a Parent item designating the Product line and the children items as the the Items
we sell.   That can cause difficulty in importing or reporting.  Now we can have a custom field designating the department
or  possibly the style of the item (color, material) and we can run an item report filtered for a specific variable.

Other improvements

  • Drop Ship address will convert from sales order to a purchase order.  In Enterprise and Premier only.
    When you create a PO from a SO there is a checkbox to select which will port the ship to address from the sales order to the
    ship to address from the PO.  (First time this feature is available and a welcome improvement!)

  • Delete multiple to be sent transactions with a single click Great if you  accidentally click on the send later button
    and do not intend on emailing the transaction.

  • Continuous Fee Label printer support.  For printing to zebra compatible continuous feed printers.

  • Improved Verify data wizard.  No more hunting for the QBWIN.log.  QuickBooks will prompt you to open this file
    with one click.

  • New Macro date to choose from –  Instead of “This year to date”, you can choose This fiscal year to last mont

  • Merchant payments can now be customized to allow your customer to pay online using credit card or
    ACH or give them the choice.  
     Ach fees are $ .50  per transaction where credit card fees can be as high as
    3.5%. This feature can offer big savings in credit card fees!

  • Enterprise only Improvements

    Sort the transaction in  receive payments window by any column.   Job costing QB users will find this very hand
    when a customers is making a payments on multiple jobs.  Sort the receive payment by dollar amount due,
    by customer name (job costing), by reference number, or original amount of invoice.   Makes it much easier
    for QuickBooks  users with high volume invoicing to apply payments.

    Batch Delete or Void transactions – (also in the Accountant Premier Edition)
    Ever import those credit card or bank transactions multiple times in error?  –  You will certainly find this tool handy.

    Advanced Reporting Improvements

    Ability to create a mix of charts and detail data on one sheet
    New object added for Chart reporting of Sales Order Created vs Sales Order Shipped
    New object added for Invoiced vs Paid Transactions
    Transaction, Customer and Canonical Date Ribbons
    Help Site improvements, including template pages, user guides and training videos

QuickBooks Enterprise Version 16 has added the following features

Launch QuickBooks and new to home screen 

On the home screen, there is a second tab called the Insight tab.  This screen will give an overall view of how the company is doing.  You can customize to view Profit and Loss, Previous year income comparison, Top customer by sales and a few other views.  There is a gear icon in the top right corner of the screen where you can make your customizations.

Bill Tracker

  • New in 2016: Now you can view your Purchase Orders, Unpaid Bills, Past Due Bills and Bills paid all on one screen.
  • Convert Purchase orders to bills here, as well as copy, print, or email purchase orders.
  • Bills – can be paid, copy or printed in Bill Tracker.
  • Item receipts can be printed from here.

New Search Option

This feature can be used on all sales forms (Invoices, Receipts) and Purchase Orders.
On the menu bar of each Form (after Reports) there is a Search Option. Makes finding a particular item on form easy.

New Report Features

 A. Item Reports

Stock Status, Inventory Valuation, Shortage, Pending Builds reports – all item reports can filter for custom fields.

Another new filter for reports: This Fiscal Year-to-Last Month is a new date range for filtering reports in QuickBooks.

B. Send Forms Screen

Bulk Remove Feature – make tidy up your Send Forms screen by removing unwanted emails in a batch – no longer have to remove emails that will not be emailed from QuickBooks individually.  Saves time.

Auto Copy Ship to Addresses

When creating Purchase order – mark the Drop ship to customer box and the Ship to address will be copied over.

Sorting in Customer Payment Screen (only in Enterprise version)

Now easily search your Payment screen for a particular transaction by sorting on any column

Batch Delete/Void Transactions (only in the Accountants versions)

This new feature can be used on Invoices, Bills or Checks and allows the Accountant to group transactions to Void or Delete in a batch.

QuickBooks Enterprise Version 15 has added the following features

Advanced Reporting
Choose from commonly used reports or start from scratch to develop the report you need
Customize reports without giving up QuickBooks performance 

Search and filter the reports to meet your business needs
All data in QuickBooks is available for reports using this new tool
Is enabled in QuickBooks Enterprise 2015
Found under the Reports Menu – Click on it to install and pull data, ready to create the reports needed
Place your order for Enterprise with us and receive an hour of basic training.  If you would like help building custom reports we have hired a Qlik developer 
who will work with you to build the reports you are looking for.

