Navigating QuickBooks Online

First place to stop is the Dashboard

The Dashboard is the first link on the left navigation bar. Quick overview dashboard allows you to see how your business is doing. Keep track of your income and expenses. Know which customers or clients need a reminder when payment is overdue. Quickly know if you have income that needs to be deposited. Have a day to day view of your bank balances. Connecting to bank accounts and credit card accounts will give you the ability to download your transactions right into QuickBooks Online.

Top right Quick Nav buttons

The Plus Sign

There are four icons at the top right side of your screen, the plus sign, the magnifying glass for searching, the gear icon and the “?” for help.
Using the plus sign, you can create customer, vendor, employee or other transactions in QuickBooks Online. Sales can be created either on a Sales Receipt or Invoice. Almost anything you want to do in QuickBooks Online can be found under the plus sign. Create Estimates or credit memo, manage and pay bills, printing checks and running payroll are a few other things you can do. Save time by scheduling and send Invoices automatically.

Search using the Magnifying Glass

There may be times where a customer wants to discuss a particular transaction. Next to the plus sign, is the magnifying glass. This is your search option. Click on it and enter the transaction number, date or dollar amount. QuickBooks Online will bring up that transaction for review.

The Gear Icon

The Gear Icon in QuickBooks Online has many more useful features, you will want to get familiar with. In your day to day doings in QuickBooks Online, you will want to know where to find things like where to manage your users, where to make changes to your Chart of Accounts, set up recurring transactions or importing data.

The left Navigation Bar

You can view your customers or clients under Invoicing, vendor transactions would be viewed under Expenses. payroll would be under Employees, and many reports to review, such as the Profit and Loss or Balance Sheet report, that will pull the data from your QuickBooks Online to help you make those important business decisions.