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QuickBooks® is the #1 selling accounting software in the United States. It is easier to run your business in QuickBooks®. The Pro version is geared toward a start-up business or a small business with general accounting needs. This is a desktop version which can be installed on your computer or server. Allow up to 3 users to work in QuickBooks® at the same time

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Why use QuickBooks® Pro?

QuickBooks® Pro has many features that will save you time and keep you organized. QuickBooks® Pro comes with a general chart of accounts that you can customize to fit your business. There are three main centers for storing information on your customers, vendors or employees. Each has contact information, transaction histories and balances all on a single screen. These centers have a create new form that will allow you to efficiently capture the data in QuickBooks®. Estimates can be created to give a customer all the pertinent information at the time, in the product/service you are selling. As you go about your business of selling, keep track of your customers purchases on sales receipts or invoices. QuickBooks® Pro can handle tracking the money coming into your business.

Reports can be created effortlessly using the many filters available. Once the report is set up to meet your needs, you have visible access to the filters that were used in the report. Creating, scheduling, running and emailing your reports has now become easier than ever all done automatically within the Scheduled Reports Center. Users can find names, account numbers or transaction amounts with smart search technology.

Features of QuickBooks® Pro

See all your income-producing transactions in one spot

Using the Income Tracker, see which customers have open estimates to follow-up to measure their current interest. Are there Invoices that are past due? The income tracker keeps you up to date on how your sales are progressing.

Create professional looking invoices

Every transaction can interchange templates, such as: invoice, sales receipt, estimate, credit memo, purchase order or is customizable. QuickBooks® Pro comes with some templates that you can duplicate and change to better fit your business profile. The addition of a logo will personalize your template. Also, there are other data fields that can be added to the header, columns, or footer of your template. This gives your template more information relating to that transaction.

Create and print deposit slips

No more manual deposit slip creation. QuickBooks® can handle your bank deposits and print on compatible QuickBooks® deposit slips.

Track inventory, set reorder points, and create purchase orders

Basic inventory can be handled within QuickBooks® Pro. If job costing is important to your business, you will need to move up to QuickBooks® Premier or QuickBooks® Enterprise.

Get the full picture of your business performance

see your income, expenses and income comparison instantly on the new Homepage Insights. This insight page can be customized to some what you want to see under the gear icon: Profit and Loss, Net profit margin, Income and Expense trends, Business Growth or Top Customer.

Export QuickBooks® reports to Excel with formatting

You may want to include some other formulas in your QuickBooks® report or add a chart or graph. Easy to export your report to Microsoft Excel.

Attach and store documents in the Document Center

Scan your receipts or other pertinent documents to your computer. Next, within the related transaction in QuickBooks®, open the attach file button and drag and drop your file. Have your business transactions and related documents all in one place for quick review.

Set up your bank feed into QuickBooks®

A few simple steps and your monthly bank transactions can be imported saving you time on data entry into QuickBooks®. Bank reconciliation has become a lot simpler to complete with fewer discrepancies to worry about.

Create a copy of your company file for your accountant

Your Accountant wants to review and maybe make some changes within your QuickBooks® file. Create a portable company file to send to your accountant. He will review, if necessary make changes and create another portable company file to send back to you.

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