Prevent sales to customers with past due balances
Overdue Customer payments- QuickBooks now gives you the option of not selling to these customers
Turn this feature on and when you try to create a sales receipt or invoice for an overdue customer – QuickBooks prevents it

Prevent Sales transactions that will create negative Inventory quantities
Turn this feature on under preferences and QuickBooks will stop you from saving an invoice or sales receipt which includes a negative item quantity
Past versions of QuickBooks would allow you to sell items even though you did not have any left in stock.

Shortage Report for Assemblies
Pull up report to find out where the shortages are

Business snapshot on homepage
Gives a glimpse of how your business is doing
Shows the Profit and Loss, Income and Expenses

Pin Important Note
Customer/Vendor Center Information page for that Customer or Vendor
Only one note can be pinned
Now make important note available, top right corner of information page 

Add Shaded Lines to your Invoice and selected reports
Shaded rows on printed documents or reports will make it easier for your customer to read. 
Can be used on screen and printed forms

Total Columns
Can now total any column on Sales Receipts, Invoices and Purchase Orders including Quantities!

Sorting Columns on Forms
Any column can be sorted on Sales Receipts, Invoices, Purchase Orders, Time Sheets
Click on the column heading and the detail lines will sort that column

Search for a transaction line
Very helpful and available on sales orders, invoices, sales receipts, estimates, item receipts, bills,  or purchase orders.
Now when your customer calls with a question, or need quick access to just that one line, no more time is wasted on
endless scrolling!

Print Footer only on the last page of Sales Forms
Makes sales forms a bit more professional looking
Turn on this feature under preferences

End a QuickBooks Session on remote computer
Admin user can now end a remote session within QuickBooks with or without saved data
If employee is away from desk, no longer necessary to find them in order to end their session

Email Multiple Reports
No more having to create pdfs of reports from QuickBooks first, to email to Accountant
Email multiple reports in one email right from QuickBooks

QuickBooks Enterprise Version 14 has added the following features


Emailing – Improved with the following features

  • Track emails sent to customers will allow users to view all transaction emails sent from QuickBooks. 
  • Send transactions and supporting attachments in one email
  • Have multiple cover e-mail letters per transaction type and select the appropriate cover at the time of email.


  • Better formatting:
    Print report window now permits printing reports to fit into XX pages wide or XX pages tall (you fill out the number of pages wide and tall)
  •  A Work in Progress report that includes a % complete, and Committed costs by Job report that includes unpaid employee hours and open purchase orders. 

Wages-hourly employees= hours spent on a job x first payroll item rate (Labor burden -taxes, ins, etc not included)
For salaried employees= yearly salary /52weeks/40 hours x hours on timesheet posted to the job. 

  • Profitability by sales rep-  Assign rep to purchase transactions
    (POs, bills, checks, credit card trx) for Profit and Loss reports by sale rep.  QuickBooks Enterprise only.
  • Add custom fields to purchase transactions (bills, credit cards and checks).  In prior editions, these could only be added to purchase orders.
    This now will enhance reporting capability. Keeping in mind that the custom fields for customers and custom fields for vendors are two different fields (even if you name them the same, they are not linked)

Data Entry

  • Copy and paste lines on forms
    Copy a specific row in a chosen transaction form and paste it at a specified row in the same form.  This will copy all elements of the line (item, Qty, description, tax, amount, etc). Works with all sales transaction types and purchase orders
  • Online Banking- much easier to BATCH Enter downloaded transactions
  • Income Tracker
    No more clicking the back arrow, no more scrolling through lists of customers, no more need to use the find window, no more need for memorized reports that list income transactions.  Now, in one place, you can Reprint, Re-email,  Create new transactions, and convert transactions. Keeps you constantly (however, if you like the way you are finding transactions now,  you can still do so!)   
  • Assembly items 
    Where used in assembly- discover which assemblies (builds) used a particular item and replace the bill of material with a new different item. This will identify the component you want to switch out with a new component part and do so in every assembly the old part was used.
  • Build nested assemblies
    Automatically create pending build assembly transactions for any assembly item used as components within an assembly, just by creating the build for the parent assembly item when there are not enough components on hand to create a build.  You can also automatically update costs of assemblies when their component costs changes. 
  • Maximum Stocking levels and Reorder Quantities
    Now new field for tracking maximum on hand quantities for each inventory item, plus the stock status report now recommends a reorder quantity.
  • Customer Bounced Checks
    When a customer’s check is returned for insufficient funds, QuickBooks now has a Record bounced check button on the receive payment window you recorded your original customer payment.  When clicked a manage bounced check window appears where you enter any bank service fees and how much of a service charge you would like to assess on your customer’s account.  This wizard will mark the original invoice as unpaid, charge your bank account with the amount of the bounced check plus any bank fees, invoice your customer for the service charge.


