Action Needed: We have discontinued Tax Form Sales (W2, 1099)

You have been a loyal customer and we have appreciated your business!

However, you need to find an alternative filing method and forms this year.

Important E-file Threshold Change for filing starting with 2023 tax forms:

As of February 23, 2023 the IRS and the Treasury have finalized the change to e-filing W2’s and 1099’s requiring businesses to electronically file informational tax forms of 10 or greater quantities.

Since the bulk of our business are on large quantity form sales, we no longer sell tax forms.  Starting this year, 2023, you will need to look at other options for filing your tax forms.  Most electronic filing services include the service of printing the entire form with dollar amounts to your printer without the requirement to buy forms.

Suggested options for this year:

If you still need to buy forms, purchase 2023 forms from Intuit here:

File electronically through QuickBooks desktop 2021 or newer editions using QuickBooks preferred partner  . (We love this service, works with QB Online too.)  It will even send most state copies of the 1099, as needed. This vendor will email/or mail the 1099 for you (additional fee for mailing).

Another third party vendor for electronic filing 1099’s: .

Also, take a look at the new IRS E-file program called IRIS (Information Returns Intake System) for filing 1099’s with the IRS. Check this one early because you will need to register for a (Transmitter Control Code) TCC number first and that will take some time.

We suggest you set up an account, watch their how-to videos before September 2023 to learn what has to be done.  Why not set up your company’s data and payee’s now?  Or import your vendors.  If that is too tricky, get your education now, so that by January 2024 it will be very easy to log in and add the values.  

If you are a customer who sends over 100-1099 forms and the per form fee for electronic filing is too steep for you (about $3.50/per form), consider registering with the IRS fire system and uploading your own data files.  You can creat them with specialized software, there are many, but one of which we used .  This software has videos on how to accomplish getting set up to do your own electronic filing.

We suggest you start now to set up a plan for electronic filing of your 2023 tax forms.

Still have questions? Our QuickBooks ProAdvisor is available for support ($160/hour).  You can make an appointment by clicking here: . If your appointment is before August 31, 2023 the first 15 minutes are free.

Thank you.