Moving from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online can simplify accounting tasks for companies that do not have complex reporting needs. While the trend is to move your data online; there still is a case to use the QuickBooks Desktop software. Companies with the following characteristics may not convert:

  • Have large inventories

  • Process 30+ orders daily

  • Track detailed job costs by task

  • Download thousands of transactions

  • Need flexible reporting

  • Have complex invoicing needs

Things to consider when moving from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online.

Your business processes will need to change to take advantage of the efficiencies QuickBooks Online offers. QuickBooks online is not as “feature-rich” as Desktop but there are add-on software applications to fill gaps. QuickBooks Online is seeking to achieve automated bookkeeping and record keeping. The more automated your company becomes the less labor that is required. Labor is always more expensive than software fees. Are you already using online software for sales, CRM, or front-end business management? It may integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks Online.

However, if you are new to QuickBooks Online platform, moving from QuickBooks Desktop may be a bit overwhelming. Trying to sift through the impact on your business is confusing. A good place to begin is to utilize the Free Online sample company file QuickBooks Online provides.

Making a decision to use QuickBooks Online.

Once you decide to make the change of moving from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online, it is a good idea to shrink your current data file. Try to convert only what is necessary. QuickBooks online is not as forgiving as the desktop product so making sure you start your file with a clean chart of accounts, customers/vendor/items names that are currently used is a very good idea.

Not sure what you don’t know or how to achieve the smoothest transition to QuickBooks online? Call us, we are Advanced Certified in QuickBooks Online and we can save you money on your QuickBooks Online subscription.

We will help you:

  • Understand what training you should receive before you make the change
  • What processes will need to be changed
  • Recommend any add-on software to make up for critical missing features

Sometimes, we may recommend staying with the QuickBooks Desktop product and help you overcome the obstacles that started you looking at the online product. We also can save you money on QuickBooks desktop software.

Going it alone or working with our experts, it is still smart to take time to plan the transition before taking the plunge. Once you decide to make the move, we take your order for QuickBooks online – saving you money. Ready to begin? Call us with your order 1-800-216-0763. You are not required to use our conversion or training services when moving from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online.