  • On the home page, you can customize which accounts you want to monitor balances for and remove those accounts which are not required.
  • Last years version we were introduced to the ribbon bar on transactions (Main, formatting, send/ship, reports). The ribbon bar allowed us to jump to actions that were only available by searching through the menus.  This version has added “contextual reports” on the ribbon bar, so when an invoice is open you can with one click get an open invoice report, a customer balance detail report, or average days to pay report. Similar reports are available on purchase forms.
  • QuickBooks payroll center is now  AMAZING
    What was once crammed into 1 tab, is now nicely organized and set into three separate tabs

    • Pay employees tab with the payroll schedule, a complete list of  every payroll date run and quick links and  instructions for direct deposit, paying employees and view my paycheck and payroll reports
    • Pay liability tab that includes the pay taxes liability window plus a link to all prior payroll tax payments made in the last 180 days
      that includes the date of the payment and the period that was being paid, with quick links and reports to adjusting payroll liabilities, adding or changing the frequency of payment methods

    File forms tab with a list of forms that should be filed along with the filing period and a link to all prior payroll forms created in QuickBooks along with instructions on filing W2s, E-filing and ordering forms.

QuickBooks Enterprise Version 13 has added the following features

Assign classes to accounts, items or names – If an item belongs to a specific department (class), or a vendor/customer belongs to a specific 
             department (class) or a chart of account belongs in a specific department,  this feature is guaranteed to save time and improve accuracy.

Create Purchase Orders automatically.  The Stock Status report displays Qty on hand, Qty on sales order, Qty on purchase orders, Qty on Pending Builds, the preferred vendor, and reorder point. This report will check mark those items that need to be reordered. Beginning with v 13, from this report you can click one button to open a wizard that lists all items checked for ordering.  In this wizard you select which vendor and enter a quantity to order, QuickBooks will create the purchase orders- one purchase order per vendor listed. 

Expands the number of items allowed in Lists: Occasionally 
Chart of Accounts, Classes, Customer types, Vendor types, Customer Messages and To Dos from 10,000 to 100,0000
Memorized transactions from 29,000 to 50,000
Improved display when an item’s cost has changed, QuickBooks will pop open an easy to understand window asking the user if they would like to update the item cost, update the item sales price.

Improvements to Advanced inventory
Bay/Bin location tracking
Bar Code Scanning 

A new design improves user experience (translates to greater productivity and incorporating more of the advanced functionality into your daily procedures)

QuickBooks Enterprise Version 12 has added the following features

Calendar View of transactions entered and due, along with a much improved TO DO feature.  You now have the ability to assign a date, time, customer or vendor name to the To do.

New Lead Center 
 this is the first step towards updating QuickBooks Enterprise with a CRM module.  IT is currently NOT a CRM but a great step in the right direction. It’s like CRM for beginners. Leads can be converted to customers, leads can have multiple contacts.

Improved help menu,
 will make getting answers in QuickBooks Enterprise even easier.

Improved search which will search for any customer, transaction, amount, the results pop up in a new window which includes additional filtering capabilities
making finding data so much easier in QuickBooks Enterprise.

Batch time Entry for those contractors with multiple employees working the same job (Crew time sheet entry), Time entry just got easier!

Excel integration has been improved in QuickBooks 2012 permitting the user to refresh data in an excel spreadsheet, preserving certain types of manipulations in excel. Formatting and formulas.   Elements in excel that can be changed without breaking the link to live data in QuickBooks:  Column headers (formatting and name), Row Headers (formatting and name),  inserted formulas will be preserved, the addition of new columns in between exported data set or end of exported data set.

Create a credit memo or payment from an invoice  AND  Create a Bill Payment right from the Bill
Now that will save time- one click from the invoice and the credit memo is 90% done!  

Contributed Reports– Report writing can be tricky for the novice user. Now there are at least one hundred (and growing) of report templates ready and waiting for you to download and start using. The titles are clear along with a description. Contributed reports are found under the report menu. These reports alone could save a QuickBooks user time and money! 

Memorized Transaction Improvements – Now you can select which memorized transactions you would like to enter in the enter now window and which you would like to enter later.  Also added in QuickBooks 2012- a frequency of every two months.

