Considerations for preparing payroll yourself or hiring an outside service


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Payroll Services

Should you use an outside service to prepare payroll?

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QuickBooks Payroll Help from QuickBooks ExpertsWould you like someone to help you fine tune QuickBooks, explain what reports work best, point out where the mistakes are and how to correct them? What if this person understands taxes, payroll, and business management & can provide QuickBooks help, QuickBooks training, payroll tax training, create organization, and offer solutions for a low price? 

Call 800-216-0763 for a demonstration

Do-it-yourself ( 'ers) look no further - we fill in the missing links that the books fail to mention!  Our services are more than a check-up, they are a jump-start on the climb to business success.  Learn more

Use QuickBooks and TurboTax to file your own business tax return under the guidance of a seasoned CPA  & QuickBooks Pro Advisor  Learn more

Benefits of hiring a payroll service:

  • For the growing business, if
    a. there is a flow of new employees into the business
    b. When the business owner is responsible for preparing payroll which is  primarily a clerical function therefore letting other responsibilities lag or worse, taking time away from family and friends.
  •  Using a payroll company is a good idea::
    a.  When the company pays a CPA to prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual tax returns.  Do the numbers, get the quotes, see what  the incremental  costs to have a payroll service cut the checks and file the returns.
    b.  When your company does not cut the PR check on time, withhold the correct taxes and
          deductions, make tax deposits timely and file the appropriate returns accurately. 
    c.  When the company has employees in more than one state. (Payroll filing gets complicated)
  • A reliable, trusted payroll processing advisor is a smart investment to prevent payroll fraud.

QuickBooks payroll service integrates with your QuickBooks accounting software.  No need to make additional payroll check entries so you can reconcile your bank account, or make journal entries to record payroll associated expenses. The following two Intuit payroll services will integrate seamlessly your QuickBooks company file.

QUICKBOOKS Assisted Payroll lets you minimize time-consuming payroll tasks, while controlling payroll data within QuickBooks. QuickBooks (Intuit) handles the payroll tax deposits and tax filings including W2 preparation with a "No Penalties" guarantee (payroll tax deposits and filings will be on time and accurate or Intuit pays the resulting payroll tax penalty) .  Set up is  critical as the no tax penalty guarantee is not available if the payroll data is inaccurate. For more information about how it works, call us at 800-216-0763 .

Benefits of keeping payroll in house:

  • When the cost of a payroll service is high
  • Payroll is in constant flux and must be prepared at irregular intervals due to cash flow constraints or because of short term employment from a union hall.
  • When the employee responsible for payroll preparation is fully trained, understands computerized payroll, and understands the payroll tax filings.  If the employee needs help learning to prepare payroll taxes, we provide payroll training and also a quarterly review of the in-house prepared payroll tax returns.   
  • When the employee (payroll preparer) reads all tax notices, researches tax law changes and implements changes timely.
  • When the company has an outside consultant (CPA/accountant) retained to keep the payroll preparer timely informed of all tax law changes
  • When the employee preparing payroll uses checklists to ensure accuracy of payroll tax filings.
  • When the employee preparing payroll takes the initiative to keep the company in compliance with current human resource best practices
  • When the employee takes the initiative to learn QuickBooks Payroll (See Tips) thoroughly
  • When company maintains income and expenses by job.  Labor costing is automatic when using an integrated in-house payroll software package.   (Labor costing can still be done when using an outside service, but an extra few steps will be necessary- call us for a "how-to")

QUICKBOOKS Do-It-Yourself Payroll provides you with easy-to-use tools and the latest tax tables to help manage and maintain control of your payroll.  Fully integrated with QuickBooks.  The key to successful in house payroll is understanding the set-up process.  It pays to have a professional test the results to avoid fines and penalties , reduce your audit risks, and avoid the hassle of dealing with notices from tax agencies (2 years later when the agency discovers a problem). Give us a call 800-216-0763  for more information.

Learn more about QuickBooks Payroll services and how we can help

Keep in mind that the IRS and the State agencies take their time in notifying you of any errors and problems.  Payroll services guaranty their work and will research the problem.  Doing it yourself means you must keep meticulous records close at hand for at least 3 years. Then move to the storage area  for another 3 years.  Generally, if you use the checklists on this website, you should not receive notices.

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