Attached Documents to QuickBooks lists and transactions is not new. However, it is now FREE with QuickBooks 2012 if you save your documents on your local computer/server.  QuickBooks will keep the documents in a folder named ATTACH found in the same location you keep your QuickBooks Company files.  There are NO user rights assigned to these documents so your staff will be able to open the saved documents without having access to QuickBooks.  Plus you will need to backup this folder yourself!  It is not part of the QuickBooks Backup.

Improved Company file condense– QuickBooks 2012 is better at shrinking company files. There is now an added option to remove inventory transactions. It replaces inventory transactions with an inventory adjustment. In addition, you can remove all estimates, sales orders, purchase orders and pending invoices.

USPS adding to shipping manager

New Transaction tab – now includes a transaction tab on transactions – view linked transactions and summary data in the same window.

No Company File Open –   Now includes an edit list option to remove files you no longer need to access on a regular basis

New inventory center with adding an image- View in one window Qty on hand, qty on sales orders, Qty on purchase orders, qty reserved for assemblies, and Qty available.  Easily open a PO or Sales order for the item being viewed.  In QuickBooks 2012 you can filter the item list for items that have less than zero on hand, greater than zero on hand or customize the view to your needs.

Automatic price adjustments in QuickBooks Enterprise. Set a default markup percentage for each item, when the cost price changes, you can elect to automatically update the selling price by the markup. The setting includes an option to always update the cost, but ask before updating the price.

Advanced inventory users (extra fee of $699/1st year  New features in QuickBooks Enterprise 12

  • Offers a view of inventory by location in the inventory center.  
  • First in First Out inventory valuation rather than average cost is an optional choice – and select your start date
  • Multi-location inventory tracking (came out last year- however worth mentioning again!)
  • Serial number OR Lot number tracking – select which forms you want to show the Serial numbers or lot numbers
    QuickBooks can be set to warn if the serial or lot number is blank, duplicated or does not exist.

Enhanced Inventory receiving – The item receipt and the bill are now 2 different transactions. An itemized receipt will increase inventory as of the received date but not increase A/P. Instead, the item receipt will increase a QuickBooks Enterprise Chart of accounts – clearing account, when the bill is entered against the item receipt, the bill will increase A/P based on the date you enter the bill, the bill will NOT  change your inventory values, instead the bill will post to the clearing account.  So after posting 1 item receipt and its related bill, the clearing account will be zero.  But any future changes to that item receipt or bill which is also not done to the related bill or item receipt will cause that clearing account to no longer be zero. So strict controls should be implemented to avoid this problem.  This feature is optional and will cure the problems previously incurred due to negative inventory counts or changes to when inventory quantities post.  However, this change is a global change and is irreversible.  You should test this change on a copy of your data file to see the impact on your financials before implementing this change.  This feature may cause conflicts with third party software you are currently using.   Definitely a must implement for NEW QuickBooks files, and a TO BE CAREFULLY researched with an existing QuickBooks file.  Need help with this evaluation?
Call us 800-216-0763 and ask about our support options.

Find and select added to the invoice, sales orders, and sales receipt forms. Now easily find the item without endless scrolling
This feature is not available on purchase orders or bills in QuickBooks 2012.

Improved Multi-user Functionality – In QuickBooks Enterprise v12
Multiple people can Make Deposits.  Set Closing Date and resorting lists now can be executed without being in single user mode. 

QuickBooks Enterprise Version 11 has added the following features:

  • ODBC driver to create custom reports for use with ODBC applications such as excel, access, and crystal reports
  • New company snapshot- QuickBooks Enterprise now offers an overview as to the financial health of your business

  • There is also a payments view (one click access to receivables reports, graphs on payment status, AR aging, recent transactions, reminders
  • There is also a customer tab view- an awesome tool for your sales team!
    Select any customer and see for that customer
    # years as a customer, average days to pay, open balance, credit limit total sales this year and same period last year
    recent invoices and payments, 5-year graph of sales volume, and best selling items for that customer
  • New collections center – we love the select and send e-mail feature, the center lists all past due invoices
    one click and you can send all or SOME customers past due e-mails.  And even better is the
    “ALMOST DUE” window where you can send customers a reminder that certain invoices are now due for payment. 
  • New reports- Customer average days to pay, Sales by ship to address, Open Quantities and Open balances correctly
    reflected on Sales orders and Purchase order reports,  Consolidation reports now include Profit & Loss by Class and Sales
    by customer summary
  • Inventory by location with reports and ability to transfer between locations! –
    as discussed previously on this page, an extra annual subscription fee is charged to turn this feature on.
  • Now make inventory adjustments in multi-user mode – a QuickBooks Enterprise exclusive feature
  • Substitute an item in a Build on the fly – a QuickBooks Enterprise exclusive feature
  • Batch invoicing – create many invoices at one time.
  • Finally – QuickBooks includes quantity totals on sales detail reports ( Sales by customer detail, Sales by Item Summary
  • New- Sales by Ship to Address in QuickBooks editions 2011.
  • New – average days to pay report, providing you with information on how quickly your customers pay.
  • Improved QuickBooks reports – Open Sales orders and Purchase orders Reports, now with a true value of open balance
  • Preference for bill paying, you can set QuickBooks to automatically use credits AND/OR Automatically use discounts. This used to be a combined
    preference which most companies did not use, but now one or the other option is available too.
  • Balance sheet by class now available in QuickBooks- !!Caveat!!- not totally automatic, expect to spend time reviewing and making a few
    journal entries.
  • History of transactions – When you open transactions in QuickBooks such as Invoices, estimates, sales order, and bills you see recent transaction history, name information and notes -saving time spent looking up these details
  • Set closing date password is a terrific tool to avoid having changes made to your accounting documents. But for those companies that were
    still working open sales orders and estimates and purchase orders dated in a prior year, this became a nuisance and the closing date password
    would be provided to many individuals, rendering the protection worthless. NOW.. a preference with the set closing date allows you
    to exclude estimates, sales orders, and purchase orders from closing date restrictions.
  • QuickBooks Online backup- improved- enabling a significantly better QuickBooks user experience
  • QuickBooks Search- within QuickBooks – searches all fields for key word terms
  • Web E-mail integration with QuickBooks – easy setup to the biggest email services (Gmail, Yahoo & Hotmail) and
    ability to hook up to any email service with information provided to you by your email provider
  • Inventory Adjustments – now has an improved form – Much easier to find the inventory you want to adjust -no more scrolling,
    and when you open the transaction you see only the adjusted items
  • Have two companies open at the same time!
  • The inventory availability window existing on the invoice and sales orders are now available in the purchase order transaction-
  • Now edit your spelling dictionary- you can now delete miss-spellings.
  • A small but great improvement is you can now mark as billable, amounts placed on the expense tab and charged to a cost of goods
    sold account
  • Date paid and paid stamp on invoices
  • Now a spot for separate Ship to addresses in the QuickBooks vendor center 

QuickBooks Enterprise

  • Increased capacity for tracking customers & inventory, now you can add 100,000 names (customers, vendors, and employees)
    AND 100,000 items (inventory, non-inventory, and service) without degradation in performance.  More QuickBooks Enterprise information

QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier & QuickBooks Enterprise

  • Choose to auto fill  vendor bill/payments with just the correct chart of account  (elect not to pre-fill all fields  with the last transaction data)
  • Easier setup and improved integration with TrueCommerceEDI – additional costs apply (from $750 plus $39.95/mo)
  • QuickBooks will now warn you when you are entering transactions with a future date or a date older than 90 days (the 90-day range can be modified)
  • QuickBooks now adds a date and time to your backup file making it easy ( for those who consider themselves computer “challenged”) to keep a daily backup –
    one for each day of the week, a monthly backup, and an annual backup. 
  • Negative deposits can now be entered through the make deposit window. A great feature for those who accept sporadic credit card payments and occasionally need to refund a customer a credit card credit.
  • Customization of forms has become much easier. It’s time to give your company look a unique, professional look to your forms (invoices, purchase orders, sales order)
  • New edition has teamed up with Google. The Google feature works the same way as a web search but limits the search to  QuickBooks.  Not to worry,  will only retrieve what your employees have permission to see. In addition, set up a Google AdWords account within QuickBooks and receive a $50 credit from Google to try out this form of advertising.  What is AdWords? Go to www.Google.com  and do a search on QuickBooks. Those links in the right margin are PAID advertising through AdWords. See how your sales can increase by buying key search terms – for your community.
  • Are you still confused about what payroll taxes/forms are due when? This edition will remind you when to cut payroll checks when to file and pay payroll taxes and how much to pay.
  • For those companies who ship regularly with UPS and FedEx,  process shipments and print FedEx and UPS labels from within QuickBooks – and in QuickBooks 2007 you can use thermal label printers! You can even schedule pickups and track packages right in your QuickBooks software. Shipping Manager pre-fills the shipping labels with the customer address information from your QuickBooks Invoice or Sales Receipt forms. No more writing labels by hand. And no need to enter data twice. Shipping Manager is already built into your QuickBooks software and it’s FREE to use. You only pay FedEx or UPS charges on what you ship. And you can sign up for Shipping Manager through your QuickBooks software and start using it right away.

  • Price levels now show up on estimates.
  • Purchase and sell the same item in different units of measure. Only available in Premier Contractors & Mfg/Wholesale Edition
    Unit of measure conversion prevents costly errors.  Enter your item into inventory in the smallest unit of measure for that product, sell on an invoice in a larger unit of measure. QuickBooks will reduce your inventory based on a conversion to the smallest unit of measure. For example, sell 1 can of soda or one six-pack. QuickBooks will reduce the soda inventory by 6.  Caution: Pricing for the six is based on the single can of soda pricing.
  • Enterprise now can add up to 100,000 list items (names, items, classes)
  • The easy step starts up wizard (to set up new QuickBooks company files) is improved with the ability to select which accounts on a recommended chart of accounts that you prefer to use.

Previously Added  new key features to QuickBooks Enterprise

  • Whole new design for easier navigation.
  • New customer, vendor, and employee centers
  • Customer Center interactive demo in QuickBooks
  • New Vendor Center shows all your vendors and what you owe them in one simple screen
  • New Employee Center shows all your employees and what you’re paying them in one simple screen
  • New Payroll Center for Do-it-yourself payroll will help improve the accuracy and timeliness of PR related functions by providing information about when payroll and PR Liabilities are due, who to pay and how much is owed. This center automatically reminds you of important dates. Plus the process of setting up QuickBooks Payroll has been greatly simplified.
  • Always on audit trail that does not slow down performance!  All versions have switched to using the sequel database platform.
  • Add multiple e-mail and shipping addresses for your customers.  Now you can set Cc e-mail addresses in the customer record which will pre-populate all emails created in QuickBooks for that customer.
  • Processing credit card refunds- now there is a convenient way to show that a refund was provided on the credit memo.  Also, a Bcc field has been added and users can set company wide default e-mail addresses to pre-populate the Bcc field (another improvement to your internal controls!)
  • Voided checks are correctly accounted for by creating offsetting journal entries in the affected accounting period.
  • Improved window for “enter bills”.  See the vendors address that will print on the bill payment checks.
  • Improved communication between the item record cost field and the replacement cost purchased on checks, credit card charges, bills and POs.  Now you have the option to update the cost of the inventory or service item when creating a new purchase transaction. Now you can base change item prices on unit cost.  This is a choice to change the cost of an item in the item record (via a pop-up window) at the time the purchase transaction is entered. You can elect NOT to display the pop-up message via a checkbox, but whatever choice you make on that transaction (to update the item record with the new cost or NOT) QuickBooks will use that as the default behavior.  It’s a good idea to discuss this new feature with all data entry personnel. You can reverse this decision by selecting “bring back all one time messages” option under preferences (general).   If the item is a component in an assembly, the bill of materials average cost will change when the assembly item is built
  • Customized pricing and rounding options make it easier to keep your pricing competitive
  • Inventory – Includes a new field for manufacturers part number. Search and sort by your part number or the vendors.
  • Finally – QuickBooks now posts reconciliation differences to a new account called reconciliation differences- a P&L account (sure sounds immaterial but a true time saver for your accountant!)
  • Utility that creates a more compact company file for easier portability such as e-mailing the file to your accountants.
  • An improved bill of materials that includes (total cost to produce) with the ability to factor in overhead costs such as labor, supplies, and depreciation
  • All editions in QuickBooks Enterprise version include the following new features (Premier edition of QuickBooks limits these new features to only several industries)
    • The back-ordered column has been added to the sales order to indicate fulfilled and still open quantities. Invoice has a new back-ordered column and picking lists can now be printed. Packing lists now show back-ordered items.

  • Backorder functionality on purchase orders as well. POs will display a column for previously received and a separate backorder column
  • Sales order fulfillment worksheet (window) shows all open orders based on criteria important to you such as oldest orders,  shippable dollar amount, or by customer.  Customize whether you want to allow partial shipments or only complete orders. Select the orders you want to ship, then batch-print pick lists, packing slips or invoices.

  • Available-to-promise window where you can review how much of an inventory item  is on hand, how much has been committed to customers, expected on new POs and how much is pending for builds

  • Accountant edition – toggle between QuickBooks Simple Start, QuickBooks Pro and all industry specific versions of QuickBooks Premier
  • Select multiple sales orders to consolidate into a single invoice


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